Top 5 Best Desert Safari In Dubai

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Imagine some thrilling and the best desert safari in Dubai along with other unique experiences like viewing the skyscrapers of Dubai, visiting the fauna, and indulging in foods and views around you!

We have come up with detailed information on the five best desert safari in Dubai.

Top Five Best Desert Safari In Dubai

A desert safari is one of the best ways to experience Emirati culture.

From quad biking over sand dunes to camping under the stars, taking a sunrise hot air balloon tour, and several of the best places to visit with your family.

Dubai is the best place to do fun things!

Here’s our pick of the best desert safaris in Dubai that quench your wanderlust:

1. Camel safari and best red dunes with BBQ at Al Khayma Camp:

Camel safari and best red dunes with BBQ at Al Khayma Camp: best desert safari in Dubai

This desert safari is the most popular and classic among others in Dubai. 

Once you start the journey leaving the hotel and the stop at Al Khayma desert camp will welcome their visitors with sweets, dates, and coffee.

A short camel ride posing with a flattering pose with a falcon. 

While waiting for delicacies foods, you can opt for some henna art, Abaya. 

Experiencing dinner with stars above you, enjoying a Tanoura dance, and sharing seats with other tourists make it worth a value for the excursion. 

Tourists always facilitate comfortable and air-conditioned cars for transportation.

  • Pick and drop services: At your hotel in Dubai.
  • Duration: Depending upon the traffic probably it may take 6 or 7 hours, leaving at mid-afternoon and getting back you to the hotel in the evening
  • Features: There are multiple options to choose from the list. Depending upon whether you are traveling alone or with your family towards the best desert safari in Dubai.
  • If it is a former book for a group tour, you can easily share the 4WD with other tourists.
  • If it is a later one, book the private tours because having 5-6 family members requires comfiness. 
  • The next option is dinner don’t go for waiting tables, food and drinks which are expensive. A self-service buffet is an affordable and best option. 
  • Also, you can go for only a desert safari without booking for lunch or dinner, which is undoubtedly cheaper. 
  • Price: Quad bike and dune buggy options are not included in the other expenses. You have to pay the additional cost on the spot.
  • Pros: 
  • It is a worthwhile tour.
  • Specifically, picking up from the hotel, having desert safaris, and devouring buffet dinner is all enough if you opt for a cheaper option.
  • Cons: Expecting privacy or creating an intimate situation is quite impossible because many tourist stays surround you. 
  • Recommendation: It will be an excellent experience for tourists visiting the desert safari for the first time.

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2. Dubai desert conservation reserve ( legacy desert safari): 

Dubai desert conservation reserve - best desert safaris in Dubai

It is one of the fantastic desert safari trips in all the UAE and one of the most intriguing and best Dubai travel experiences. 

Exploring Dubai’s desert conservation reserve in a period of Land Rover would be indeed unique. 

Before reaching a Bedouin camp driving to wildlife, tourists will experience a sunset falcon show.

It counts among the best desert safari in Dubai.

Next is the Bedouin camp, where tourists will have dinner under the stars enjoying a view of cultural Emirati entertainment performance.

The Dubai desert conservation reserve is at least one hour’s drive from Dubai, offering excellent chances to watch fauna, and is open to a minimal number of travel agencies.

  • Pick and drop services: At your hotel in Dubai.
  • Duration: 7 hours, leaving from the hotel between 2:30 and 4:30 pm and getting back to the hotel between 9:30 pm and 11:30 pm, depending upon the weather. And an email is sent as a reminder to the tourists about the perfect pickup time.
  • Tourists guide: Fluent speaking guide/driver in English, German, Russian, French, and Portuguese
  • Features: 
  • It is a small group tour.
  • Price: Cost is incurred per person.
  • Pros:
  • To explore the desert in an open vehicle means experiencing thrilling and fantastic views.
  • The desert safari takes place in an internal protected area with an ultimate chance of viewing the desert fauna, including Arabian Gazelles and foxes.
  • Cons:
  • The cost is higher than any of the other similar desert safari tours.
  • The wildlife drive to having the delicious dinner is good except that you can’t expect to be alone to experience all these as there are numerous participants.
  • Recommendations: If you expect top-level services, the supplier of this desert safari is offered by the Platinum heritage luxury tours & safaris and are well-experienced on TripAdvisor also having an experience of handling many celebrities like Kobe Bryant, Thomas Muller, Kylie Minogue, etc.

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3. Dubai quad bike (ATV) Safari:

Dubai quad bike (ATV) Safari - best desert safaris in Dubai

It is undoubtedly possible to have a quad bike safari without spending an enormous amount of money. 

Tourists got a chance to admire the desert and try a new vehicle at the same time after getting picked up from the hotel room and leaving for the starting point of the tour, where a guide will explain the procedures on how to control and use your ATV quad bike. 

After learning the rules and handling the safety gear, finally, it is time to maintain your automatic quad bike and have your ride through the dunes. 

The ride session would end earlier, and you may get back to your hotel by late morning, so the tourists may get to explore something else for the rest of the day.

Pick and drop services: return and departure to your hotel in Dubai

Duration: 3 hours, exit from the hotel earlier in the morning

Tourists guide: Fluent in English


  • It is a shared tour with other members
  • Price: Cost is incurred per person, one quad for each member booked


  • Opportunity to gaze at the desert scenery around Dubai
  • It is a most active tour compared to other excursions


  • No dreaming of going anywhere on our own and riding over pristine dunes
  • Here the guides lead the way to all the tourists and they must follow it strictly.
  • The tour does not have 4WD dune bashing
  • In a shared tour stopping at each tourists hotels for departure and picking up would be a waste of time

Recommendations: It’s an excellent chance for driving a quad bike with an easy peasy riding path.

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4. Morning safari with sandboarding, dune bashing, and quad bikes ride:

Morning safari with sandboarding, dune bashing, and quad bikes ride - best desert safaris in Dubai

If outdoor activity is your thing, then morning desert safari in Dubai is an ultimate combination flavoring to you in this excursion with admiring a beautiful desert and enjoying other activities like camel riding, dune bashing, and learning sandboarding skills. 

Additionally, the tourists have an option to ride their quad bikes for half an hour.

Pick and drop services: return and departure to your hotel in Dubai

Duration: 4 hours Departure from the hotel between 8 am, and 9 am. And before the tour, tourists get information of the exact pickup time

Tourists guide: Fluent in English


  • Shared and private your options
  • Go with or without a quad
  • In the middle of transportation from or to your hotel, you will experience 30 minutes of dune bashing
  • Camel ride and sandboarding
  • If you opted for quad options, you would experience a 30 minutes quad bike ride

Price: Cost is incurred per person, and it would be cheaper if you are not interested in the quad making worth the money tour


  • Off-road 4WD dune bashing
  • Opportunity to drive your yard personally


  • The camel ride is way too short

Recommendations: This is the best option if you are excited to enjoy and view the desert along with a multi-activity experience.

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5. Private desert adventure in Dubai:

Private desert adventure in Dubai - best desert safaris in Dubai

The name itself suggests it is an entirely private tour. Your driver will come and pick you up at the hotel and drive you to the desert in his 4WD. 

There are no other participants in the car. 

This tour is 100% customized, and you can ask your driver to drive to the Dubai desert area where there is no other participant. 

It will make you experience the ultimate magic and beauty of the desert, having no other tourists. 

It counts among the best desert safari in Dubai.

Sandboarding and dune bashing is already included in the price, but for the quad experience the cost you have to pay an extra charge.

Pick and drop service: From any hotel in Dubai.

Duration: 5 hours, usually 8:30 in the morning will be a departure

Tourists guide: Fluent speaking guide/drive English and Hindi


  • 100% exclusive private tour

Price: The actual cost depends on the number of members. If it started from four people, the cost would be competitive when compared to the shared tours.


  • You can experience a soothing tour with absolute silence in the surroundings
  • On getting back to the hotel on the way, there is a stop to Al Khor reserve, where you will get to see the pink flamingos along with skyscrapers of Dubai in the background.




It’s a perfect safari with family and friends having no other participants to share a 4WD which means you will experience a completely private tour.

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For adventure enthusiasts, Dubai is a vast playground. 

So above are some briefly discussed details about the best desert safari in Dubai were riding in a 4×4 SUV where the thrilling fun begins. 

From dune bashing, quad biking, and whatnot, indulge yourselves in these once in lifetime moment experiences.

So pack your backpack and head towards the best desert safari in Dubai.

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