Why Everyone Is Obsessed With These Best places to go camping near Los Angeles?

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Looking for the best places to go camping near Los Angeles that will enchant you?

Can you believe, out of the world’s biggest Metropolitan cities, Los Angeles has a few, large, unspoiled camping grounds that are set against its backdrop?

They are not only famous for recreational activities but also allow you to experience nature in a raw form.

Well, many nature enthusiasts have a problem searching for the best camping spots in Los Angeles!

But there are many amazing best places to go camping near Los Angeles that we will talk about in this article.

You will be mesmerized with its never-ending beautiful landscape, rugged, and the forested area surrounded with pristine water bodies similar to a painting jumping out of the artwork.

Top 10 Best places to go camping near Los Angeles

It’s quite difficult to choose from plenty of established camping, but here we have a few jaw-dropping camp settlements that give back to nature’s mettle and may probably fit your bill too.

In addition, here are plenty of cheap romantic places in Los Angeles.

Our compiled list of the best places to go camping near Los Angeles will surely help you out.

So without any further ado, let’s plunge into the article to get a closer look!

1. Malibu Creek State Park:

Malibu Creek State Park - Best places to go camping near Los Angeles

While famous for its Hollywood presence this campsite is just a stone’s throw away from the city. 

With its 8000-acre panoramic view, it allows tourists and visitors to explore its rugged terrain and stream-fed trails.

It is one of the best places to go camping near Los Angeles.

Things to do: 

There are innumerous recreational activities to fill your leisure days

  • Rock climbing
  • Horseback riding
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Bird watching
  • Mountain biking

 Things to know:

  •  Developed campground with 56 or so Campsite added around
  •  flush toilet
  •  Hot shower
  •  Wi-Fi facilities
  •  Wood collection not allowed
  •  The pet should be kept on a leash

 Nearby attraction:

 You are spoilt for choice

  •   M.A.S.H set
  • Phantom trail
  •  Malibu wine tasting fervor
  •  Lake Vista trail

How to reach:

It is within your reach from Pepperdine University’s surrounding beaches of Malibu and 25km away from the city.

2. Crystal Lake camping ground:

Crystal Lake camping ground - Best places to go camping near Los Angeles

Are you eager to spend a night outdoors in complete tranquility and a gigantic complex where your eyes will give your fatigue a chase?

You need not be bored the whole day wondering what to do, it offers uncompromised access to outdoor activities like hiking in nearby peaks, cycling, and of course fishing. 

If you have a big group, shake a leg in the old ruins halls with an amphitheater that hosts live music events.  

Things to know:

  • Water only in Summers
  • Ample supply of restroom 
  • Provides camping necessities including firewood
  • First Come First serve basis
  • Cafe + tracking post
  • Amphitheatre 
  • Boating

 Nearby Attractions:

  • Fort Vermillion
  • Blue lake provincial park

How to reach:

 Located on a Canyon of San Gabriel it’s just a short jaunt north off Highway 59.

3. Mount Pacifico Campground:

Mount Pacifico Campground - Best places to go camping near Los Angeles

Camping doesn’t have to be bored when you are surrounded by magnificent views all around. 

Cradle yourself under the lofty pines overlooked by the pacific trail crest of never-ending deserts and seek respite in the laps of big mount pacific in the LA national forest. 

Los Angeles has several beautiful hot springs for weekend outings.

You will also witness some wildflowers and lush greenery across your path, a sign of resiliency with grace.

Things to know:

Beautiful things are pricey, therefore, 8$ -12$ a night for a camp, plus to satiate your adrenaline rush purchase a 5$ adventure pass.

You will also be provided with a picnic table, portable bathrooms, and fire rings, apologies to pack your own trash and manage your drinking water.

Things to do:


Various adventure 

Walking along the hilly terrain

How to reach:

It is 45 miles north of downtown LA.

4. Bolsa Chica State beach:

Bolsa Chica State beach - Best places to go camping near Los Angeles

This camp is situated at the periphery of the beach and offers magnificent views. 

It allows you to sink in nature’s arm by providing in a slew of activities that you’ll forget you are at the campground.

It is one of the best places to go camping near Los Angeles.

Things to do:

  • Perch up a net and start your volleyball games
  • Tickle your hands with fishing accessories or bare hand hunting is allowed on SoCal beach
  • If walking is a strict no for you, get a bicycle and pave your own path along the 8.5-mile path. If you have a thing for the environment, explore the bolsa eco-reserve. 
  • Want to get submerged at the moment and watch the setting sun.

Things to know:

No free service.

Amenities like fire rings, parking space, and water and electric hook up will be provided.

How to reach:

The camp is situated along the pacific coast highway, just a short distance from LA and Huntington Beach.

5. Mountain oak campground:

Mountain oak campground - Best places to go camping near Los Angeles

Enjoy the serenity of Jackson lake amid tall shady oak and sugar pines. 

The camping is reserved on the lake surrounded by untouched sand and punctuated by grass to give you a fine experience of a lifetime.

Things to know: 

You are well-stocked with truant, bass, and bluegills throughout summer.

Campfire rings

Drinking water 

hiking trails

Grocery store with firewood 

Avoid weekends if you want to explore the campground in isolation.

Things to do:





How to reach: 

A short drive from LA city, located on a big pine highway in Valyermo.

6. Carpetina State beach: 

Carpetina State beach -  Best places to go camping near Los Angeles

Got bored of driving or want to explore a place like a locale instead of a tourist grabbing a camp base train?

What makes this campground famous is its frequency and accessibility to the nearby station. 

The ride is just 2 hours so enjoy your me-time by reading, binging on podcasts, or maybe snoozing. 

This camp base is nowhere confined in nature’s lap but is filled with well-trafficked vivacity and a bunch of houses.

Things to do: 

Taste fresh drink right from the barrel from the nearby microbrewery

Eat and cook with locals

Hiking is restricted due to the bustling environment

Things to know:

No biking or walking allowed

Reservation is mandatory

Different facilities for the disabled are provided

Dumping station and fire rings are offered

How to reach: Few blocks away from union station.

7. Sycamore Canyon Campground

Sycamore Canyon Campground -  Best places to go camping near Los Angeles

Sycamore sits at the edge of the beach, boasting around 58 campsites mesmerizingly shaded by sycamores, eponymously named Sycamore Canyon. 

Sycamore Canyon campground renders distinct sites with large yards to spots sheltered among the flora. 

The site is walking distance from the beach and is not isolated in the “wilderness” sense, but it’s great nonetheless and offers a more social space, but that’s what camping is, right? 

As it sits at the mouth of the two main canyons in Point Mugu State Park, Big Sycamore Canyon, thus, is a convenient starting point for several hikes. 

It is one of the best places to go camping near Los Angeles.

The campground has direct access to the beach and hikes, so you never have to get in your car!

Nearby places to visit: 

Sycamore Canyon has trails galore to explore, there is a Newbury Park, upwards. Within a short distance there is the “Scenic Trail,” a moderate trail with some steps that gets you to stunning views of beaches, Mugu Rock, sand dune, etc. This Scenic Trail connects to several trails and then on towards the La Jolla Valley. 

Things to do:

Hiking- It allows trekkers some sort of solitude with 70 miles of stretched rugged terrain, grass valleys speckled with sycamore, and gorgeous river canyons.

Horse riding


Surfing: Point Mugu and surfing go with a voluptuous ease 


Things to know: 

Carry your own tents

Campfire allowed

Pets allowed but put on the leash

Picnic tables available 

Potable water available

Coin showers available 

How to reach: From Los Angeles, it is within arm’s reach to Point Mugu, State Park. 

8. West Fort trail: 

West Fort trail -  Best places to go camping near Los Angeles

This camping may remind you of stories that you heard in childhood mostly about woods. Nestled in the woods it’s a great call for trekking along. 

The wood expanse is surrounded by sand, wild grass, and few water bodies. 

It enchants you in your way and can get quite difficult to turn backward, such as the enigma of this place.

It is one of the best places to go camping near Los Angeles.

Things to do: 








Things to know: 

Chargeable services

Water available

Carry your hiking shoes

How to reach: 

Take the Angeles Crest Highway into the forest. The trailhead is marked with a sign, past Mount Wilson Road.

9. Refugio state beach: 

Refugio state beach -  Best places to go camping near Los Angeles

A tranquil escape to get you a beachy vibe away from the humdrum of city life. Get yourself acquainted with palm tree coves and charming creek. 

Its pristine waters and isolated setting embark on a full day of fun and frolic with a barbeque pit to tantalize your taste buds too!

It is one of the best places to go camping near Los Angeles.

Things to do:






Things to know: 

flush toilets

hot showers

a camp store

Overflow parking is also available. 

No dump station, WiFi, or RV hookups at the campground.

How to reach: 

Refugio State Beach is less than 30 minutes from Santa Barbara by car. 

Take Highway 101 north for 23 miles then take exit 120 toward Refugio Road. Follow Refugio Road 3 miles to the parking lot for Refugio State Beach.

10. Buckhorn campground:

Buckhorn campground -  Best places to go camping near Los Angeles

Lesser-known routes provide solitude and respite and breath of fresh air, such as the buckhorn campground, perched up at the elevated height with a quick jaunt up the super scenic Angeles Crest highway, you are sure to unwind yourself from the chaos of city life. 

Be at peace with lush vegetation and pines and cedars for your company. 

Things to know: 

Bring your own tents

Limited guest per site

Park at listing

Picnic tables 

Campfire allowed

Things to do: 




Forest bathing

Wildlife watching

How to reach: 

From the Freeway in La Cañada Flintridge, head on Angeles Crest Highway. Buckhorn Campground is on the left just past the Mount Waterman Ski Area. 


This is the complete in-depth post about best places to go camping near Los Angeles which will delight you and make your visit meaningful.

In this post, I have shared a total of 10 camping spots in Los Angeles that will help you, numbers 2, 3, 5, and 7 are the most popular among the people.

Which part of this article do you like most? Let me know in the comment section with your suggestions!

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Thank you very much for your visit!

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