[Top Secret] 10 Best Camping Spots In San Francisco Hideaways

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Looking for exquisite camping spots in San Francisco that showcase breathtaking coastal landscapes?

Do you want to tune in to nature instead of your driving rage?

Well, many nature enthusiasts have a problem searching for the best camping spots in San Francisco!

But there are many amazing places to camp in San Francisco that we will talk about in this article.

San Francisco is surrounded by numerous campgrounds, from great landscapes to beautiful mountains; these campsites are to die for.

Top 10 camping spots in San Francisco

Dotted with gorgeous beaches, natural hiking trails, top-rated campgrounds, and gigantic mountains, San Francisco is a beautiful city in California where throngs visit from every corner of the world.

There are numerous legal camping spots where you can enjoy your heart out with your friends, family, and loved ones.

So, check out our list of the best camping spots in San Francisco and get ready to escape the hustle and bustle of the city because once you visit these amazing campgrounds, you won’t want to leave.

1. Rob Hill Campground 

Rob Hill Campground  - camping spots in San Francisco

Imagine a campsite surrounded by woods and perfectly placed away from the chaos of city life!

The Rob Hill campground Presidio of San Francisco is one of the best camping spots in San Francisco. 

The four-acre campground is a perfect escape from the city.

One thing that you must know is that Rob Hill has four campsites that can accommodate at least 30 people: the two are open to the public, and the other two are only available through the “camping at presidio” program.

In addition, there are various mountains near San Francisco where visitors want to embark.

Interesting facts:

  • You can see the crystal light of Sutro tower from here.
  • You will have access to resources such as water, restrooms, scullery, bike racks, and an emergency call box.

Things to do:

  • Smell the ocean
  • Hear the owls in the cypress trees. 

Nearby attractions:

  • Golden gate national recreation area
  • Point Reyes national seashore
  • Marin RV Park
  • Angel island state park

How to reach:

  • Rob Hill campground is situated in the Central magazine road, San Francisco, California. 

What to know:

  • Rob hill is open for camping from April 1 to October 31 each year; camping reservations must be made. Also, only tent camping is allowed, so avoid vehicle or truck camping in the area.

2. Bothe-napa valley state park

Have a wanderlust for the places where you love the serenity in the dense forests that make the place one of the best places to camp near San Francisco?

Are you a pet lover and want to do camping with your dog or looking for dog-friendly campsites?

Then, Bothe-napa valley state park is the perfect campsite for you!

Camp in a valley of redwoods in the heart of the wine country.

Interesting facts:

  • A beautiful wooded campground has plenty of room to take your pet for a walk.
  • Dogs are allowed on the tent sites and some yurts but must remain leashed and off unpaved trails.

Things to do:

  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Outdoor education

These are the inexpensive things to do in San Francisco which everyone wants to go crazy about.

Nearby attractions:

  • Visit the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum in St. Helena.
  • Visit the Napa Valley Museum in Yountville.
  • Ride the Napa Valley Wine Train.

How to reach:

  • The bothe-napa valley state park campground is located at 3801 St. Helena Highway North (Highway 128), 4 miles south of Calistoga.

What to know:

  • There are various amenities like BBQ pits, picnic tables, potable water, restrooms, coin-operated showers.
  • To know more you can check the information in detail.

3. Portola redwoods campground

Portola redwoods campground - best camping spots in San Francisco

The Portola campground is the third camping site in San Francisco which you can visit, and it is the perfect place to escape the hustle-bustle of the city and be at peace for a while. 

The hiking trails and the big trees are what make this campground a bit special than the others. 

So, enjoy the redwood with your loved one in this one of the beautiful camping spots in San Francisco.

Interesting facts:

  • The redwood campground is scattered in 2800 acres of land. Also, the tiptoe waterfall in Portola redwoods state park is worth visiting.
  • The family campground offers almost fifty-five sites to spend the night. RVs can also be accommodated in the place. 

Things to do:

  • Sightseeing
  • Camping

Nearby attractions:

  • Long ridge open preserve
  • Big basin cafe
  • Tarwater trailhead parking
  • Alpine inn beer garden 

How to reach:

  • The Portola redwood campground is just an hour’s drive from San Francisco, towards the south bay. 

What to know:

  • Drones, horses, and bicycles are restricted in the area. So make sure to read the rules and regulations before heading to the campground for a clear picture. 

4. Kirby cove campground

Kirby cove campground - camping spots in San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge view from Kirby cove campground

Kirby Cove is one of the beautiful beach camping sites in San Francisco. Also, this site is a bit unknown to the city people. 

You can reserve any of the five sites at the Kirby cove and an additional picnic area if you would like to. 

The spectacularly amazing views of the golden gate bridge are to die for.

However, San Francisco has various places to walk, Kirby Cove Campground offers an incredible perspective for nature enthusiasts.

Interesting facts:

  • The five sites at Kirby can accommodate up to 10 people per site.
  • Towards the west of Battery Kirby and the campground, there is Bicentennial campground which offers similar accommodations. 

Things to do:

  • Tent camping
  • Walking the beach

Nearby attractions:

  • Marin headlands
  • Kirby cove beach
  • Fort point national historic site
  • Bicentennial campground

How to reach:

  • The Kirby Cove campground is situated in the Marin Headlands at historic Battery Kirby on the immediate north of the Golden gate bridge. 

What to know:

  • Reservations are necessary to be made ahead of time, and only three cars are allowed per site. Make sure that you carry your essentials like water with you. 

5. Haypress campground, Tennessee valley

Haypress campground, Tennessee valley - camping spots in San Francisco

The beautiful hay press campground is just a flat hike from the Tennessee Valley parking area to reach the hay press campground. 

Each of the five sites can accommodate up to 5 tents, which means if you are going on group camping, you can reserve one site for yourself. 

So, enjoy hiking and camping while being close to the hay press.

Among the camping spots in San Francisco, this is one of the best campgrounds in San Francisco. 

Interesting facts:

  • The hay press campground has five hike-in sites within the Tennessee Valley.
  • There are numerous other campgrounds nearby, which makes it easy for you to explore the area.

Things to do:

  • Camping
  • Hiking. 

Nearby attractions:

  • Hawk campground
  • Rodeo beach
  • Kent falls
  • Muir woods national monument

How to reach:

  • The hay press campground is situated in the Marin Headlands, Sausalito, California.

What to know

  • There are no RV or trailers allowed at the campground, and the area is primitive. No pets or car camping is allowed in the area, and the maximum stay is three nights per year only. 

6. Back ranch meadows campground

Back ranch meadows campground - camping spots in San Francisco

Just adjacent to the San Rafael, the beautiful back ranch meadow campground is popular as a Chinese fishing village following the gold rush of California however; the visitors will have to walk up to 300 yards to reach thirty-three developed sites. 

So to have scenic views of these sites you have to visit these camping spots in San Francisco.

Interesting facts:

  • The back ranch meadows campgrounds are more like a hill.
  • The camp is home to fifteen miles worth of h trails that are open for horseback riding.

Things to do:

  • biking/paddling
  • swimming/fishing

Nearby attractions:

  • China camp cam sites
  • Marin islands
  • Stonetree golf club
  • Red rock-island

How to reach:

  • The back ranch meadows campground is a 35-minute drive from San Francisco, California. 

What to know:

  • It is a great place for wildlife watching. Also, the camp houses two endangered species as well, from which the first is California clapper rail and the second is salt marsh harvest mouse. 

7. Francis Beach Campground 

Francis Beach Campground - camping spots in San Francisco
Sunrise view from Francis Beach Campground 

This camping site in San Francisco will remind you why it is better to live near the pacific ocean. 

The calm surf of the white and sandy beaches is just worth visiting the campground. 

The campground will surely give you a vibe of a tropical getaway. 

Francis Beach Campground also offers the best filming locations for filmmakers in San Francisco.

So, when would you like to escape the rush, why not? 

Interesting facts:

  • Many of the sites here support RV and motorhome parking.
  • Towards the south end of the beach, there52 other campsites that are steps away from the shore.

Things to do:

  • Camping
  • Horse riding (on the dirt outside trail)

Nearby attractions:

  • Filoli historic house and garden
  • Mavericks beach
  • J V Fitzgerald marine reserve
  • Pacifica state beach 

How to reach:

  • It’s just a 40-minute drive from San Francisco to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Francis beach campground. 

What to know:

  • Make sure to plan ahead of the trip and check the status of the park, have a backup plan in case the campground is crowded.

8. Juniper campground

Juniper campground - camping spots in San Francisco

This camping site in San Francisco offers you the best hike near San Francisco; the juniper campground consists of thirty-two campsites with good amenities and access to toilets, potable water, and coin-operated showers. 

Trailers aren’t recommended due to the narrow roads in the campground. 

Interesting facts:

  • A summit visitor center is a perfect place if you are interested in historical information about the park.
  • Just one mile away, and you can have access to the Mary Bowerman interpretive trail, which leads to the 3849 foot-top of Mount diablo.

Things to do:

  • Hiking
  • Visiting Visitors center

Nearby attractions:

  • Silver glen springs
  • Juniper prairie wilderness
  • Juniper creek
  • Juniper springs

How to reach:

  • Juniper Campground is just an hour’s drive from San Francisco in Walnut Creek, CA.

What to know:

  • Wood fires, charcoal fires, compressed log fires, and smoking is restricted in the area. So, if you are going to camp there, you can take self-contained gas or propane stoves with you.  

9. Bootjack and pool campgrounds

Bootjack and pool campgrounds - camping spots in San Francisco

This camping spot in San Francisco is just north of Golden gate bridge; the beauty of this campground will make you want to live your life there. 

However, if you are considering camping there, it might be your best choice ever. 

So, grab your bags and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Bootjack and Pantoll. 

Interesting facts:

  • The campground is scattered over 6000 acres of land, which makes it a good place for you to explore the heavenly beauty.
  • At the coastal end of the steep ravine trail, the state park offers you eight rustic coastal cabins, among the perfect and best camping spots in San Francisco

Things to do:

  • Hiking
  • Picnicking/wildlife watching

Nearby attractions:

  • Mount theater
  • Gravity car barn
  • Steep ravine cabins and environmental campground
  • Alice Eastwood group camp

How to reach:

  • Bootjack and pool campground is located in the Hwy, Mill Valley, CA, a 35-minute drive from San Francisco. 

What to know:

  • Drones are prohibited in the area also; it is not allowed to collect mushrooms in the Mount Tamalpais state park; just read the rules and regulations before heading to the campground. 

10. Anthony Chabot family campground 

Anthony Chabot family campground  -camping spots in San Francisco

Do you like to camp with your pet?

So if you are looking for dog-friendly campsites, Anthony Chabot is the perfect campground for you.

This campsite is also a popular getaway for tent and RV camping.

The park with fifty-two authoritative sites and 12 RV sites can be your place for best camping near San Francisco, and also, it is a perfect exploration place for people looking for full hookups. 

The ten exclusive tent camping in San Francisco campsites can be accessed through walking. 

Also, resources such as flushing toilets, potable water, and hot showers are available, so what else do you want?

Interesting facts:

  • The honker bay trail leads from the campground to Lake Chabot, which is stocked with fish so that you can fish. 
  • The northwest of the campground is connected by a hiking trail, which makes it interesting if you are looking for both camping and hiking. 

Things to do:

  • Hiking/riding
  • Bicycle trails

Nearby attractions:

  • Anthony Chabot regional park
  • Lake Chabot regional park
  • Fairmont Ridge staging area
  • Redwood regional park

How to reach:

  • The Anthony Chabot family campground is a forty-minute drive from San Francisco towards the redwood road. 

What to know:

  • Many travelers enjoy visiting the Dunsmuir House, which is just three kilometers from the campground, so if you also want to visit the historical site, go for it.

Final words :

Through this in-depth article, you will grasp every information regarding the best camping spots in San Francisco.

Beautiful camping spots in San Francisco

In this post, I have shared a total of 10 campsites that will help you, numbers 3, 4, 5, and 7 are the most favorite among the people.

Which part of this article do you like most? Let me know in the comment section with your suggestion!

Now it is your turn to visit these camping spots in San Francisco that will bring you close to nature!

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