How These [Top] 10 Best Hot Springs Near Los Angeles Can Help You Improve Your Health?

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Looking for the best hot springs near Los Angeles that offer you a much-needed respite from the chaos of city life?

Well, the famous South Californian city, Los Angeles, is famous for its television and film industry presence! 

However, it has not stopped amazing the visitors with its natural beauty and jaw-dropping hot springs that make people come and stay for the weekends, all over again. 

And when we are talking about natural beauty, we must not forget the hot springs that are truly fascinating. 

There are various best hot springs near Los Angeles that will give you such a special delight that we are talking about in this article.

Top 10 best hot springs near Los Angeles 

Los Angeles hot springs are one of the state’s most popular outdoor attractions.

These best hot springs near Los Angeles are the most perfect venture that will unwind you in the hot thermal springs in Los Angeles with great medicinal effects.

Our compiled list of the best hot springs near Los Angeles will surely help you out.

So without any further ado, let’s plunge into the article to get a closer look!

1. Deep Creek Hot Springs 

 Deep Creek Hot Springs - best hot springs near Los Angeles

Among the top best hot springs near Los Angeles, the primitive and extremely beautiful hot spring is just ninety miles away from the center of Los Angeles.

The deep creek hot springs can be a perfect escape from the daily hustle and bustle of city life. 

From boutique hotels to primitive pools, the deep Creek is among the top-rated hot springs in Los Angeles and has got it all in one box for you.

  • What’s interesting?
  • The three sizable pools are at the edge of a deep creek, at the center of a beautiful forest.
  • The water is geothermally heated and emerges from nearby sources.
  • The deep Creek has earned the State designation of a Wild Trout Stream for supporting wildlife habitats. 
  • It also supports the vegetation communities in the national forest. 
  • Things to know 
  • Camping is not allowed near the deep Creek hot springs.
  • Do not drink the water of the deep creek hot spring. 
  • Wear adequate footwear, and bring essentials such as water, food, sunscreen, etc. 
  • How to reach
  • You have two options to reach the hot spring, either you can pay a small fee for a shorter hike through private property, or you can hike six miles on the pacific crest trail and view the gorgeous scenic view of California and San Francisco Mountains
  • Nearby attractions 
  • SkyPark at Santa’s village
  • Silverwood lake
  • Silverwood lake state recreation area. 

2. Willet Hot Spring

Willet Hot Spring - best hot springs near Los Angeles

Some of the best hot springs near Los Angeles are tough to reach when you are not in good shape. 

However, it is one of the closest hot springs to Los Angeles, and once you have reached the spring, its mesmerizing beauty will leave all you exhausted behind and make it worth the effort.

After a difficult hike, you will find a tub made up of metal, fed with tubes of water and sulfur in it, is just there for you to dip your feet in. 

  • What’s interesting?
  • It is most enjoyed in fall and spring, as the flow of the sespe river is strong at that time.  
  • The hot spring, the scenic journey that follows the shape of the creek, is just breathtaking.   
  • You will have to hike almost 9 to 10 miles to reach the willet hot spring.
  • Backcountry camping in Willet Hot Spring is free of cost. 
  • Things to know 
  • To visit the willet, you must have a forest adventure pass or NPS interagency pass.  
  • You will need a fire permit for campfires and stoves.   
  • Keep flammable materials away from the fire to avoid life-taking risks.  
  • How to reach 
  • Move five miles towards the Piedra Trailhead. The paved road is ao the parking lot. You can use the trailhead of Piedra Blanca near the Rose Valley Falls
  • Nearby attractions 
  • Sespe Wilderness
  • Piedra Blanca trailhead
  • Beatrice wood center for the arts

3. Miracle Springs Resort and Spa

Miracle Springs Resort and Spa - best hot springs near Los Angeles 

The complete resort offers an array of massage services, pools, accommodations, and dining facilities; all you have to do is just reach there and have fun.

There are a total of eight pools to scatter around, ranging from small to traditional to large. 

And the world-class spa facilities offered are just wonderful top-rated hot springs in California. 

  • What’s interesting?
  • The resort offers you facilities like body scrub, massage, manicures, and more.
  • You can have the room of your choice then, be it a king suite or a standard room.
  • It has a restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks as well.
  • The abundance of pools, variety of food, and options of the room make it the best destination.   
  • Things to know 
  • The people arriving for spas and other treatments must be older than 21 years of age.   
  • If one is under 18, the treatment will be given under parental supervision.
  • You can get any colorful room or suite with WiFi availability and naturally heated pools. 
  • How to reach
  • The resort and spa are located around 110 miles towards the east of Los Angeles, California, which means a two-hour drive.     
  • Nearby attractions 
  • Cabot’s pueblo museum
  • Palm springs aerial tramway
  • Mission creek preserve

4. Miracle Manor Boutique Hotel and Spa 

Miracle Manor Boutique Hotel and Spa - best hot springs near Los Angeles

The miracle manor boutique hotel and spa is one of the best hot springs near Los Angeles and one of the most luxurious stays you will ever come across. 

It is in the same place as the miracle springs resort and spa. 

However, the place is perfectly suitable for adults who would like intimacy. 

Although it is small, the facilities provided are world-class and will give you the vibe of natural hot springs in California. 

  • What’s interesting?
  • The resort only has two pools; one is the small soaking tub, and the other is a larger pool.  
  • In addition to the hot spring, you can get yoga treatments, a spa, and various services.  
  • The eight-room hotel provides you with reclaimed wood furniture and a standard bathrobe. 
  • The mountains of San Jacinto are visible from the hotel. 
  • Things to know 
  • The best hot springs in California will get free parking, free wifi, free breakfast, and a quiet and clean feel.
  • Do not miss out on the nearby palm springs aim museum and panorama park.
  • If you are bringing your pet, please do not leave them unattended. 
  • How to reach
  • The miracle manor boutique hotel and spa is approximately a two-hour drive from Los Angeles towards the southwest.   
  • Nearby attractions 
  • San Jacinto mountains    
  • Palm springs art museum
  • Palm springs aerial tramway

5. Big and Little Caliente Hot Springs 

Big and Little Caliente Hot Springs - best hot springs near Los Angeles 

The big and little Caliente hot springs resort near Los Angeles is far different from that of the traditional ones, and the pools are located at the end of a 9-mile dirt road in the Los Padres National Forest. 

The seclusion and beauty of the natural forest will make you want to visit it again and the relaxing mineral water is just worth it. 

  • What’s interesting?
  • It also features a fire pit and BBQ area and a large grassy perfect lawn as well.
  • It is situated in the core of Nevada adventure, which is another reason to visit it.
  • The client has proximity to the state’s largest concentration of state parks.
  • You can find information about the cathedral gorge, spring valley state parks, etc.
  • Things to know 
  •   Only the high-clearance vehicles and hikers can visit the primitive pools.  
  • Big Caliente is the larger among the three pools in the hot springs
  • The accessibility of the Caliente hot spring is limited.
  • How to reach
  • It’s a three-hour ride from Los Angeles and is situated in the mountains of Santa Barbara.  
  • Nearby attractions 
  • Finney street beach
  • Hammonds beach
  • Butterfly beach   

6. Delonegha Hot Springs 

 Delonegha Hot Springs - best hot springs near Los Angeles 

The visitors who want to visit the top 10 hot springs near Los Angeles can also visit the Delonegha hot springs and have the opportunity to soak directly beside the kern river. 

Having access to the springs might seem a tough task, but the natural beauty of the five sets of spring pools is worth the effort. 

However, the spring is situated on public land and is legal to visit. So, it might be your cheap romantic getaway in Los Angeles

  • What’s interesting?
  • It is said that there was a vast area to park the vehicles,, but the neighborhood filled it with dirt to prevent the visitors from coming there.   
  • The visitors ought to remain within fifty feet of the high-water line of the kern river. 
  • There are small cooking stations and picnic spots around the pools.   
  • Because of the healing water, natural beauty, and seclusion, it remains number one. 
  • Things to know 
  • You can not go camping within the area of Delonegha hot springs.  
  • You can either take a short walk towards the springs, hike, or raft. 
  • Parking in the area might be tough, nearby places are recommended to park vehicles.
  • How to reach
  • The DeLonghi hot springs are situated towards the northeast of Bakersfield, California, in between the private property and the kern river. 
  • Nearby attractions 
  • Remington hot springs
  • Hobo campground
  • Hart park-side falls 

7. Avila Hot Springs 

Avila Hot Springs - best hot springs near Los Angeles 

The Avila hot springs is one of the best hot springs near Los Angeles, just straight, three hours away from the crowd of Los Angeles, the Avila hot springs are and nearby a perfect place for relaxing in the pools offered. 

You can either go with the small hot spring or the larger one, and the choice is yours. 

However, if you are willing to enjoy other treatments, prior reservations are recommended. 

  • What’s interesting?
  • The resort offers a bedroom cabin, kitchen, and living room for those who require traditional lodging.
  • It offers massages, including hot stone, deep tissue treatments, and Swedish.
  • The heated pool is two feet deep and is heated beneath the ground.
  • The barbecues and picnics will just give you what you are looking for.
  • Things to know 
  • Visitors are expected to not expect anything fancy in the Avila hot springs.
  • The prices of the hot springs are affordable, for a reduced price you can visit before 5 PM.
  • You can visit in the morning for a better experience and reduced crowd.
  • How to reach 
  • It is situated on the central coast of California from the south of Pismo Beach.
  • Nearby attractions 
  • Avilla valley barn    
  • Central coast aquarium
  • Bob jones city to the sea bike trail park and ride. 

8. Beverly hot springs 

 Beverly hot springs - best hot springs near Los Angeles 

In the middle of Los Angeles, the Beverly hot springs are the only natural hot springs near Los Angeles and also the natural hot spring near Joshua tree in the city, just a two-hour drive. 

It is extremely accessible by anyone and everyone. 

Not only the hot spring provides you with a geothermal pool but also with numerous services such as spas. 

So, people just be ready to enjoy the natural water and to travel outside of it. 

  • What’s interesting?
  • It was discovered in the late 19th century and supplied water before the water mains were installed.  
  • Afterward, people used to collect water from the spring and sell it in bottles.  
  • The Beverly Hills hot spring is available throughout the year. However, I become a bit busy on weekends and vacays. 
  • If you book treatments, you are automatically allowed free entry to other facilities.   
  • Things to know 
  • Do not use soaps or shampoo in the hot spring and leave them as it is.
  • This is not a commercial spring. 
  • For a soaking experience, visit during the week.  
  • How to reach 
  • The hot spring is situated near Beverly Blvd’s corner and Oxford avenue. Just a five- to six-minute drive and you are ready to enjoy the hot spring. 
  • Nearby attractions 
  • Hollywood hotel
  • InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown
  • Dunes Inn Sunset 

9. Green Ivy Hot springs 

Green Ivy Hot springs - best hot springs near Los Angeles 

Amongst the other top 10 best hot springs near Los Angeles, the Green Ivy hot springs are perfect for relaxation seekers. 

Just the two-hour drive from Los Angeles is worth the trouble. 

The extensive wellness offerings, a day spa, lounge, pools, mud bath, and spa treatments are just worth spending your time on. 

To visit the spring on time, you can avoid lines and get prime parking. 

  • What’s interesting?
  • Nature, water, spa, treatment, good food and exercise, green Ivy has it all for you.  
  • You can also take the designer swimwear, beauty products, and essentials home with you. 
  • The green Ivy has a total of 19 pools to scatter around and have fun. 
  • Lounge areas, food, saunas, steam rooms, and activity deck are waiting for your visit.  
  • Things to know 
  • Beautiful mountains and an open sky shelter it.
  • The pleasure of nature, water, and exercise is just wonderful. 
  • The green ivy hot spring is more than fifty years old.
  • How to reach
  • It is a two-hour drive from Los Angeles towards Glen Ivy Road.   
  • Nearby attractions 
  • Fender museum
  • Corona heritage park and museum
  • Skull canyon zipline

10. Sespe Hot Springs

Sespe Hot Springs - best hot springs near Los Angeles 

Among all the best hot springs near Los Angeles, only the Sespe hot springs will provide you a sense of condor sanctuary. 

This hot spring is famous for giving people warmth and healing. 

The hot mineral water can be accessed by foot or by horseback only. 

Also, when you visit the site, you will be amazed at a primitive rock sauna and a waterfall.

It is one of the best waterfall hikes in southern California.  

  • What’s interesting?
  • Deep in the dense wilderness, you will need to trek at least 16 miles to reach the spring.  
  • You might find evidence of ancient Indians and bears, deer, etc., in the wilderness.
  • Coyotes, rattlesnakes, hawks, and golden eagles are another to see.
  • The view of a stunning desert canyon is just wonderful. 
  • Things to know 
  • The springs are worth every step.
  • The last mile is filled with poison oak and Ivy.
  • Ensure to take essentials such as food, water, and personal belongings.
  • How to reach 
  • The spa hot springs around Southern California are situated near the suspect condor sanctuary near Ojai. 
  • Nearby attractions 
  • Hot springs national park
  • Garvan woodland gardens
  • Magic springs 

Last Words!

This is the complete in-depth post about the best hot springs near Los Angeles where you get hot thermal springs with amenities of lounge, pools, mud bath, and spa which will delight you.

If you like hot springs you can reach out to the best hot springs near San Francisco too.

In this post, I have shared a total of 10 best hot springs near Los Angeles that will help you, numbers 3, 5, and 7 are the most favorite among the people.

Which part of this article do you like most? Let me know in the comment section with your suggestions!

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your backpack and visit those pleasant surprises of nature!

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