[Top] 10 Popular Filming Locations In San Francisco That Everyone Went Crazy Over It

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Are you one of those who love exploring popular filming locations in San Francisco?

Are you a typical hardcore fan of Hollywood movies or shows and looking for the most unique and marvelous shooting locations in San Francisco?

If your heart gives a positive signal for these queries, our summed list of filming locations in San Francisco will help you a lot!

San Francisco is a city known for its beautiful beaches, with iconic landscapes. 

San Francisco is also called “Everybody’s Favorite City” a title earned by its scenic beauty, cultural diversity, world-class cuisine, and definitely being one of the most romantic cities of the US.

With such an ideal backdrop, the city has become one of the most preferable playgrounds for filmmakers.

Whether it is any kind of photograph, movie, or show, a beautiful backdrop plays a crucial part. 

Top 10 Best Filming location in San Francisco

Movies are known for their breathtaking picturesque locations and cinematography.

San Francisco may only stretch across 7 miles, but it is packed with an assortment of activities that are sure to please outdoorsy types, foodies, and curious wanderers of all tastes.

So let’s dive into detail about these miraculously beautiful filming locations in San Francisco which will land you in an iconic backdrop:

1) Potrero Hill:

Potrero Hill - filming locations in San Francisco

Imagine a place with a view of the San Francisco Bay and the fog shrouding the city skyline!

However, there are various top mountain places in San Francisco, Potrero Hill has one of the famous filming locations in San Francisco.

Potrero Hill was once the typical home to shops, storage facilities, and pastry kitchens regularly visited by the families who called it home. 

Restaurants, bars, and shops along the eighteenth road are copious alternatives. 

The exemplary watering opening Blooms, named for the courageous woman of Ulysses, offers pool tables, sensational perspectives, and fabulous people watching. 

Chez Papa offers the best French Provençal bistro cooking this side of the Sierra Nevada.

Also, kindly don’t miss Farley’s, the place where a nice espresso drinking swarm cherishes everyday brews sufficiently able to slice through any cloudy morning.

Potrero hill is very particular about its residents and takes their complaints seriously. 

Well, no doubt Potrero hill is alluring and offers the best filming locations in San Francisco.

Winsome Facts:

Family-friendly Potrero Hill is an irregular and often radiant region with inlet and skyline views and a mix of condominiums and exemplary Victorians.

You can witness Anchor Brewing, which is one of the oldest breweries in the US and one of the first to make steamed beer.

If you would like to get an amazing view of SF, including Twin Peaks, and the Golden Gate Bridge, McKinley Square Park will offer you such great sparks.

Potrero Hill Festival is a family festival, usually happening every October. During this event, you can listen to live music with your loved ones and entertain the children.

Bottom of the Hill is one of the best music venues in SF, where you get live concerts.

How to reach Potrero Hill from the San Francisco airport?

The distance between Potrero Hill and San Francisco airport is approx 10 miles.

Subway – Approx 22 mins

Taxi – Approx 15-18 mins

Bus – Approx 48 mins (cheapest option)

Movies Filmed in Potrero Hill SF:

 Ant-man and The Wasp, Bullitt (1968) and Pacific Heights (1990)

2) Chinatown

Chinatown - filming locations in San Francisco

History of Chinatown:

In the mid-19th century, a wave of Chinese immigrants arrived in the US seeking economic opportunity.

After they found work, the economic depression hit in 1870 and they were accused of taking jobs away from whites.

The idea spread that the Chinese were a threat: a “yellow danger.”

It appeared in racist cartoons, political rhetoric, and eventually law.

After a wave of violence against Chinese-Americans, many who tried to escape this violence made their way to San Francisco.

But there was a constant threat to safety in SF too, and restrictions on Chinese people to rent a property.

So, much of its Chinese American population found a place of refuge here: a place known as Chinatown. 

About China Town:

The oldest city to be established in the US has neighborhood sites like ornate temples, Old Saint Mary’s Cathedral Church, and the China American Historical Society Museum.

This location is one of the most famous filming locations in San Francisco, as this area has beautiful hills and many great views of SF.

It’s not difficult to spend a day here, researching the roads and back entrances, browsing the shops, and enjoying authentic Chinese food.

A more significant number of people visit Chinatown than the Golden Gate Bridge!

A decent place to start your Chinatown walking tour is on Grant Avenue in the Dragon Gate passage, and then head down and provide majestic places to walk in San Francisco.

This place has one of the famous San Francisco movie theaters. 

Winsome Facts:

To immerse yourself in the nearby culture, be sure to go straight to Stockton Street, where you can watch the local people trade goods or partake in a round of dice on the walkway.

Chinatown Flaunts its Artistic galleries, impeccable museum beauty, and aesthetic location that make this town one of the best in San Francisco.

At the same time, you make an appearance in stores and lip-smashing food that catches your eye.

How to reach Chinatown from San Francisco airport?

Subway – 38 mins

Taxi – 17 mins

Bus – 58 mins

Movies Filmed in San Francisco (Chinatown):

Pursuit of Happiness, The Deadpool (1998), Big Trouble in Little China (1988), and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)

3) Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island - filming locations in San Francisco

However, the US military took responsibility for the island and gradually turned it into prison over the years.

The prison has also held captives from the Civil War.

Due to the high alert security facility, distance from shore and strong currents made it impossible for anyone to attempt escape.

Around 1,500 prisoners were locked in, while 36 escaped and 3 were unable to track.

However, there are various beautiful beaches in San Francisco, this is the only island filming location in San Francisco.

Don’t miss your last ferry and witness this incredible place! 

Winsome Facts:

The rustic structure of Alcatraz Prison was recreated by Paramount Productions Hollywood for the filming locations in San Francisco. Often called “The Rock,” this well-known prison was based on the tiny, rough island in the Bay of San Francisco. 

Its distant area was first utilized as a spot for sound’s first beacon. 

One of the most famous incidents of each year is that athletes from different parts participate in the Escape Alcatraz Triathlon, just to prove that one with the right training and guts can swim through Alcatraz and survive.

How to reach Alcatraz Island from San Francisco airport?

Subway > Ferry – 2h 42mins

Taxi > Ferry – Approx 1h 50 mins

Bus  > Ferry – 3h 17m

Movies Filmed in Alcatraz Island: 

Escape from Alcatraz and The Rock (1996)

4) Alamo Square Park

Alamo Square Park - filming locations in San Francisco

“Alamo” is the Spanish name for Cottonwood trees surrounded in the area with elegant Victorian houses, playgrounds, tennis courts that can be seen on the perimeter of the park.

A peak park with perspectives on the City (counting the renowned “Postcard Row”), Alamo Square components should be done.

You can find a tennis court with places in the park to sit and relax.

In addition, for children, there are swings and various elements to play with.

This location is one of the busiest filming locations in San Francisco.

The upper level is intended for the more established children (5 to 12 years old), while the lower level is for the youngest (2 to 5 years old).

Wheelchair access is accessible at the entryway driving into the upper level. 

Alamo Square Park includes a playground and tennis court and is often crowded with tourists and dog owners.

You can get great views of the Transamerica Pyramid building and the top of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge from the center of the park.

Winsome Facts:

Dogs can be accompanied by their owners but must remain on the leash to the park’s east.

If you’re swinging by the recreation center on Friday or Saturday, consider hitting up the Church of 8 Wheels afterward.

This roller-skating arena inside an unwanted church is fantastic fun and certainly worth the $ 10 ($ 5 more for skate rentals) affirmation.

The hall of San Francisco can be seen directly off Fulton Street, drawing in sightseers, and is best for recording motion pictures.

How to reach Alamo Square Park from San Francisco airport?

Flight > Tram – 3h 8mins

Drive – 11h 15 mins

Movies Filmed in Alamo Square park SF:

Invasion of Body Snatchers (1978)

5) San Francisco City Hall

San Francisco City Hall - filming locations in San Francisco

The City Hall you see today took two years to fabricate.

This makes it unique is the excellent and effective use of stone, steel, and four white marble pillars to design and build the architecture.

Like most open structures of the time, the City Hall was planned in the traditional Greek and Roman style by men who were prepared at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

For the most part, the structure is acclaimed as perhaps the best illustration of the French Renaissance engineering in America and a perfect setting for the San Francisco movie locations tour.

Today, its exquisite ornaments and masterful presence make it the jewel in the crown of San Francisco occasion scenes.

From the sumptuous Rotunda and its luxurious Grand Staircase to the typically brilliant North and South Light Courts, San Francisco City Hall is ideal for functions, weddings, suppers, and festivities.

People looking forward to a big wedding, CA Gala events, and filming the blockbuster movie are in full swing.

Winsome Facts:

Owing to its impeccable ornamentation and grand stature, San Francisco City hall has had a significant amount of film shooting and weddings happening over the years.

Following all the protocols, only professional Photographers and Videographers can be allowed to film inside the hall.

City’s enormous monument where the government seats, debates, and decisions regarding land use, public policy, and other social acknowledgments are held. 

How to reach San Francisco City Hall from San Francisco airport?

Subway – 43 mins

Buss – 1h 5 mins

Drive – 17 mins

Movies Filmed in City hall SF: 

The series Dirty Harry (1971 – 1988)

6) 2640 Steiner Street

2640 Steiner Street - filming locations in San Francisco

The street made in San Francisco is famous for the house in which Robin Williams starred in a comedy movie named “Mrs. Doubtfire.” 

Even after the street address changes in the film, the legacy of Robert William is still in the hearts of the people. 

It is not known whether the house is viewed as a Painted Lady, yet it is a Victorian home. 

2640 Steiner Street is a landmark for that movie that makes it one of the beautiful Filming Locations In San Francisco.

Based on an expansive corner parcel, this home is situated in the Pacific Heights in San Francisco and has drawn in many fans since the movie hit the theaters [1993]. 

Exceptionally since the demise of Robin Williams [2014], it has turned into a sanctum of sorts to the Bay Area-based entertainer [who lived in Tiburon].

The film referenced the actual location by Sally Field’s person (Miranda) as 2640 Steiner Street.

Take a look at the upper windows for beautiful stenciling.

Winsome Facts:

San Francisco has numerous alongside its dazzling regular magnificence to add it to the rundown of well-known film areas.

The elegance of Victorian houses seen in different movies attracted numerous tourists and fans when the film ” Mrs. Doubtfire” character played by ” Robin Williams.”

How to reach 2640 Steiner Street from San Francisco airport?

Subway – 1h 2 min

Buss – 1h 30 mins

Drive – 20 mins

Movies Filmed in San Francisco (2640 Steiner Street):

The famous film Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) starring Robin Williams in his most memorable performances.

7) Chestnut Street

Chestnut Street - filming locations in San Francisco

You can spend your entire day starting from The Palace of Fine Arts just a few blocks away.

The sight of the surrounding Lake and park can be explored even if you are not permitted in The Museum.

The interesting fact is that it is one of the most famous photographed areas of San Francisco, hence most firms recognize this location as one of the most beautiful filming locations in San Francisco.

Back then there were charity events, Russian ballets, musical performances, which are hardly seen now.

Chestnut Street is an excellent spot for Shopping in San Francisco. 

This beautiful area has its local feel while additionally offering an assortment of shopping and dining alternatives.

It is simple for visitors to partake in the best Attractions, Dining, and Shopping in San Francisco. 

Winsome Facts:

Chestnut Street is one of those spots that clarify why Shopping in San Francisco is a particularly well-known Activity.

You can partake in the beautiful Bay climate as you walk around the store or while sipping an espresso at a bistro.

Horseshoe Tavern is one of the oldest dive bars on Chestnut Street. 

People are attracted to photographs while enjoying the drinks. ”Tacolicious” restaurant offers a variety of Tacos, cocktails, and desserts along with different dishes served.

How to reach Chestnut Street from the San Francisco airport?

Subway – 1h 2 min

Buss – 1h 23 mins

Drive – 19 mins

Movies Filmed in Chestnut Street SF:

The Bullitt (1968)

8) Church Street Muni Station

Church Street Muni Station - filming locations in San Francisco

The station is run by the local municipal body of San Francisco and is recognized as one of the best filming locations in San Francisco.

There is a single flight of stairs at Church Street.

Any remaining stations on the Market Street subway have doors fanned out along the length of the station.

The first passage is located at the northwest corner of Market and 14th Street, while the other passage is at the southwest corner of Market and Church Street.

The highway elevator is on the north side of Market Street west of 14th Street. Initially unsupported, it was attached to the facade of an apartment complex developed in 2017-2020.

For traveling short distances, people prefer the Church Street Station.

The station has two side platforms next to tracks on the second level down with the concourse level disregarding it. 

Winsome Facts:

The first train started from here in June 1980.

The station remains quiet compared to other train stations in the area.

The ideal point to show up and avoid the rush of travelers is between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.

How to reach Church Street Muni Station from San Francisco airport?

Subway – 56 mins

Bus – 1h 6 mins

Drive – 18 mins

Movies Filmed in Church Street Muni Station:

 48 Hrs. (1982)

9)The Painted Ladies

The Painted Ladies - filming locations in San Francisco

The renowned “Painted Ladies of San Francisco,” also called “Postcard Row” or the “Seven Sisters,” are a column of beautiful Victorian houses situated at 710–720 Steiner Street.

Such Queen Anne-style homes are one of the large numbers worked in San Francisco during its successful development toward the finish of the 19th century.

Its brilliantly shaded buildings have become a staple of mainstream society and are now counted among the popular filming locations in San Francisco.

They are one of the most perceived instances of California Victorian engineering.

Everything in San Francisco has a history that beholds nothing but unique facts about the place, making it the best filming location.

Winsome Facts:

They have a unique style, but the common thing is that they follow Queen Anne’s architectural style.

Massive Victorian houses were built to show off the wealth that came into the City during The Gold Rush built by Francisco builders.

How to reach The Painted Ladies from San Francisco airport?

Subway – 56 mins

Buss – 1h 6 mins

Drive – 18 mins

Movies Filmed in The Painted Ladies SF:

The Full sitcom house (1987) and Fuller house (2016)

10) Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge - filming locations in San Francisco

Who won’t shoot the most recognizable landmark and best filming locations in San Francisco, the Golden Gate?

A wonder of the current design, the Golden Gate Bridge is 1.7 miles long and 90 feet wide. 

Its 4,200-foot entire range between the two pinnacles was the longest for an engineered overpass until 1981, while its 746-foot towers made it the tallest scaffold of any kind until 1993.

The one-mile-wide bridge connecting San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean is one of the prime filming locations of San Francisco added to the list. 

The GGB is a major Tourist attraction of SF and you can do many fun activities like bike riding, walking along with family, friends, and hiking.

One of the fourth largest bridges of the USA, painted with burnt red and orange shade primer to protect it from rusting.

Winsome Facts:

It is one of the most internationally recognized bridges and an international symbol.

You can only walk or bike by scooters, rollerblades, skateboards, pets (no service).

However, this location is famous for filming locations in San Francisco, Drones are not allowed on the bridge.

You can also rent a bike. Bike rental costs $ 30 per day.

If you are looking for an overlook to take amazing pictures, go to the Battery Spencer Observation deck.

How to reach Golden Gate Bridge from the San Francisco airport?

The Golden Gate Bridge is located on US Highway 101, providing a vital link between San Francisco County and the northern counties.

The bridge does not have a physical address, but it can be easily found on Google Maps.

The distance between SF Airport and GGB is approximately 18 miles.

Parking is extremely limited, so be sure to get there as early as possible to get parking.

Movies Filmed in Golden Gate Bridge SF:

A View To A Kill, X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), and many more.


So these are the best filming locations in San Francisco where you can experience the best bay, hills, parks, and streets of San Francisco.

Most of the actual movie locations in San Francisco are out in the open and easily accessible.

Some of its iconic undulating streets became the setting for one of the most enduring movie car chases.

If you share this article with your friends, our hard work will be crowned with success.

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