How To Leave These 20 Best Places To Walk In San Francisco Without Being Noticed?

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Looking to stroll along the best places to walk in San Francisco, wander along the beach, or walk in the great natural outdoors?

Then, you are in the right place because, in this article, we not only compiled the top 20 best places to walk in San Francisco but also talked about the top facts about these places in detail to help you!

In San Francisco, you can experience the outdoors in its purest form without needing to travel long distances. 

The San Francisco neighborhoods’ rich cultural history and culinary scene can be enjoyed best by taking walks in their streets. 

Regular brisk walking can effectively boost our immune system, reduce the risk of heart disease and build our overall endurance. 

Top 20 Best Places To Walk In San Francisco 

Unlike other forms of exercise, walking does not require any specific equipment and can be performed at our convenience. 

There’s no need to limit yourself to walking in nearby neighborhoods. 

It would be great for physical activity to explore the best places to walk in San Francisco.

Now, here is a list of the top 20 places where you can walk around in San Francisco and get your essential share of fresh air and nature.

1.Lover’s Lane

Lover's Lane - best places to walk in San Francisco

As the oldest foot trail in the Presidio, Lover’s Lane is one of the best places to walk in San Francisco.

Lover’s Lane is a simple 0.6-mile walk in a curved pathway, starting from the Presidio Boulevard Gate to Funston Avenue & Presidio Blvd.

Wild berries on the sides line the path, in addition to a fragrant forest of eucalyptus, cypress, and pines.

Lovers Lane receives its name from being a popular meeting spot for Spanish soldiers and their sweethearts in the 19th century. This means you will cross several quaint military houses as well.

Just east of the walk, keep your eyes out for Wood Line – a fantastic art installation made of felled tree trunks by the British artist and environmentalist Andy Goldsworthy.

The Arguello Restaurant in the Presidio Officers Club is there to grab a bite after completing your walk in one of the best places to walk in San Francisco.

2.Lyon Street Steps

Lyon Street Step - best places to walk in San Francisco

This 288 step staircase hidden between the charming Pacific Heights neighborhood and the expansive Presidio is among the places to walk in San Francisco at night.

Near the bottom of the stairs are the perfectly symmetrical garden beds, a rising sculpture, and “Migrant Heart” – an iconic piece placed as a part of the city’s public art campaign.

Being home to many stately tech mogul mansions, there are three blocks on the street known as “Billionaire’s Row.”

At the top of this self-guided walking tour, the breathtaking views of the Palace of Fine Arts and blue San Francisco Bay waters will aptly mesmerize you.

This walk is frequented by the fitness buffs, athletic locals, and joggers strolling around lunch away from the extreme tourist crowds.

Lyon Street Step is also one of the best places to walk your dog in San Francisco.

3.Filbert Street Stairs

Filbert Street - best places to walk in San Francisco

If you are in a mess where to walk around San Francisco, then this place is one of the best San Francisco sights!

Filbert Street is among the best streets in San Francisco that lead up to Telegraph Hill.

The mix of concrete and steel gives way to a wide wooden stairway from the waterfront to the historic Coit Tower.

The steep and narrow climb on this SF urban walk takes you through lush gardens filled with a diverse variety of beautiful flowers and plants. 

A section of this garden is named after Grace Merchant, the woman that planted the park in the early 1950s.

As you cross the immaculately landscaped neighborhood of vintage cottages and art deco buildings, colorful birds, especially parrots, greet you in all their glory.

After enjoying the 360-degree views walking around San Francisco, it would be best if you strolled a mile to tour the famous Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory.

4.Marina Green to Fort Mason

Marina Green - best places to walk in San Francisco

The Marina Green, comprising 74 acres of land between Fort Mason and the Presidio, is the best place to walk in San Francisco.

If you are looking for safe places to walk in San Francisco, your search ends here at Marina Green.

It is a local hangout bustling with casual picnickers and runners.

Marina Green is home to the award-winning Dynamo Donut & Coffee Kiosk, which serves delicacies made of sustainable ingredients. You can drop in there for a snack at the start of your walk.

Along the San Francisco Bay, surrounded by historic homes, this San Francisco walking tour has a breezy and relaxing atmosphere. Without a doubt, this is one of the best places to walk in San Francisco.

The location offers gorgeous views of the sought-after San Francisco sights such as Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Angel Island.

The list of neighborhood attractions ends with the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition remnants, Palace of Fine Arts.

The pathway is mainly a broad, long strip of land, navigable for wheelchairs. It is one of the best places to walk your dog in San Francisco.

5.Huntington Park

Huntington Park - best places to walk in San Francisco

After a comfortable climb, you can reach Huntington Park on Nob Hill. This is a highly safe place to walk in San Francisco.

Here you can move around and enjoy some magnificent sights of the Grace Cathedral, the Fairmont Hotel, and Mark Hopkins Hotel.

The well-known Pacific-Union Club and Willis Polk apartment buildings will catch your attention as you complete your walk around the central park plaza. Huntington Park is one of the best places to walk in San Francisco.

A playground full of greenery slides for kids and several benches to rest on to extend a welcome invitation to visitors.

This is a popular walking trail in San Francisco to plan picnics with the historical flood fountain right in the middle.

This walk-in San Francisco has much historical significance since railway baron Collis P. Huntington’s widow had donated the park to the city in 1915.

Huntington Park is exceptionally dog-friendly, so bringing the dogs down for a walk here is always recommended.

6.Salesforce Park

Salesforce park - best places to walk in San Francisco

Situated in the city’s financial district, a 5.4-acre rooftop park above the Salesforce Transbay Transit Center is one of the best walking trails in San Francisco.

Salesforce Park provides the largest of its kind – walkable grass floor in the U.S.

The 6ft wide, paved, and smooth trail surface curves around the entire perimeter of the park.

It is immaculately lined with benches, water fountains, a children’s play area, and an amphitheater.

This is an SF urban walk of 13 miniature botanical gardens featuring over 600 trees and 300 exotic plant species, a heaven for all nature lovers. This puts Salesforce Park among the safe places to walk in san Francisco

The only downside to this self-guided walking tour in San Francisco is that dogs are not allowed here.

7.Panhandle Park

Panhandle Park - best places to walk in San Francisco

Established by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, the Panhandle Park is one of the most underrated walking trails in San Francisco.

Stretching from Golden Gate Park’s east edge to Baker Street, the park is exceptionally well lit.

This makes it among the best places to walk in San Francisco at night. 

You can catch a glimpse of the Haight-Ashbury and Western Addition districts bounded by Oak Street as you stroll.

This park possesses basketball courts, a playground, and water faucets in the middle to soothe the tired travelers. 

By popular choice, this is one of the best places to walk in San Francisco.

The Panhandle is walkable from most grocery stores and popular restaurants like the Parkside Market, Bistro Central Parc, and Starbelly.

Being situated in an entirely dog-friendly neighborhood, the park is one of the best places to walk your dog in San Francisco.

8.Angel Island Walk

Angel Island State Park - best places to walk in San Francisco

Angel Island State Park is a breathtaking island that offers two marked trails – The Sunset Trail and the Perimeter Trail.

The 5.5-mile Perimeter loop trek on the paved asphalt road starts and ends at Ayala Cove.

Along the pathway, you will cross famous landmarks like Camp Reynolds, Battery Ledyard, Fort McDowell, and the Immigration Station

There is a moderately sized picnic ground, a bike rental, and a grocery store around, which adds to the convenience aspect of the place.

If you want to grab a bite, restaurants nearby like Fog Harbour Fish House and Crepes Cafe.

A major attraction on this walking trail in San Francisco is the Park Museum and its interpretive historical exhibits on display.

The steeper Sunset Trail leads you to the Mt Livermore summit with striking views of the San Francisco bay area.

When you are walking on the path, you must watch out for the deers that appear often.

Camping is available for those that wish to spend more time on Angel Island Park.

9.Barbary Coast Trail

 Barbary Coast Trail - best places to walk in San Francisco

The Barbary Coast Trail is a 3.7-mile climb linking 20 historical landmarks in San Francisco, California. This is among the San Francisco sights that you cannot afford to miss out on enjoying.

Bronze medallions and arrows embedded in the sidewalk serve as practical guides on the paved path. Honestly, the Barbary Coast Trail is one of the best places to walk in San Francisco.

The trail begins from – “The Granite Lady,” a popular site for all kinds of events, weddings with a vast courtyard, and opulent chandeliers.

The other historic locations you can visit include Union Square, Maiden Lane, Old St. Mary’s, T’ien Hou temple. Wells Fargo History Museum, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the Jackson Square District.

The Hyde-Powell cable car line connects each end of the Barbary Coast Trail, making all the sights on the way more accessible.

This is one of the best places to walk your dog in San Francisco, provided they are on a leash.

Once you are done admiring the fascinating Victorian-era architecture, you can have lunch at the lively cafes and pubs close to this SF urban walk.

10.Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach - best places to walk in San Francisco

Ocean Beach is a 3.5 mile stretch of white sand far from the realm of highrises. It is an integral part of the Golden Gate National Recreational Area.

The paved path from across the Great Highway is a favorite among the cyclists and walkers with the excellent and windy weather.

Ocean Beach is one of the best beaches in San Francisco to walk on the westernmost border as the waves and sea birds keep you company.

This is an excellent location for flying kites and surfing for those with prior experience. Ocean Beach is among the best beaches in San Francisco.

From walking on the beach, you can admire the two recently renovated historic windmills – North Dutch Windmill and Southern Murphy Windmill and the picturesque tulip garden in front of them.

After the walk, you can choose to get some delicious lunch at either of the two restaurants within the area – Beach Chalet and Park Chalet that offer stunning views of the Golden Gate Park.

This walking trail off the Great Highway is among the best places to walk your dog in San Francisco.

11.Saint Francis Wood

St. Francis Wood - best places to walk in San Francisco

St. Francis Wood – one of the best places to walk in San Francisco was planned by the well-known Olmsted Brothers.

“The City Beautiful” movement was a significant influence behind the community plan.

St. Francis Wood has four significant park spaces, two tennis courts, and lawn areas to recreation children and adults.

You can freely walk up and down the set of public stairs and along the brick-diamond sidewalk.

This residence park embodies early twentieth-century architecture and the Italian Renaissance with its Beaux-Arts-style entryway pillars.

A major attraction on this San Francisco walking trail is the two iconic fountains on St. Francis Boulevard that add to the lavish landscaping.

The street in San Francisco is close to great contemporary eateries like the Golden Crab House and Tsing’s Chinese Restaurant.

12.Lake Merced

Lake Merced - best places to walk in San Francisco

Facilities include many picnic areas and a boathouse, fishing pier, and boat launch.

They were bounded by three golf courses, a 4.5-mile trail lines the freshwater lake’s perimeter to make up one of the best places to walk in San Francisco.

The walking trail in San Francisco is a significant stop for migratory birds on the Pacific Flyway.

This 614-acre park is popular with hikers, bird watchers, and bicyclists close to a large freshwater lake.

Lake Merced is an essential natural, recreational and natural resource in San Francisco.

13.Harry Street in Glen Mark

Harry Street Stairs - best places to walk in San Francisco

The Harry Street Stairs – one of the last all-wooden staircases in the city, treat walkers with panoramic views of Bernal Heights and the downtown skyline at the top of Beacon Heights.

Over 230 steps, two pedestrian paths make up this 3-mile San Francisco Urban Hike that starts from the Glen Park BART Station.

This adventure-filled mine hike from Harry Street to Dolores Park is one of the walking paths in san Francisco.

Before being established as the Dolores Park, a Jewish cemetery initially existed on the land.

This route breaks into the Arlington path trail, which is canopied by eucalyptus trees.

The dense foliage of flowers and plants in the community garden makes this walking trail in San Franciso quite elusive.

As your path branches off around Noe Valley and Diamond Heights, you will notice the 3D mural wall made of vases and plants.

At the end of your walking trail, you will catch glimpses of the Castro Duncan Open Space Preserve, which serves as a habitat for several birds, butterflies, and bees.

14.Crissy Field

Crissy Field - best places to walk in San Francisco

Crissy Field is one of the best places to walk in San Francisco, spanning between Marina Green and Fort Point.

After being restored in 2001, this former military airfield quickly rose to the status of a must-see San Francisco sight.

The walking path is very suitable for walking and running, being completely smooth and flat. The serpentine soil grows native plants like curly dock, willow, cow parsnip, and bee plant.

On the bridge passing over the marshy bay, a lagoon is formed where shorebirds are commonly found. With their faded yellow, pink, and purple hues, the spring wildflowers add a necessary hint of color to the scenery.

When the weather is clear, head out to the Crissy Field to feast your eyes on the sunset behind the surreal Golden Gate Bridge. Keep a flash with yourself for when it gets completely dark.

On your way back, you can appreciate the beauty of the San Francisco city skyline as the wind rush picks up in one of the walking paths, san Francisco.

The Crissy Field Center houses a small cafe for a good cup of coffee and sandwiches. You can find other restaurant options on Lombard Street, such as Za Pizza and Seven Hills.

No camping of any kind is allowed on this San Francisco walk. Though, this is among the best places to walk your dog in San Francisco.

15.Ingleside Terraces

Ingleside Terraces - best places to walk in San Francisco

Leaving behind all the heavy traffic, there’s the charming neighborhood of Ingleside Terraces filled with 1950s style homes in the southwest corner of San Francisco. Eclectic craftsmanship is visible in the architecture, initially designed by the Urban Realty Improvement Company.

Ingleside Terraces is one of the best places to walk in San Francisco. As you take in the blooming scenery of flowers, you start walking on the trail from Cerritos and then slowly move downhill towards Urbano Drive.

Ingleside Terraces is considered one of the most fully realized residence parks in San Francisco with its admirable street work.

The quiet, calm, and sufficient lights on this walking path make it one of the safest places to walk in San Francisco at night.

Also, there is an active homeowner’s association that looks after the safety aspect.

This walking trail in San Francisco provides arresting views of the Merced Lakes and the Pacific Ocean.

Several popular eateries are situated close to the Ingleside Terraces, such as Beep’s Burgers and Chase Luck Bakery. You can visit them for a meal or snack after your walk.

Ingleside Terraces has several well-kept yards and is one of the best places to walk your dog in San Francisco.

16.Lombard Street

Lombard Street - best places to walk in San Francisco

Located in Russian Hill, Lombard Street’s chic residential neighborhood is one of the best places to walk in San Francisco.

Known as the “most crooked street globally,” it contains sharp turns and steep hills.

The cars winding down these eight curves amidst picturesque flower beds makes for a beautiful view on the walk.

The San Francisco Art Institute, with its events and art shows, is only a few blocks away from Lombard Street.

Walking down the trail also allows you ample time to check out the grand Victorian mansions, antique shops, and boutiques.

The stairs along the sides of the walking path turn the walk into a fun trek. You get to immerse yourself into the general buzz of the street and even visit the Haunted Montandon House.

17.Bernal Heights

Bernal Heights Park - best places to walk in San Francisco

Bernal Heights Park Trail – is a 1.6 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail recommended for all skill levels.

Bernal Heights ranks high among the best places to walk in San Francisco.

A major attraction at Bernal Heights Park is a vast painted rock that receives a makeover on every memorable holiday.

The Bernal Heights Park Recreation Center offers diverse afterschool for young kids to expand their horizons.

Bernal Heights is also one of the best places to walk your dog in San Francisco. Since it contains acres of ‘off-leash land’ and a network of dirt trails, especially for the dogs.

Being one of the largest parks in San Francisco, Bernal Heights offers endless opportunities for physical activity.

18.Potrero Hill

Potrero Hill - best places to walk in San Francisco

Potrero Hill is one of the best walking trails in San Francisco. The walk begins at the peak of a steep hill across the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House Theatre.

The stairway walk has grown in popularity due to its prime location, near offices, shops, and entertainment hubs.

Another attraction point here is – The Potrero Hill Neighborhood House at Southern Heights Street, which provides several community services.

The architecture in Potrero Hill is elegant – it includes all from condominiums, cottages to big mansions. This includes Portrero Hill, among the best places to walk in San Francisco.

As you stroll down the Lane, you will cross the newly renovated Potrero Hill Recreation Center with a tennis court, baseball field, and a dog park.

19.Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park

Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park - best places to walk in San Francisco

Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park is a 5-mile hike through the foggy forest filled with redwoods and ferns.

Situated in the Bay Regional Park District, the tranquil landscape makes it one of the best places to walk in SanFrancisco.

The trail is perfect for children and beginner adventure seekers since the paved path is smooth.

On your walk, you will observe an abundance of wildlife such as slugs, migrating ladybugs, and newts.

20.Mori Point

Mori Point - best places to walk in San Francisco

Acquired by the National Park Drive, Mori Point is one of the best walking trails in San Francisco.

This is the perfect destination for whale watching and viewing the sunset.

Mori Point offers various trails such as the Lishumsha Trail, Pollywog Trail, and the Old Mori Trail.

The most used is the Old Mori Trail – 2.5 miles leisurely round trip to the ocean overlook.


So these are the best trails to walk in San Francisco for jogging, exercise, walking with dogs, yoga, or many other things.

Therefore, San Francisco is considered one of the fascinating destinations in the world. 

In addition to the world-class attractions and sights, you must make a point to indulge in walking on the iconic walking trails throughout the whole without fail.

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