13 Best trekking places near Chennai in 2021 that are unexplored

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Hey readers! Are you looking for the best trekking places near Chennai?

Then you are at the right place from where you will get to know about trekking spots near Chennai.

There are famous places to visit in and around Chennai that are not alien to the beauty of nature.

Chennai is equipped with famous beaches, temples, traditional culture, delicious seafood, and waterfalls.

But do you know that there are also many better trekking places near Chennai located in the mountains?

These trekking sites aim at those who love to trek in the mountains with fresh air, in tranquillity, and away from the chaos of the city.

These 13 best trekking places near Chennai will refresh you and give you well-place perfect happiness.

Top 13 Best trekking places near Chennai

The best weekend getaways that open the opportunity for bird watchers to wildlife enthusiasts, peace seekers to trekkers make the Chennai trekking places well worth seeing.

Here are the top 13 best trekking places near Chennai!

1. Talakona – Chittoor, Tirupathi

Talakona waterfall - best trekking places near Chennai
Image Source : Google | Image by : VinothChandar
  • Start from – Talakona vehicle parking
  • Trek distance – approx 2 km
  • Trek – easy
  • Distance from Chennai – 200 km
  • Best time – September to December

Do you have a wanderlust for the places where you love the heavenly waterfall that makes the place one of the best trekking places near Chennai?

Then you land in a perfect place!

Hiking the East Ghats is generally less strenuous than the West Ghats and you can do round trips in a day.

Talakona waterfalls are found among dense plantations of forests, several medicinal herbs, and flowering shrubs at an altitude of approx 900 feet.

The hiking trek can be divided into two parts, one is well fenced with a well-placed stair section and the other is a bumpy route.

When you enter the forest area, the entrance fees for two-wheelers are INR 15 and four-wheelers are INR 100 and if you are carrying any cameras then an extra INR 100 will be paid.

Now come to the point why this fall is famous for?

The locals believe that the waters of Talacona falls have magical healing power.

People like to drink the water from the magical falls and feel refreshed with a hike to one of the most amazing trekking spots near Chennai.

The beauty of the waterfall is tempting.

You can feel like you are bathing under the largest shower.

Are there any safety tips?

Yes…Many monkeys can be seen making a fierce sound at the Talakona waterfall parking spot so keep an eye out for them and try not to eat or put things to eat in your hand while standing in the parking lot.

Keep your backpacks close to the body and make sure that all things are tightly closed.

The mobile networks are poor inside the forest area.

2. Nagalapuram trek – Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

Nagalapuram trek
Image source
  • Start from – Arai village
  • Trek distance – approx 13 km
  • Trek – Moderate
  • Distance from Chennai – approx 70 km
  • Best time – November to January

Are you looking for a place to relax among the beautiful scenery of the mountains where you can see striking waterfalls? Then this is the perfect place for you.

Natural swimming pools and different flora and fauna make Nagalapuram one of the most scenic trekking spots near Chennai.

This waterfall is close to Swami Siddeswara Kona waterfalls commonly known as Aare Falls or Arai Falls.

This place is one of the must-see places near Chennai for hikers, adventure seekers, and nature lovers.

This fall is located in the same region as Tada or Ubbalamadugu falls.

You can visit the Aare Falls (the deepest in this region), Sadasiva Kona Falls, or Kailasa Kona Falls located 15 km from Nagalapuram Falls.

It is advisable to start your trip early in the morning so that you can explore the part of this region as much as possible.

Now come to the point of how to reach?

It is recommended that two-wheelers or cars are the best means of transportation here, but there are a few buses that will drop you off in Nagalapuram city and from there you will need to take an Auto and reach the parking lot of the trekking area.

If you are going with your family, you can book a tourist van to visit this place. It’s the most comfortable way to get here.

Before arriving here, please bring enough food, snacks, and a water bottle and load it in your backpacks.

Because if you miss you will only see interior places and the stores are going to be very scarce.

Somewhere along the trail, you will reach the path that takes you along a stream for the rest of the trek.

You will come across three waterfalls, the last of which is the destination – Nagalapuram Falls where you can see water coming down and forming a pool.

However, it seems shallower and makes us exciting for a swim, it is known to be a bit dangerous and we advise you to do it under the supervision of the guide or to make sure someone with you knows this place very well.

Now let’s look at the security precautions.

You can find the stone on this trail a bit slippery and zigzagging, so be careful putting your leg on the trek and wear good trekking shoes.

In these falls in particular a lot of monkeys will be there, so don’t leave your bag alone, someone should be protecting it.

3. Tada Falls – Andhra Pradesh

  • Start from – Tada fall base camp
  • Trek distance – approx 5 km
  • Trek – Moderate
  • Distance from Chennai – Approx 92 km
  • Best time – October to January

The Tada Falls which is also known as Ubbalamadugu Falls is located in Varadaiahpalem Mandal of the Chittoor district. At a distance of 92 km from Chennai, 85 km from Tirupati, and 156 km from Chittoor, Tada falls located on the border of Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu.

Waters come from the top of the hills make this place an ideal spot for trekking in Chennai.

The trek starts on a dry and muddy trail which continues for about 2 km and then gives way to the waterfall.

The vegetation on the path is significantly green and rich and provides a home to a diverse and vibrant birdlife.

Now how to reach Tada falls?

To get to the waterfall you have to go through the town of Varadaiahpalem from where you can see signs for Tada Falls.

If you follow the sign correctly, you will reach the Tada Falls base camp without any difficulty.

There is a red sand road to the Tada base camp.

From Chennai, you can take the local trains to Tada, or one can take a bus to Nellore or the Naidupet buses that will stop at TADA and from there you can take a direct auto to the falls.

The falls are located in a dense forest called Siddalaiah Kona within the Kambakam Hills and are a popular destination for hiking, climbing, and picnicking.

Make sure you have good quality trekking shoes while you go as the trek route is irregular and not manually maintained. You have to cross some boulders on the trek.

You can find the last ATM, snacks, and water stores in the Tada parking area.

 4. Parvathamalai Mountain – Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu

Parvathamalai Mountain- best trekking places near Chennai
  • Start from – Thenmathimangalam
  • Trek distance – approx 14 km
  • Trek – difficult (adventurous)
  • Distance from Chennai –  approx 190 km
  • Best time – October to February

If you are looking for the best trekking places near Chennai that are most exciting and adventurous then Parvathmalai is a perfect choice.  

Parvathamalai is located close to Thenmathimangalam village in Thiruvannamalai District, Tamilnadu at an altitude of approx 4000 feet. It is 40 km far from Thiruvannamalai, 20 km far from Polur, and approx 190 km far from the state capital Chennai.

The trek is well known for its rough and adventurous route. You can divide the path into three parts some part is rocky, most of the part is uneven terrain with mud path and some part is well-laid stairs.

If we talk about how to reach then there are two routes to reach the summit of the hill.

One is from Thenmathimagalam and another is from Kadaladi which is a little shorter as compared to other routes. However, both routes join at a common point on the trek.

Now come to the point of why this hill is special?

There are mainly two facts.

It’s believed that when Lord Hanuman brought Sanjeevi hill to Lanka residue from it separated and fell in many places.

It is one of the places.

So the breeze of this place is a highly medicinal and magical healing power.

Secondly, the Lingam of the Mallikarjunaswamy temple on the top of the hill is installed by Bogar. Bogar is one of the 18 Siddhas.

Among the best trekking places near Chennai, this trek is full of surprises.

You can find various trail consists of well-laid stairs, Iron steps, mud paths, and uphill rocky paths.

At the point of the path, you can find iron crowbars are strongly fixed on the steep rock. Though the path is rough and not properly maintained, it is marked with proper symbols.

The entire stretch of the trekking was adventurous.

It is a test of your physical and mental strength but when you reach the top of the peak you will feel it is worth it.

High numbers of devotees climb these paths at the time Pournima and Kartika Deepam and the place get jammed during that time.

You can find small tent shops on the path for water and packed food ingredients.

At the top of the hike, you can find a meditation cave built with marbles which makes this place more interesting and the best trekking places near Chennai among all the treks.

 5. Koli hills – Namakkal, Tamilnadu

  • Start from – Puliancholai
  • Trek distance – approx 18 km
  • Trek – moderate
  • Distance from Chennai – Approx 360 km
  • Best time – July to December

Looking for an adrenaline rush to make it one of the best trekking places near Chennai?

Then is the perfect choice for you while trekking in Chennai!

The Kolli Hills, also known as the “Mountain of Death”, is a wonderfully serene destination located in the center of Tamilnadu in Namakkal at an altitude of approx 4300 feet.

A hike through dense vegetation, a fast-flowing river, numerous river crossings, a hard climb, and a mind-blowing waterfall at the end make this place the best trekking place near Chennai.

If you plan to get here by train, Salem is the closest train station. If you plan on flying, Salem and Trichy are close to the Kolli Hills and buses offer services from almost all places.

The meaning of the Kolli Hills originates from the mythological story of the goddess Kollipavai who helps the Siddhas to meditate peacefully within the forest of the Kolli Hills and if some evil spirit tries to distract them, the goddess would kill them.

It will be better if you try this bike trip because there are 70 narrow hairpin bends; however, the road is well built.

The famous waterfalls ‘Aagaya Gangai’ mesmerizes the tourist.

Kollipavai Temple, Mesilla Falls, Siddhar Caves, and Arapaleshwarar Temple are the famous places in the Kolli Hills.

6. GUDIYAM CAVES Trek – Thiruvallur, Chennai

  • Start from – Goonipalayam village
  • Trek distance – approx 6 km
  • Trek – Moderate
  • Distance from Chennai – approx 65 km
  • Best time – February to May

If you are a jungle trekking enthusiast and want to explore unexplored trekking places near Chennai then this is the right place for you.

The Gudiyam Caves, known for their stone tools and culture in the prehistoric period, are located in the Thiruvallur district near the Poondi Reservoir in Tamil Nadu.

These caves are supposed to be 2 lakh years ago. Archaeological evidence suggests that these caves were used by Paleolithic men.

To reach these caves you have to travel from Poondi to Seethanjeri and then from Seethanjeri to the Gudiyam Caves.

On the way to Poondi, you can see beautiful flowers on both sides of the road.

If you come by car, you have to park the car in Goonipalayam village and start the walk of about 6 km from the village itself, but if you come by motorcycle, you can go a little further into the forest and then you have to walk about 3.5 km.

Before entering the town of Goonipalayam, you will see a yellow sign on the side of the road mentioned Pullikundram reserve forest. After this point, the entire trip will be off-road.

Now come to the point what do you have to consider before trekking?

Before trekking to this place you should make sure you wear good quality shoes.

There is a high chance of injuring your leg if you wear normal shoes.

Second, a bottle of water and essential food items. Bring a minimum of 3 liters of water.

If you are planning to buy bottles of water, you should buy before Goonipalayam village because you won’t get any bottle of water after that.

Third, it is better to wear a full hand shirt since it is a jungle trek.

This is important because more than half of the plants and shrubs you see there will have thorns.

As these spines are hooked, there is a greater chance that these spines will tear your skin.

Therefore, wearing a full-sleeved shirt will give you better protection.

This place has a total of 16 historical caves that are not only famous for their historical reason but their different variety of birds.

In 1863, the British geologist Robert Bruce Foote found the stone weapons used by Paleolithic men.

7. Kumizhi village trek – Chennai

Kumizhi village trek
  • Start from – Kumizhi village
  • Trek distance – Approx 5 km
  • Trek – Moderate
  • Distance from Chennai – Approx 52 km
  • Best time – October to March

Imagine a place that people think is one of the best trekking places near Chennai, away from the chaos of city life!

Kumizhi is a beautiful town that is ideal for jungle hikes, wild photography, and adventurous camping.

It is located in the Chengalpattu district of Tamilnadu and about 50 km from Chennai.

What makes it stand out on the list of the best places for trekking near Chennai are the enchanting views of different kinds of species and plants.

To get to this place, you need to travel towards Vandalur, which is about 35 km from Chennai.

From there, you must travel to the Kelambakkam road to reach the Mambakkam junction. After another 8 km, you can reach the village of Kumizhi.

This town is surrounded by mountains.

You can see the wonderful Lotus pond and the surrounding mountains. It is advised not to bathe in the pond as there could be some species that can harm you.

The fruit trees of Jamun also add to the beauty of this place.

If you want to relax from the busy daily life of the city and want to spend a few days relaxing, this place is a paradise for such people.

The people who reside in this town are very humble and very helpful.

They lack comforts but are rich at heart.

It is best to follow the advice of local people for trekking, as there are no man-made trails for hiking.

The best time to trek is early in the morning.

8. Kailash Kona falls trek – Chittoor

  • Start from – Kona fall base camp
  • Trek distance – approx 9 km
  • Trek – Easy to Moderate
  • Distance from Chennai – approx 95 km
  • Best time – October to March

Kailash Kona commonly known as Kona falls refers to the place of Lord Shiva which is located in the Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh at an altitude of approx 1100 feet.

This splendid waterfall which has great healing and medicinal properties is about 95 km from Chennai and 21 km from Nagalapuram.

One thing to note after crossing Nagalapuram, there will be a split in the road and you will have to take a left for Kailasakona Falls and a right for Aare Falls while going for trekking in Chennai.

The visiting hours of this place are 9 am to 5 pm but it is better to reach here in the morning time since there are less rush and the best time for trekking along with tedious hills.

These falls will be more suitable for families and children.

On the right is the temple of Lord Kailasanatheswara.

It is believed to be the place where Lord Kailasanatheswara performed penance for some time after attending Lord Venkateshwara Swami’s marriage.

There are three falls.

The first few falls would be suitable enough for older women/men and children due to the tough path they have to go through and it would be very difficult for them to climb.

For others, if you want to go through this, make sure you have trekking shoes and put in a little effort.

There are many monkeys in this region. Keep your belongings carefully and zip lock bags because monkeys could steal them.

9. Venkateshwara Hills – Near Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

  • Start from – Kodur
  • Best time – September to March
  • Trek distance – approx 44 km
  • Trek  – difficult
  • Distance from Chennai – Approx 600 km

Being the best places to trek in south India, this trek is about 357 km away and about a 3-hour drive from Tirupati.

This amazing and impressive Chennai trek is in the beautiful setting of the Eastern Ghats.

In some of the places, the waterfall falls to the ground beautifully in folds. You may find drops from the prick cascading down your back, giving an acupuncture effect if you stop there for a while.

These hikes have followed the passage through some of the most amazing rock formations, crystal clear deep pools, and uneven puddles.

These places for trekking near Chennai also contain risky hills to be climbed and long streams to be crossed by somehow swimming.

This is the only way to travel to the other side of the creek.

But wait…if you are thinking what for those who don’t know how to swim then your guide or teammates will help you.

It is also on these walks that humans display their best qualities and it is a team-building exercise in itself. Where else can you learn these things?

The hike can be completed in 3 days with the help of an experienced guide.

10. Beeman waterfall trek – Tiruvannamalai

Beeman Waterfall - best trekking places near Chennai
  • Start from – Beeman waterfall base
  • Trek distance – Approx 2 km
  • Trek – Easy to Moderate
  • Distance from Chennai – Approx 200 km
  • Best time – September to February

Beeman Waterfall is located between a beautiful mountain and a large area covered by giant trees, located in the Tiruvannamalai district of Tamilnadu.

It is located approximately 200 from Chennai.

The incessant waterfalls, small ponds, and striking meadows make the Beeman Waterfall more captivating, engaging, and top places for trekking near Chennai.

This place has picturesque 3-deck waterfalls.

The first waterfall is easily accessible for anyone, but the next two waterfalls are a bit difficult to reach as you have to go through some rocks and some small bodies of water by swimming.

These waterfalls are impressive when you watch them fall from the top of the hills.

Avoid trekking with children because the place is slippery.

11.  Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram Lighthouse – Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram lighthouse
  • Start from – lighthouse parking place
  • Trek distance – approx 2 km
  • Trek – easy to moderate
  • Distance from Chennai – approx 60 km
  • Best time – October to February

The Mahabalipuram lighthouse, built in 640 A.D. by the King of Pallava, Mahendra Pallava, is located in the Mahabalipuram district in Tamilnadu.

It is the oldest lighthouse in India.

If you are looking for trekking destinations near Chennai that are out of jungle and hill trekking, this is the perfect destination for you.

The steep climbs within the site and the captivating views from the top of the lighthouse make this place something out of the world.

It is recommended to be careful when going up and downstairs because the steps are small and there will be a high probability of slipping if you do not tread the stairs carefully.

After climbing to the top, you can get a panoramic view of the seashore and the city.

Photographers gather there at sunset time to get amazing shots.

12. Gingee Fort – Villupuram, Tamilnadu

  • Start from – Gingee fort base point
  • Trek distance – approx 5 km
  • Trek – Easy to Moderate
  • Distance from Chennai – approx 160 km
  • Best time – October to March

One of the most fascinated forts of India is the Gingee fort also known as the ‘Troy of the east’ fort, located in the Villupuram district in Tamilnadu at an altitude of approx 800 feet from the surface.

Local people have given some names of this fort like Sinji, Chenji, Chanchi, Jinji, etc.

Due to its historical impact, well fortification and enormous building make Gingee fort one of the best trekking places near Chennai. The fort is so fortified that Shivaji, the king of Maratha, classified it as “the most impregnable fortress in India”.

There are three hillocks in Gingee fort – the first one is Rajagiri which is for kings, the second is Krishnagiri which is for queens and the third one is Chandrayandurg for soldiers.

This fort is built by Anatha Kon of the Konar dynasty in 1190 A.D.

The nearest railway station is Tindivanam and the nearest airport is Chennai.

You can visit this place from 9 AM to 5 PM however the entry closes around after 3:30 PM.

Since it is one of the most popular places for trekking near Chennai, It is advisable to take a trip to visit this place on weekdays to avoid large crowds.

13. Skandagiri Hills – Karnataka

Skandagiri - best trekking places near Chennai
  • Start from – Papagni Mutt 
  • Trek distance – approx 4 km
  • Trek – Easy to Moderate
  • Distance from Chennai – approx 257  km
  • Best time – Throughout the year

Looking for one of the best trekking places near Chennai which is the perfect weekend getaway for nature enthusiasts?

However, Skandagiri trekking is considered sunrise trekking or night trekking and best for those looking for trekking near Bangalore.

But people flock to this place from all corners of the world as it has varieties for different genres.

Tourists come to take a look at this place to see the old Skandagiri fort, bird watching, night trekking, nature walk, sunrise trekking, and much more.

Surrounded by forests, Skandagiri Fort enjoys a serene environment that is hailed as a sanctuary for both flora and fauna.

Kalwarbetta or Kalavara Durga of this trek has historical significance.

The top of the Skandagiri Hills offers a panoramic view of the four neighboring ‘Giris’ or hills and is a sight to behold.

Aren’t these enthralling trekking trails amazing?

So these are the best trekking places near Chennai that can be explored for sightseeing, wildlife photography, Jungle trekking, caves, captivating waterfalls, adventure, historical significance, temples, and camping. These treks are also best for those who don’t know how to plan a vacation on a budget or looking for budget-friendly locations near Chennai.

So which place would you like to go to in the coming days?

FAQs about best trekking places near Chennai :

Q1. What are some unexplored places near Chennai?

Ans. Other than the best trekking places near Chennai, Pulicat, Chandragiri, Horsley hills, Gingee fort, Pichavaram Mangrove Forest, etc are the unexplored places near Chennai.

Q2. What are the best places to eat in Chennai?

Ans. Zaitoon- IIT Madras, Kaidi Kitchen- Mylapore, Podi dosa Kadai- T Nagar, Hotel Benz park – T Nagar, etc., Trouser Kadai- Mandaiveli are the best places to eat in Chennai.

Q3. What are some trekking and adventure groups in Chennai?

Ans. Touchwood adventures club, IORC Adventures, Chennai travel club are the groups in Chennai.

Q4. Name some popular hill stations near Chennai?

Ans. Famous hill stations near Chennai are Ooty, Yelagiri, Coonoor, Munnar, Kodaikanal are popular hill stations.

Q5. How is trekking done?

Ans. You should start with small distances and gradually increase the length of the walk on your journey.
Leave a day between each walk for your body to recover.
If you know how to travel alone, these little hikes can be done alone.
You don’t have to be an iron man or woman.

Q6. What is trekking all about?

Ans. Trekking is another word for walking, which takes you along trails that go up, down, across, and around mountains.

Q7. What are the types of trekking?

Ans. Trekking is generally of four types:
1) easy trekking
2) Moderate trekking
3) strenuous hike
4) Difficult trekking

Q.8 Which is the best trekking company in India?

Ans. Indiahikes, trek the Himalayas, White Magic Adventure Travel are the best trekking companies in India.


So how was the post? If you have any suggestions or questions, comment below, and don’t forget to share them with your friends.

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