[Hidden Secrets] About 11 Best Hot Springs Near San Francisco: All You Need To Know

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Are you seeking hot springs near San Francisco for a perfect weekend getaway with your friends or family?

Then we have a great article with a comprehensive guide to help you out!

San Francisco is a picturesque city with the most famous hot springs in the United States. 

Since San Francisco is one of the most populous cities in California, people flock here every year for various weekend getaways.

One of the popular choices for a relaxing trip is the best hot springs in US.

Pacific ocean and bright, sunny beaches filled with greenery and beautiful palm trees surround it. 

In San Francisco, there are several famous hot springs locations where people across the globe come to spend some peaceful and relaxing time. 

11 best hot springs near San Francisco:

Hot water springs are nothing but warm water transpiring out from the earth’s crust. 

It is found helpful by many people who believe in offering health benefits to their body and soul by spending some ‘me time’ in isolated nature places. 

In this post, we have shared the 11 best hot springs near San Francisco, so let’s dig out:

1. Indian hot springs:

Indian hot spring - hot springs near San Francisco

Imagine a USA hot springs place with various massages, spas, and mud baths in a godly setting with peaceful vacations!

If you are in search of hot springs in the US with these facilities, have one of the best hot springs near San Francisco with these modern facilities is Indian hot springs.

It is a modern artistic retreat offering vacationers to discover ancient, iconic resorts in the beautiful Napa Valley. 

An eye-catching space with an electric collection of historic cottages, a greenery place with palm trees, olives, herbs, and roses. 

It has preserved an Olympic mineral pool to keep our folks relaxed. 

It aims to create a unique view and offer one-of-a-kind experiences for our vacationers.

Distance coverage from SF:  It is a 1.5-hour drive covering 75 miles.

Outfit: Bathing suits are a must.

The overview:

  • Indian Springs is the state’s ancient, consistently running pool and spa facilitation.
  • It gives vacationers an experience traveling back in the past when they travel over a driveway with olive and palm trees.
  • Vacationers can also grab their bikes on the site to get from their room to the pools, then hit up a game of shuffleboard or cricket by one of the fire pits.
  • Space is family-friendly so, vacationers have to bear with the children.
  • If vacationers are seeking some privacy, they can head up to the small adult pool.


The resort also offers delicious foods and wine, where vacationers can relish it by sitting in front of the fire pit and beneath twinkling lights. 

Do not forget to experience the spa, which offers massage, mud baths, facial treatments, and bodywork.

Instant options: 

The place offers:

  • An array selection of bungalows, cottages
  • And mission revival apartments for rent for overnight travelers.

Day pass:

On weekends, spa guests who desired to dive into the pools must buy a pool pass for a price of $30.

Also, vacationers can use the pool only if they have booked a spa treatment or overnight guests.

2. Vichy springs:

Vichy thermal Springs - hot springs near San Francisco

Like to have a heavenly experience at separate natural hot springs near San Francisco?

Then Vichy hot spring resort is one of the perfect hot spring tourist attractions for you!

Vichy thermal Springs is a 160-year-old, ancient; unique hot springs resort sited away for only two hours north of downtown San Francisco. 

Also known as a hot springs resort and a country inn.

Vichy Springs offers cottages and rooms for overnight vacationers. 

It also supplies natural and clean carbonated, warm mineral baths. 

The resort possesses an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a hot soaking pool, and 700 private acres for hiking and walking.

For even a quick dip, It is one of the best hot springs near San Francisco to relax and have fun.

Distance coverage from SF: It is a 2.5-hour drive covering 117 miles.

Outfit: Bathing suits are a must.

Interesting Points:

  • Vichy hot springs are a part hot springs resort and a part country inn comprising natural and clean carbonated warm mineral baths.
  • Vichy offers a 104-degree surface hot soaking pool and 90-degree champagne mineral baths.
  • The resort exclusively highlights the healing aid of these tubs, which they offer as treatments for rheumatoid arthritis conditions, psoriasis, poison oak, and other health conditions.

Supplements: Vacationers can treat themselves with home stone massage, Swedish massage, reflexology, and herbal facial at the spa. Moreover, overnight folks get a complimentary breakfast too.

Instant options:

Vichy hot springs possess:

  • 26 cottages and rooms in which three of them in 1852 for settlement

Day pass: The day pass price is $33 for two hours and $60 for a whole day.

3. Tassajara hot springs:

Tassajara hot spring - hot springs near San Francisco

Tassajara hot spring is pleasing Los padres forest and Tassajara creel in central San Francisco. 

It is a unique sanctuary because it is the first Zen monastery in the western world. 

The only vehicle available to Tassajara through a 14-mile dirt road is a mountain, winding path that covers an hour to drive. 

It will be challenging to pass through all the cars safely, specifically with automatic transmissions. 

This spiritual zen base offers various workshops, retreats in their distinct Japanese style, accommodating meals, and an onsen drenching experience.

Distance coverage from SF: It takes 3.5-hour, a total of 153 miles to drive.

Outfit: clothing is optional

The overview or Interesting Points:

  • In 1967, Tssajara hot spring established the first private Zen monastery outside of Japan.

    Moreover, San Fransisco being the constant home for hot springs, the San Francisco zen center embraced the space.

    For the monastic study, it is currently closed for most of the year.
  • From May to September, travelers can come for the day to relish a mouth-watering vegetarian lunch. And stay overnight in a lantern-lit cab or soak in the springs.
  • The Japanese-designed bathhouse comprises a steam room, communal showers, indoor-outdoor hot plunges, and a sundeck isolated by gender up to after 8:30 pm.

Supplements: Overnight vacationers at Tassajara can relish three vegetarian meals a day and acquire benefits from joining workshops, chanting, and daily meditation.

Instant options: Tassajara provides

  • Electricity 
  • Free dorms and cabins ( Means no internet facility)

Day pass: The price for a day pass is $30.

4. Orr hot springs: 

Orr hot spring - hot springs near San Francisco

The best thing about the natural hot spring that arises from the earth’s crust is that it has magical benefits.

And if you are stepping out for hot spring tours, Orr hot springs is one of the best hot springs near San Francisco.

It is one of the perfect natural hot springs in northern California.

Orr hot spring is adjacent to the beautiful Montgomery woods state reserve and south fork big river in San Francisco. 

It is a space that offers clothing-optional geothermal retreats that enjoy a waterfall hot spring jacuzzi tub, private hot spring baths, and a hot spring pool. 

Orr hot springs proffer overnight shelters that comprise tent camping and cabins.

Distance coverage from SF: It is a 3-hour drive, covering 128 miles.

Outfit: Clothing is optional in the bathhouse.

The overview:

  • Orr hot springs is a peaceful retreat hideaway in the rolling hills of the Mendocino coastal range, ideal for the free-spirited throng.
  • Vacationers have to bring necessities on their own and cook in the shared kitchen (clothes are a must in the kitchen area).
  • The bathhouse has two main shared hot tubs around 104 to 106 degrees: individual tubs, a steam room, a cold plunge, and a sauna.
  • Orr spirits nudity in the bathhouse space and restricts reservations so vacationers can enjoy peaceful and quiet weekends.

Supplements:  Orr also offers spa treatments like sea salt scrubs, hot stone, and mud with traditional massages.

The pools are open for vacationers all night long to enjoy a romantic dive under the stars which makes it one of the best hot springs near San Francisco.

Instant options:

The 27-acre Orr hot spring area offers:

  • Cottages
  • Camping
  • Yurts and
  • Rooms

Day pass: $30 is the day pass price.

5.  Steep ravine hot springs:

Steep ravine hot springs - hot springs near San Francisco

Imagine a thermal spring that has a healing and cleansing effect and is believed as nature’s hidden gem!

Steep ravine hot springs are one of the best hot springs near San Francisco sited on the Stinson beach coastline north.

If you are looking for hiking hot springs without any charge and a hot spring retreat, this is the perfect choice for you!

This natural spring in San Francisco is located a short 10 to 15 minutes walk from the steep ravine campground. 

The locals seem to treasure it and use it as a weekend hangout with canned beer.

These hot springs in the San Francisco bay area have two ways one is a perfidious hike from the bluffs and the other is a paved path.

However, vacationers should choose the paved path from the campground.

To have heat and relaxing experience, strive to make it down to the hot springs at low tide.

Distance from San Francisco: 21 miles, probably a 45-minutes drive

Outfit: No such fixed rules here; you will find most people bare and au naturel state.

The overview: 

  • These are the nearest hot springs you will find to the city just across the Golden Gate Bridge, but not certainly the most definitive. 

    It is also known as rocky paint hot springs or marine tidal hot springs. 
  • These natural pools are divulged at low tide, so keen research is necessary before heading for a hike to these hidden coves. 

    The quickest way to reach here is to walk down the steep ravine cabins, follow north along steep ravine beach, mount over the rocks, and keep walking for about 500ft to the cave.

Instant options: 

  • Steep ravines or cabins are accessible at the steep ravine cabins. 
  • And camping on Mt.Tam. 

But this can be easily performed as a day outing by San Francisco people when you heading towards this San Francisco tour.

Day pass: No price for a day pass. It is exclusively free.

6. Sykes hot springs:

Sykes hot springs - hot springs near San Francisco

How about getting hot springs of the unique quality of curing disease on your trip to San Francisco hot spring!

This Sykes hot spring has medicinal qualities and makes it one of the best hot springs near San Francisco.

Sykes hot springs through pine ridge trail cover over 18.9 miles extremely trafficked out and back trail sited near Big Sur, San Francisco. 

The trail is mainly opted for backpacking, camping, and hiking and is available year-round.

Distance coverage from SF: It is a 3-hour drive additionally a 10-mile hike.

Outfit: Basically, it is a public hot spring that comprises no rules and regulations; there is the possibility of you coming across some nudity.

The overview:

  • If you choose to be a high-end spa type, leave the manicured hot springs and turn back to nature at Sykes hot springs in Big Sur.
  • These Sykes hot springs may require a bit of planning and effort. 

    But at last, it will be worthwhile once you reach the setup camp, forested area, lush, and dive into the 102-degree pools.


Don’t expect supplements from Sykes hot springs. Vacationers need to bring their camping gear, water, food, and all the necessities.

Make sure to examine the trial condition before heading out to this one of the surreal hot springs near San Francisco.

Instant options:

  • Vacationers are going au naturel at these Sykes hot springs, which means they must bring camping gear and experience peacefulness under the stars.
  • Barlow flat, terrace creek, and lastly, sykes camp are the three significant campsites along the trail.

Day pass: It is free and has a price of $5 for a parking permit.

7. Esalen hot springs:

Esalen hot springs - hot springs near San Francisco

Esalen hot springs are some of the most beautiful hot springs baths, sited along the Pacific Ocean in striking Big Sur; baths are above the rocky California coastline.

The Esalen hot spring is a big Sur hot springs resort that has two main areas referred to as baths.

However, the beautiful beaches of San Francisco are world-famous for their weekend getaways, the Esalen hot springs are a set of baths perched on the rugged California coastline.

This hot springs retreat has many natural attractions to see.

The upper-level baths are handicap accessible and the lower-level baths contain restrooms and two sides, “a quiet and silent side”.

Each side has a changing room and there is a shower room with a glass wall perched over the ocean.

This natural hot springs resort has several thermal tubs, both indoor and outdoor on the lower level, as well as private.

Esalen is something more than hot springs and is an educational institute and retreat center which makes unique hot springs near San Francisco. 

It is a property of the body and mind. Reservations are compulsory, where clothing is optional.

Distance coverage from SF: It is a 3-hour drive, covering 168 miles.

Outfit: Clothing is optional 

The overview:

  • Esalen’s ocean-facing and cliff-side facing hot springs are some of the most visually gorgeous and astounding. 
  • The tri-level structure has group and separate tubs, optimal for relaxing and laying under the stars as they listen to the sounds of crashing waves beneath.
  • The public can quickly get access to the bath every night between 1-3 am.


The supplements packages offer 300 classes and workshops in massage, mindfulness, meditation, writing, dance, yoga, and more. 

On booking a room for five days, weekends, or longer, those can acquire access to workshops, meals, and use of other facilities.

Instant options:

Housing range from sleeping bags in shared living spaces to private space to entire houses with kitchens.

Day pass: On reservation, free bathing is open only between 1-3 am. Or, to use other facilities, vacationers have to be a part of the workshops.

8. Dr. Wilkinson’s hot springs resort:

Dr. Wilkinson's hot springs resort - Best Hot Springs Near San Francisco

Dr. Wilkinson’s hot springs resort has offered vacationers relaxation, wellness, happiness, and good times since 1952. 

It is a shelter to heal mineral waters, the mud baths works, and a beautiful backyard that keeps the vacationers connected. 

It is Calistoga’s original wellness resort.

Distance coverage: It is a 1.5-hour drive covering 75 miles.

Outfit: Bathing suits are optional in the spas but mandatory at the outdoor pools.

The overview:

  • Calistoga has a significant number of mineral spring resorts, from four-star to dirt cheap hotels.
  • Vacationers can spend hundreds of dollars at luxurious spas but prefer the quirky spots and off-the-radar just like Dr. Wilkinson’s.
  • It is the ancestor of mud bath resorts, where vacationers can also dive in private whirlpool baths or public indoor or outdoor pools.

Supplements: ‘The works’ is the original combination of a mud bath offered by Wilkinson’s. 

It also includes massage, mineral bath, blanket wrap, and steam room. It is a fantastic treat vacationers can acquire.

Instant options:

Dr. Wilkinson’s resort is exclusively a deluxe motel, so vacationers can acquire regular lodging choices which they would find at a hotel.

Day pass: Day pass usage is not accessible. Vacationers must be guests of someone with a room or book a room, which will come with a price of $25.

9. Wilbur hot springs:

Wilbur hot springs - Best Hot Springs Near San Francisco

Wilbur hot springs is an ancient solar-powered or off-grid mineral hot springs resort sited in Northern California.

It is a 2-hour drive from San Francisco or 90 minutes drive from Sacramento. 

The Wilburn hot springs are skillful in Japanese-designed onsen structures. 

It also comprises a spring-heated and spring-fed swimming pool with a dry sauna. Internally the site also has a geyser.

Distance coverage from SF:  It is a 2-hour drive covering 140 miles 

Outfit: Clothing is optional

The overview:

  • Once vacationers enter the gate, they are entering a sanctuary. An isolation space from the tight space, noisy and modern world.
  • This property possesses healing water that prefers to soothe your body, quiet the mind, and deeply observe.
  • The bathing area comprises an open-air onsen featuring long flumes of volcanic mineral water, a swimming pool, and a sauna.


Apart from hot springs, they also offer yoga workshops and guest and experienced chef appearances with other food events. 

An array of healing treatments and massages are provided. Strictly no mobile phones are allowed in the public areas as this resort is a digital-free zone.

Instant options:

  • It is a space for personal and spiritual development, offering an overnight natural retreat.
  • If vacationers prefer to soothe their souls through mountain biking or hiking, the property is also part of 1800 acre nature preserve.

Day pass: The day pass fee on weekends and public holidays per person is $65 and $59 per person on weekdays

10. Sycamore mineral springs:

Sycamore mineral springs -  Hot Springs Near San Francisco

Sycamore mineral springs are a hot spring site in the beautiful Avial Valley.

The resort is built right into the hillside which is covered with lush green vegetation and carefully manicured gardens.

You can find a bunch of places to hang out have a picnic or just enjoy the outdoors.

This hot springs resort makes it one of the unique hot springs near San Francisco with natural geysers.

With these vantages, this resort is also known as a spring resort and counted as the best hot springs resorts in US.

There are a bunch of hillside hot tubs that you can rent at a pretty reasonable price.

This tempting property caters as an oasis for offering complete relaxation to the vacationers in the widely famous Avila Valley, known for its geothermal spring experience.

Distance coverage from SF: It’s a 4-hour drive.

Outfit: Clothing is optional

The overview:

  • The Sycamore resort possesses 74 rooms with a three-bedroom cabin. All the accommodations have patios or balconies and private hot tubs.
  • The hot tubs with naturally cleaned mineral water and a lagoon-structured, spring-fed pool along with a waterfall.
  • The Sycamore is a greenery with hiking trails and a shelter to the garden of Avila restaurant. A trendy place to eat from a locally, seasonally sourced menu.


Besides, Sycamore is a trendy place to eat. 

It is also a master in offering wellness activities that include pilates yoga. 

The resort also has a massive spa space offering a range of beauty, body, and skin treatments.

Instant options:

  • If vacationers made an overnight visit, there are conveniently 74 guest suites and rooms.
  • For a diversion, vacationers can also take a drive close to San Simeon.

Day pass: The usage price for the Oasis waterfall per person per hour is $22.50.

11. Beverly hot springs:

Beverly Hot Springs - Hot Springs Near San Francisco

Beverly Hot Springs is in the middle of LA, California. 

Beverly Hot Springs are natural hot springs pool with a traditional Korean bathhouse.

It is also known as Korea town hot spring.

With various body treatments, spas, and massage therapies, these hot springs near San Francisco is the best California hot springs resort.

There are some guidelines you must follow before stepping into this beautiful nature spring resort.

There is no permission for children under 15.

Nudity is optional for both men and women in this one of the best hot spring resorts.

It is the only natural hot spring and strikingly popular among the public looking forward to taking a break from the regular hectic environment of the city’s life and seeking some relaxation in the entire city.

Distance coverage from SF: It is around a 3-hour drive

Outfit: Clothing is optional

The overview:

  • Beverly hot springs comprise a cold plunge pool, hot springs pool, dry sauna, and eucalyptus instilled steam room.
  • The Beverly hot springs have a single geothermal pool that manages a temperature between 85 to 105 degrees and can conveniently house many people at the same time.


Apart from the waters, it also offers various bamboo fusion massage and beauty treatments.

Instant options:

Like some hot springs near San Francisco, Beverly hot springs offer free on-site parking.

Day pass: On the weekdays the price is $30, it is $40.


Above are some of the best hot springs near San Francisco that you must visit.

This blog will help you know about the best hot springs and choose the best hot springs to have the ultimate time of your life. 

Make sure to visit these hot springs to get relaxed from your daily hustle-bustle life. 

Choose wisely and make a memorable moment and if you like the post don’t forget to share it with your friends!

FAQ about hot springs near San Francisco:

Q1. Does San Francisco have hot springs?

Ans. There are many famous hot springs near San Francisco where people from all over the world come to spend their time in peace.

Q2. What is special about hot springs?

Ans. Hot springs are high in minerals like silica, calcium, magnesium, lithium because hot water can contain more dissolved solids.

Q3. Are there free hot springs in California?

Ans. These are some thermal springs in California without spending a penny:
Deep Creek Hot Springs
Sykes Hot Springs
Sespe Hot Springs

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