Features Of Top 10 Mountains Near San Francisco That Make Everyone Love It

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Fed up with the scorching summer heat or do you want to embark on the stunning surroundings of San Francisco?

Then the beautiful mountains near San Francisco are the perfect spot to quench your thirst! 

In the summers, the heat and humidity in San Francisco are intolerable, but the San Francisco Mountains come to your rescue welcoming you with incredible landscapes with stunning backdrops.

However, some people have questions on their minds: Are there mountains near San Francisco? 

Even though the best beaches in San Francisco are world-famous, it has exquisite mountains along with hiking trails.

The mountains are regarded to be the best California mountains near San Francisco due to their scenic beauty and wonderful views.

Top 11 Best Mountains Near San Francisco:

Mountains in San Francisco are usually located near parts of the city along with the Bay Area. 

The mountain range near San Francisco is also called the Arizona Mountains region and belongs to the mountains near Flagstaff.

The ones in the Bay region have top-notch trails and are heaven for a path lover, veteran path sprinters, and outside cherishing families. 

Also, the ones by the city are generally simpler to climb and are more limited, and they offer lovely city sees.

So without further ado, let’s excavate some beautiful mountains near San Francisco:

1. Alamere Falls

Alamere Falls - Mountains Near San Francisco

This is a 7.5-mile long climb with a 40 feet tall falling cascade, situated in point Reyes National Seashore

The waterfall tumbles down a bluff heading straightforwardly onto the seashore. 

The enormous cascade is the principal feature here, and alongside it, you will partake in the unique perspectives. 

This climb is a bit extraordinary, and there are several lofty parts, and the path becomes busy now.

How to reach- To reach this destination take bus no 27 or 72, starts at around 9 AM from Matrix Fillmore and then take bus F and then bus no 65 and after this walk for 37 minutes.

Interesting fact – The fantastic work of land powers known as Alamere Falls stands apart from the group. 

In the mark of truth, it addresses a charming cascade, yet in addition a profoundly remarkable one. 

It additionally frames what’s known as a tidefall. The dazzling site in this manner stands apart from different falls, which adds to its incredible appeal.

Tip-. Do pack a bathing suit on the off chance that you mean to stop by Bass Lake as this will turn up as an enticing spot to swim for swimming sweethearts. 

One more I.P. is if you are a morning person and traveling by your vehicle, reach this destination before 8 AM.

2. Mount Boardman North

Mount Boardman North - Mountains Near San Francisco

Mount Boardman North is one of the tallest mountains near San Francisco. 

It is one of the best San Francisco peaks elevations of 3626-foot midway in the Diablo Range San Francisco mountain New Mexico. 

It is likewise the district high point for San Joaquin County, California. Mount Boardman North’s name is from neighboring Mount Boardman, which stands ½ mile south. 

Unlike other California mountains, there are also many of the best hot springs near San Francisco for your perfect weekend getaways.

Mount Boardman’s culmination is close to the mark of outline where the four districts of Alameda, Santa Clara, San Joaquin, and Stanislaus converge, and it comes under the ski mountains near San Francisco.

How To Reach- There is no direct transportation available from San Francisco airport to this mount Boardman. 

I recommend you go by vehicle by renting the car. This destination is 170 km from San Francisco.

Interesting Fact- On the 1996 adaptation of the USGS Mount Boardman Quadrangle, Mount Boardman North doesn’t exist in name. 

The name Mount Boardman North was informally given to it by district high pointer Gary Sutter.

Tip-  As this is a breezy spot, it is wise to wear a coat or convey one.

3. Tennessee valley

Tennessee valley - Mountains Near San Francisco

This climb is somewhat simple 3.4 miles long and one of the best places to walk in San Francisco

The way that the path is relatively level, with not so many slopes but rather more perspectives. 

The trail winds the seaside slopes, and you end up in a sandy seashore, a small one between feigns on the two sides. 

On looking cautiously, you discover the opening in the dark stone precipices which the sea ripple effects have caused. 

Pets aren’t permitted on the path, yet you will find many ponies and a few corrals on the way.

How To Reach- To reach this destination you have to take bus no. Seventy from MatrixFillmore and then walk for 47 minutes.

Interesting Fact- This open-air instruction and diversion region draws in 2 million guests yearly. 

The Tennessee Valley experienced solid monetary development through the 1960s, as ranches and woods were in top condition and inhabitants partook in probably the most decreased electricity rates.

Tip- Try to pack water while climbing the Tennessee Valley trails.

4. Mount Davidson

Mount Davidson - Mountains Near San Francisco

The pinnacle is around 938 feet high and is the most elevated top among the mountains near San Francisco, USA. 

The attachment and inclination of the traveling people were always towards it. 

The outside darlings that visit here adore the courses that go through the metropolitan desert spring in isolation. 

The best place would be the 103-foot cross raised during the Great Depression in 1934, from where you can have a great view of the city below, which is nestled among one of the best must-see mountains near San Francisco.

How To Reach- To reach this destination you have to take bus no. 28 from MatrixFillmore and then take bus no 48 and then walk for 12 minutes.

Interesting fact- Mount Davidson is the most noteworthy standard point in San Francisco, California. 

It is situated close to the geological focus of the city, south of Twin Peaks and Portola Drive and toward the west of Diamond Heights and Glen Park.

Tip- You can, without much of a stretch, access the path that surrounds the slope. Without much time, you can track down an optimal spot to pause and partake in the city from that point.

5. Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve

Claremont Canyon Regional - Mountains Near San Francisco

The Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve is a 208 section of the land region behind the Claremont inn with great climbing trails. 

The climb distance here is 3.2 miles that give you a thrilling experience. 

You can take the essential path, the Stonewall Panoramic path. 

This path takes you to a decent height of 700 feet which is fantastic and gives you dazzling perspectives on Berkeley Hills, Downtown Oakland, Downtown Berkeley, and the San Francisco Bay.

How To Reach- To reach this destination you have to take bus no. 101/30/70 from MatrixFillmore and then take bus no F and then walk for 27 minutes.

Interesting Fact- Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve is the most famous for its climbing/running path and stupendous perspectives on Oakland, Berkeley. 

The originally known occupants of the area were the Huchiun Ohlone Indians. 

The Huchiun occupied the East Bay from Oakland to Richmond.

Tip- Street parking is not allowed, so be aware if you are going by your vehicle.

6. Land’s End

Land’s End - best Mountains Near San Francisco

This is the rough northwestern corner of mountains near San Francisco, and a climb around 4 miles by the bluffs gives you unbelievably delightful perspectives. 

you can feel the best-hot-springs-in-san-Francisco at this place. 

The winding path is all around kept up with and is appropriate for new climbers. 

Travelers can be found in tons during the end of the week, and non-weekend days are the point at which you can feel one with the spot. 

The perspectives here cover the Golden Gate Bridge, China Beach, Marin headlands, and the Ocean. 

What’s more, when the tide is low, you will see the remaining parts of the wreck. Once done, you can make a beeline for the Cliff house for a chilled brew or a mixed drink. 

That’s why it comes under the best mountains near San Francisco. 

How To Reach- To reach this destination, you have to take bus no 28 from Matrix Fillmore, take bus no 38, and then walk for 18 minutes.

Interesting fact- 

San Francisco’s Lands End climb is a standout amongst other strolling encounters in the city. 

It presents the ideal blend of executioner sea perspectives, history, and metropolitan investigating.

Tip- The best time to reach here is in the spring and autumn session.

7. Angel Island

Angel Island - top Mountains Near San Francisco

This climb on Mount Livermore is 4.6 miles long with an elevation of 788ft. 

The perspectives from here cover the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate, Alcatraz, and the Skyline of San Francisco. 

The blue ship or the brilliant ship from Pier 41 takes you to the island. 

Once there, you can begin with this moderately simple climb, and you can pack a cookout too to keep the craving in check.

How To Reach- There is no immediate association from San Francisco International Airport to Angel Island. 

Notwithstanding, you can take the BART to Embarcadero, go for a stroll to Market St and Main St, take the cable car to The Embarcadero and Stockton St, go for the hike to San Francisco Pier 41, then, at that point, take the ship to Angel Island Ferry Terminal.

Interesting Fact- Angel Island, situated in California’s San Francisco Bay, has been utilized for some reasons, including military fortifications, a U.S. Movement Inspection and Detention office, and surprisingly an isolated station. 

The Coast Miwok Native Americans used the island for around 2,000 years before American settlement as fishing and chasing grounds.

Tip- If you are planning to stay for a long time here, please bring your food.

8. Mount Diablo

Mount Diablo - Mountains Near San Francisco

Mount Diablo is 3,849 feet high and sits among one of the best mountains near San Francisco.

The great height implies relatively better perspectives.

What it likewise means is 6.1 miles of work to arrive at the pinnacle. When on top, you will get a 10,000 foot perspective of the San Francisco Bay region.

On a highly crisp morning, you will see the Farallon Islands, Mount Lassen, and Sierra Nevadas. 

That’s why it comes under the best mountains near San Francisco.

It is prudent to wear climbing boots or outside shoes for better grasp as the climb gets steep in specific parts. 

Convey water and eatables as you will discover a great deal of shade to pause and unwind.

How To Reach- There is no immediate association from San Francisco to Mount Diablo State Park. Notwithstanding, you can take the BART to Walnut Creek then, at that point, take the taxi to Mount Diablo State Park. 

On the other hand, you can take the BART to Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Center then, at that point, take the taxi to Mount Diablo State Park.

Interesting fact- 

Mount Diablo started as volcanic stone underneath the outside of the Pacific Sea was scratched into a mass between the Pacific structural plate and the overlying sedimentary layers of the North American plate. 

As ice ages influenced ocean levels, sedimentation proceeded in shallow seaside oceans. Around 4,000,000 years prior, the more seasoned, more complex volcanic material from the ocean bottom constrained its direction up from between the two plates, hurling the more weak sedimentary layers up a point. 

After some time, the more youthful stone above dissolved, and by 2 million B.C., the more seasoned stone we perceive as Diablo’s pinnacles were uncovered as low-lying slopes.

Tip- Before starting your journey, please be aware of the weather conditions, bring a water bottle, and wear thick clothes.

9. Mount Tamalpais

Mount Tamalpais - Mountains Near San Francisco

Mount Tamalpais has a short climb of 1.2 miles with an elevation of 2570 feet. 

It is really simple and gives magnificent perspectives on Northern Marin, the East Bay, and San Francisco. 

You can invest decent energy here watching the views. This spot is a treat when you are on the top during nightfall.

How To Reach- No, there is no immediate transport from San Francisco Airport (SFO) to Tamalpais Valley. 

But you can reach this destination by bus no 70 and bus no 61 and walk for 45 minutes. Bus no 71 starts at 10 AM.

The Mt. Tamalpais Scenic Railroad was finished in 1896 and ran from Mill Valley toward the East Peak’s highest point. 

An inn, café, and ballroom followed quickly to make Mt. Cap had a well-known objective when the new century rolled over until 1930 when cars became the supported method of transportation.

Tip- if you love hiking, picnicking, mountain and road cycling, then go for this destination for sure. 

10. Dipsea Trail

Dipsea Trail - top Mountains Near San Francisco

Dipsea Trail is a long climb of 9.5 miles beginning from the Mill Valley, finishing at Stinson seashore. 

This isn’t a climb for amateurs and is more than moderate as far as trouble. 

The perspectives are stunning and cover the Golden Gate, the Bayside, Mt. Cap, Stinson Beach, redwood trees, and the Pacific Ocean. 

If fortunate, you will likewise recognize some untamed life on the path. The Dipsea Stairs across the brook permit you to encounter the Steep Ravine. 

It is fitting to convey a great deal of water for this long climb, and you can eat later at Stinson seashore. 

Assuming this climb appears too long to you, you can select the more little rise, which is about 7.5 miles long and begins at Stinson.

How To Reach- You can reach this destination by bus from Matrix Fillmore to Dipsea Trail by bus no 30 and bus no 61 and then walk for 25 minutes.

Interesting fact- Dipsea Trail is a 9.7 mile vigorously detoured and back trail situated close to Mill Valley, California, highlighting delightful wild blossoms and is appraised as troublesome.

Tip- Finding the trailhead is not an easy task, so be careful.

11. Mount Saint Helena

Mount Saint Helena  - Mountains Near San Francisco

Mount Saint Helena is a peak in the Mayacamas Mountains with flanks in Napa, Sonoma, and Lake List of culminations of the mountains in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Mountain range, the most elevated mountain range near San Francisco, is seen from space. The mountain has five pinnacles, masterminds in an unpleasant “M” shape. 

Its most noteworthy point, North Peak, is in Sonoma country.

The second-tallest, most quickly east of the principal culmination.

How To Reach- There is no direct transportation to this destination. I recommend you to go in a rented car with the help of google maps.

Interesting fact- Mount St. Helens is a world-renowned standard research center investigating Earth’s cycles and nature’s reaction to calamity.

Tip- On a clear day, you can see napa valley, mount Tamalpais from the top.


So these are the best destinations to boom your trip with fun and enjoyment in the mountains of San Francisco. 

Whether it’s for the breathtaking views with a little picnic or just trail exploration, these spots are sure to give you the best experience of the mountains near San Francisco.

So what are waiting for.. lace up your hiking shoes, pack your backpack and just head towards these beautiful mountains!

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