14 Best Places For Scuba Diving in India

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Imagine yourself surrounded by a pond of fish swimming in front of your eyes with many coral reefs.

Yes, you are right!

We are talking about the best places for Scuba Diving in India.

Scuba is an acronym for “self-contained underwater breathing apparatus”.

In Earth, 70% is covered with water and human explores just 5% of the earth. It’s surprising how much more is left to explore. No traffic, no pollution, and no stress. Isn’t it nice?

Things which have to consider

  • Under the water, you have to breathe (inhale and exhale) from the mouth only.
  • On the boat or above water surface if you try to breathe from the nose then there will fog on the glass and you can’t see anything then.
  • After going inside of water, you cannot smile also. If you smile there will be a gap, and water will go inside the mask.
  • Do not touch anything in the water, especially living things that could hurt you. Anything that doesn’t move when you put your hand in front of him indicating that his defense system is excellent.
  • Don’t pollute the ecosystem of flora and fauna inside the water.
  • Though the guides will be ready with the medic first aid, the heart patients, people suffering from high or low blood pressure, and the expectant mothers are advised to keep away.

Top 14 Best Places For Scuba Diving in India

1. Swaraj Island or Havelock Island– Andaman

Swaraj Island or Havelock Island - best places for scuba diving in India

Andaman is an archipelago with really beautiful islands and awarded beaches situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal.

This Island has many amazingly exquisite beaches and dives sites, with the Swaraj Dweep Islands being one of the most sought-after.

Underwater, this place is a treasure trove of marine life, with vast areas of unexplored reefs and a wide range of habitats.

Govind Nagar Beach is the go-to location for Scuba diving in Havelock or Swaraj Dweep and there are three major scuba sites. Nemo 1, Nemo 2, and Jeep Wreck.

As the name suggests, the Nemo diving site has a lot of Nemo fish or Clownfishes.

Scuba diving starts at around 5:30 AM and can be done till 12.

But it is best to do it before 8 in the morning.

If you are going early in the morning you’re going to get very clear water and you can expect visibility of 20 to 40 meters.

Before going for the dive, you have to wear 3 things – a special diving costume, breathing apparatus, and Goggles.

Scuba operator gives 15-minute training on how to use air cylinder, breath underwater, and tackle the air pressure difference and more details about the entire scuba gear.

Scuba is basically deep water diving in which you go underwater with an air cylinder.

Before you go in the water it can be a little scary, but once you get there it’s a totally worthwhile experience.

Even if you can’t swim, you can easily go scuba diving with the help of the dive team.

Fun dives here are conducted in less depth but if you want to go to more depths of the open sea you may choose certifications like PADI which you can go to 30 meters in deep open waters.

There are certain locations as well like the Jeep wreck location and some idols sitting at the sea bed which of course has been placed here by diving operators to create a beautiful and dramatic experience.

Apart from its attractive beaches, Swaraj Dweep island is a food lover’s paradise too you will find the tastiest seafood almost everywhere like white snapper, king crab, barracuda, and lobsters like lip-smacking dishes.

Best time to visit the Havelock or Swaraj Dweep IslandOctober to March

Popular diving sites –

  • Jonnys Geroge
  • Whitehouse Rock
  • Dicksons  Pinnacle
  • Jacksons Bar
  • Broken Ledge
  • S.S. Inchkett
  • M4
  • Red Pillar
  • The Slope
  • MV Mars
  • Purple Haze

Cost of scuba diving in Havelock or Swaraj Dweep Island– Approximately 3500 to 22000 INR

2. Tarkarli, Devbhag – Maharastra

scuba diving in Tarkarli, Devbhag

There are many lovely places in India where you will devour the adventures of scuba diving.

One such amazing place is Tarkarli-Devbag, Malvan. Tarkarli – Devbag is a beautiful beach with plentiful underwater beauty such as coral reefs, exotics fishes, sea plants, dolphins, and far a lot to be explored through scuba diving.

You will sit on tiny pickup boats and head to their main boat where you’ll be geared up with oxygen cylinders, Mask, etc, and you’ll be given some instructions, sign language like ok and not ok.

So through sign language only your Scuba diving instructor will communicate with you.

The square of crystal clear waters is safe even for the most advanced juvenile diver. The expertise of scuba diving in Malvan could be a must as it adds a feather to the scenic beauty and mouthwatering cuisine that Malvan offers.

There will be one guide (scuba diver) with you compulsorily.

Scuba diving in Tarkarli – Devbagh could be a trendy type of scuba diving that is extremely safe and simple to experience. All basic skills are often learned over a few hours while scuba diving in Tarkarli.

That in Malvan, Jio and Vi are two good mobile networks and the rest don’t work well but in the middle of deep-sea, you’ll get almost every mobile network so remember, if you have Jio and Vi mobile network then well and good and not then expect network in the middle of the sea.

Best time to visit the Tarkarli, Devbhag – October to March

Popular diving sites –

  • King’s garden point
  • Rewala point
  • Reti point
  • Dharan point
  • Juva Point
  • Achara point
  • Chivla point

Cost of scuba diving in Tarkarli, Devbhag – Approximately 1000 to 6000 INR

3. Netrani Island – Karnataka

Netrani Island

Netrani Island is scenic and one of the best places for Scuba Diving in India. It is a coral island that has grown rich in aquatic flora and fauna. Since there is a presence of pigeons, it is also known as Pigeon Island.

Netrani is approximately 19 km from the holy city of Murudeshwara, known locally as Netragudo.

Murudeshwar Beach is an ideal picnic spot and a refreshing getaway for the tourist as it offers a wide range of exciting water adventures.

An exciting 70-90 minute boat ride will take you to Netrani Island from Murudeshwar.

In addition to the coral reefs, there will also be a variety of flora and fauna to spot.

It is known for its overwhelming experience of the underwater world, you will have the chance to come face to face with a wide variety of fish common to the Arabian Sea.

It is a PADI registered dive center, offering both scuba diving courses and professional certification courses for avid divers.

Best time to visit the Netrani Island – October to May

Popular diving sites –

  • Nursery and Aquarium
  • Bottom Contour
  • Pebble beach
  • Grand central and Cavern
  • Bomb Rock

Cost of scuba diving in Netrani Island – Approximately 4500 to 20000 INR

4. Shaheed Island or Neil island – Andaman & Nicobar

Shaheed Island or Neil island

With stunning white sand coastlines, turquoise blue seawater, lush green forest, superb scuba diving opportunities, views of coral reefs, this 13.7 square km tiny island of Neil is a place to be ideal for walking and makes one of the best places for Scuba Diving in India.

It is located approx 37 km to the south of Andaman Island. It is a perfect place to relax along the long deserted beaches.

As you enter this picturesque island, you will feel that tranquility reigns everywhere here.

There are panoramic beach sites like the Jetty area, Margherita’s Mischief and Laxmanpur Beach.

You can start your day with sunrise at serene Sitapur Beach and end it with spectacular sunsets from Lakshmanpur Beach. The island is so small that you can walk its length in 2-3 hours.

The Neil Island tour starts at Laxman Pur 2 Beach. It is famous for its natural bridge known locally as the Howrah Bridge.

Laxmanpur Beach 2 is approximately 40 km from Port Blair and 2.1 km from Neil Pier.

Best time to visit Shaheed Island or Neil island – April to June

Dive Sites:

  • Busy Burro
  • Rocky’s
  • Margherita’s Mischief
  • Bus Stop
  • Junction
  • Manta point / Robin’s bay
  • Light House
  • Nursery
  • Aquarium Neil Island

Scuba diving cost in Shaheed Island or Neil island – Approximately 3500 to 22000 INR

5. Port Blair – Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Port Blair scuba diving

Gateway to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and the Andaman Sea, Port Blair is located south of Andaman Island.

Port Blair is at the very heart of tourism in the Andamans and the capital of this archipelago.

Closely connected to the Indian mainland, Port Blair is also the center of finance, culture, and other major activities that prevail in the territory of the Union.

Whether it’s tourism, interactions with the dominant local tribes, knowledge of the history of the area, or water sports in Andaman, Port Blair is truly at the heart of everything that makes Andaman a destination truly tropical to explore at any time of the year and makes one of the best places for Scuba Diving in India.

The main marketplace of Port Blair is Aberdeen Bazaar where you get almost everything that you want.

There are mainly these 4 sightseeing places:

  • Cellular Jail – It’s approx 1.2 km far from Aberdeen Bazaar. You can also enjoy here light and sound show in the evening.
  • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island – Possessing picturesque beaches It is known as the Paris of the East, formerly known as Ross Island.
  • Corbyn’s Cove beach – It’s approx 6 km far from Aberdeen Bazaar.
  • Jolly Buoy Island – It’s famous for its crystal clear water and coral reefs. It is preserved area and you can’t visit this place without permit.

Best Time to visit in Port Blair – November – April

Popular Diving Sites

  • Dive Mantra
  • Maruti Diving School
  • Experience Andaman
  • Lacadives

Scuba diving cost in Port Blair

It is around INR 3500 – 6000

6. Cinque Island – Andaman and Nicobar Island

Cinque Island

Cinque Island is one of the fascinating Virgin Islands in the southern Andaman region surrounded by turquoise blue waters and a shore full of white sand.

There are two island parts that are North and South Cinque Island. South Cinque Island is part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, in Wandoor.

The Cinque Islands are politically under the city of Port Blair, the island is only accessible by taking a private boat and popular for Scuba diving and makes one of the best places for Scuba Diving in India.

Charter boats can be taken from the ferry point at Chidiyatapu, Port Blair; these private charters are quite expensive but it is the best and the only option. Cinque Island is approximately 40 km from the main town.

Tourists can enjoy some game-like fishing activity which is very famous in the Cinque Islands. A variety of fish such as Angle Yellowfin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, GT, Wahoo, Barracuda, Grouper, Red Snapper, and rich diversity of aquatic life is out there in the sea.

This activity is an amazing experience and you have to try it. The Andaman fishing community follows a strong “catch and release” policy rule.

Best Time To visit Cinque Island – October – April

Popular Diving Sites

  • Barefoot Scuba

Scuba diving cost in Cinque Island

It is around INR 3500 – INR 5000

7. Kovalam beach –  kerala

Kovalam Beach scuba diving

Kovalam Beach is 16 km from Thiruvananthapuram where the adventure of scuba diving can be easily matched with activities like underwater photography and fish identification.

With the help of a diving team and certification course, you can become from an amateur diver to an expert diver.

Forgoing scuba diving, you need to fill the medical questionnaire form. The minimum authorized age is 10 years old.

They will teach all details about the diving. You will go underwater with the help of this cylinder.

You think that they provide you an Oxygen cylinder but that’s wrong. It’s filled with mixed airs that we all breathing normally by using the compressor.

It is a great experience to see schools of Fishes are eating Algae and oysters which are spreading inside the sea.

Your mind will not allow it to come out of the water as a lot of excitement is there under the water.

Here Bond Safari provides you an amazing Scuba diving where you can ride an underwater scooter. It is really different experience when your body is partially drenched.

Best Time to visit in Kovalam Beach –

September to February

Popular Diving Sites 

  • Bond Safari Scuba Diving
  • Scuba Cochin Dive Centre
  • Scuba Diving Kovalam   

Scuba diving cost in Kovalam Beach – Approximately INR 20000

8. Grand Island – Goa

Grand Island scuba diving

Although there are lots of best places to visit in Goa, Grand Island is one of the perfect places for adventure junkies.

Goa is famous for adventure and water sports all over the world.

Grand Island is one of the popular places where you can go on adventures like diving, snorkeling, and underwater photography.

Grand Island is the best place where you can find many shipwrecks.

Davy Jones Locker and Suzy’s Wreck are the sites.

The shallow waters of this place are easy to dive into for experienced divers and beginners.

The clear visibility of the waters allows you to see ocean life up close.

You can have the opportunity to see colorful fish, coral reefs, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, lobsters, and much other aquatic life.

It is the best place where you can enjoy an exciting diving experience, along with dolphin tourism and boat rides.

Here the adventure of diving can easily be combined with activities such as underwater photography and fish identification.

Best time to visit Goa – October to march

Popular diving sites –

  • Atlantis Watersports
  • Goa Diving
  • Umma Gumma Reef 
  • Davy Jones Locker
  • Suzy’s wreck

Scuba diving cost in Goa – approximately 4000 to 16000 INR

9.  Bangaram – Lakshadweep

scuba diving in Bangaram

This tropical coral atoll paradise is a group of islands in the Laccadive Sea that lies 200 to 440 km off the coast of the state of Kerala, in the south of India.

The dive sites at Lakshadweep consist of sloping reefs, coral gardens, cantilevers, shipwrecks, crystal clear lagoons, and some drift diving.

Bangaram and Kavaratti tend to receive more visitors, while Kadmat and Minicoy are famous for their tranquility. Both Bangaram and Minicoy offer shipwreck dives, while Kavaratti has many caves to explore.

This place is known for the Barracudas, which are ray-finned fish known for their fearsome appearance and fierce behavior. People from all over the world come here to see this type of creature.

The interesting thing about the place is that it is one of the cleanest beaches, which raises its level. This beautiful island can be reached by taking a boat from Agatti.

Along with diving, the island is also famous for hiking, as it has some of the most beautiful nature trails that make it a paradise for explorers.

Best time to visit in Lakshadweep – October to march

Popular diving sites –

  • Laccadives
  • Aggati Island
  • Bangarram Island

Cost of scuba diving in Lakshadweep – Approximately 3000 to 7000 INR

10. Kadmat Islands – Lakshadweep

Kadmat Island, also known as Cardamom Island, is a coral island located in the Arabian Sea.

The interesting thing about Kadmat Island is that kayaking, Yachting, pleasure trips on a glass-bottom boat to dive, and snorkeling are the most attractive things that tourists from all over the world flock to.

Teardrop-shaped, surrounded on the east and west side by a reef lagoon, Kadmat is the ideal paradise out of the chaos of city life.

The blue water lagoon of this island is surrounding the inestimable wealth of colorful corals, reef banks, sunrise, and sunset.

The coral reef systems of Kadmat are very unique from an ecological perspective.

The tourist cabins are built facing lagoons amid dense palm groves to allow visitors to immerse themselves in the pristine beauty of the ecosystem.

It is approx a 2-hour speedboat ride from Agatti, where Kadmat Island is located.

Best time to visit Kadmat Island – October to May

Popular diving sites –

  • Laccadives

Cost of scuba diving in Kadmat Island – Approximately 5000 to 7000 INR

11. Kavaratti – Pondicherry

Sunbathing or just lazing around the island can be an exotic experience for visitors.

Marine life enthusiasts can visit the marine aquarium, which has an excellent collection of aquatic flora and fauna.

The best thing about the place is that the multi-colored underwater aquatic life in the lagoons can be seen through glass bottom boats.

You can find a good amount of aquatics such as sailfish, yellowfin tuna, turtles, Triveli, huge blackfish called Napoleon, and sharks, etc.

You can find different types of soft corals of attractive colors, especially bright red at the dive centers.

If you are a diving enthusiast you can rent kayaks, canoes, windsurfers, and sailboats.

The honest people of Lakshadweep will win your heart.

Best time to visit in Kavaratti – February – April, and September – November

Popular diving sites –

  • Dolphin Dive Center
  • Wall of Wonder

Cost of scuba diving in Kavaratti – Approximately 6500-8000 INR

12. The Aravind Wall – Pondicherry

scuba diving in Aravind's Wall

Aravind’s Wall is a fascinating dive site located in the city of Pondicherry with a depth of approximately 130 feet.

The 2.5 km long Aravind rock wall stretches from south to north.

You can find a variety of corals, lionfish, grouper, kingfish, moray eels, parrotfish, sea snakes, triggerfish, butterflies, angels, flagfish, crustaceans, etc.

You can also get to know the trees and towers that are associated with the place.

Best time to visit the Aravind Wall Island December to March

Popular diving sites –

  • Temple Adventures

Cost of scuba diving in the Aravind Wall Island – Approximately 3500 to 6000 INR

13. Dwarka – Gujarat

scuba diving in Dwarka

However, Dwarka is known for its famous temples, people from all over the world flock here to dive and snorkel.

It is believed that due to the damage and destruction of the sea, Dwarka has been submerged six times and now Dwarka is emerging as a water sport and temple city.

Crystal clear waters, beautiful coral reefs, and exceptionally lively underwater inhabitants will appeal to everyone and with these qualities, Dwarka makes a perfect place for Scuba diving in India.

If you’re a newbie, the dive team will guide you and some service providers will train you in a pool first, giving you a boost.

But if you are an expert, you can go back to a substantial depth.

Here, you can enjoy the beauty as these islands are a treasure trove of marine species where you can find octopus, reef sharks, pufferfish, seahorses, etc. during low tide.

Best time to visit Dwarka Island – October to March

Popular diving sites –

  • Gulf of Kutch

Cost of scuba diving in Dwarka – Approximately 5000 to 26000 INR

14. Agatti Island – Lakshadweep

best places for scuba diving in India

It is a small island surrounded by a coral reef.

The spectacular underwater gardens are densely populated with marine life.

Divers can see not only exotic fish, reef sharks, turtles, and other huge ones, but also different varieties of flora.

Here divers can dive at some dive sites, the maximum thickness of which is 30 meters.

The coral reefs are not as beautiful as, for example, the Red Sea, however, this small inconvenience is offset by the great diversity of marine life.

Throughout the dive, you will be able to observe the lobster, whose dimensions are sometimes simply giant, moray eels and barracudas.

Don’t exclude the huge sea turtles, reef sharks, graceful floating rays, groupers, and schools of fish that will accompany you during the dives.

Best time to visit the Agatti Island – October to March

Popular diving sites –

  • Agatti diving sites

Cost of scuba diving in Agatti Island – Approximately 3000 to 24000 INR

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