Why Are Children So Obsessed With These Top 10 Secret Tourist Attractions In San Diego

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Looking for the top tourist attractions in San Diego that have eye-catching beaches, beloved zoos, beautiful parks, and the best Mexican food?

What are the top places to visit in San Diego where you want to spend the best moments and have a rewarding experience?

Well, many visitors have trouble finding San Diego’s top tourist attractions!

Don’t fluster!

There are various beautiful tourist places which we are going to talk about in this article.

Nestled with beautiful sun-drenched outdoor beaches, historic tourist attractions, and sumptuous museums, San Diego sits on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and is adjacent to the Mexican border.

This list mentioned below will go a long way to help you find your dream destination as San Diego is known as the “America’s Finest City” with something for everyone.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions In San Diego

With a mild climate throughout the year and an added focus on ecology, San Diego is home to some of the best spots to visit in the USA. 

San Diego is the Californian city with the second most population after Los Angeles. 

There are 52 community planning areas in this place, and some of these are top tourist attractions in San Diego. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into the article to get a closer look!

1. San Diego Zoo

 San Diego Zoo - top tourist attractions in San Diego

Imagine a place where you get the opportunity to see the weirdest floras and faunas with plenty of options with a fun-loving experience!

The San Diego zoo is located in Balboa park – we will come to it in another section. The zoo is located over 100 acres.

Home to many endangered species, San Diego has more than 4,000 rare and fascinating animals, including Galapagos tortoises, African Pygmy Goose, koalas, Babirusa, leopards, Sunbirds, and many more.

The zoo is famous for its open-air cages that allow the animals to live in environments much like the ones they must live in.

Interesting Facts:

  • Over 4 million annual visitors arrive at the zoo.
  • It houses over 12000 animals across 650 species.

Things To Do:

  • The top attractions in the zoo are urban jungle, panda canyon, elephant odyssey, discovery outpost, tiger trail, polar bear plunge, monkey trail, Owens & Scripps aviaries, lost forest, gorilla tropics, and outbacks.
  • Explore your wild side at the zoo attractions anytime. The zoo is open all year round.
  • It is one of the best things for you to do in top tourist attractions in San Diego, CA.

How To Reach:

  • The zoo is just a 2.5-mile drive from the main city. 
  • You need 45 minutes to travel from the zoo to its safari park as the distance is 35 miles.

What To Know:

  • The zoo was opened in 1916. The zoo is located over 100 acres. Its parent organization is a private, non-profit organization, and it is one of the world’s popular zoos.
  • A safari park is also part of the zoo. You can have a fun time here.

2. Balboa Park

 Balboa Park - top tourist attractions in San Diego

Looking for a park that leads to 17 museums that cover a wide variety of topics along with historical significance, achievements, cultural heritage, and architecture?

Then Balboa Park is the perfect choice for you!

Balboa Park is an urban cultural park spread over a mighty 1200 acres. 

This city’s cultural park was built in 1868 in multiple architectural styles of Spanish Colonial Revival, Mission Revival, and Pueblo Revival.

Interesting Facts:

  • The Parks and Recreation Department takes care of the activities on this site.
  • It is one of the top tourist attractions in San Diego.

Things To Do:

  • The park encloses the San Diego Zoo, and other attractions like museums, gardens, and venues.
  • You can enjoy a casual day at this site.

How To Reach:

  • The park lies north of downtown San Diego. You can access the place by public or private transportation. Trolleys are also an option.
  • The park lies right in the heart of the city and is 2300 miles from California.

What To Know:

  • The park is open from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM daily.
  • The park closes only on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holidays.

3. SeaWorld

 SeaWorld - top tourist attractions in San Diego

SeaWorld is one of the most exciting tourist prospects in the USA itself. 

SeaWorld is a fine mix of an animal theme park, marine mammal park, oceanarium, and an aquarium.

Interesting Facts:

  • It serves as the leader in San Diego attractions for kids.
  • SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment owns and operates the attraction. It opened in 1964 and records over 4 million footfalls annually.

Things To Do:

  • SeaWorld’s animal exhibits include dolphins, killer whales, sea lions, seals, and orcas.
  • You can explore numerous rides and roller coasters.

How To Reach:

  • SeaWorld is 6.8 miles from the main town and takes only a 12 to 14-minute drive.
  • You can use trolleys and public buses to travel to the site on any day of the year.

What To Know:

  • Themed attractions are a specialty of this fantastic activity spot.
  • The site is spread across 189 acres. It is one of the best tourist attractions in San Diego for kids.

4. La Jolla

 La Jolla - top tourist attractions in San Diego

La Jolla is a seaside neighborhood in San Diego. 

The region with a hilly view provides tourist attractions like Torrey Pines Golf Course and conducts many golfing events.

Interesting Facts:

  • The downtown area is rich with boutiques, upmarket restaurants, hotels, and jewelry stores.
  • The best places to eat in San Diego, where you can have delicious cuisine to tempt your taste buds are in La Jolla.

Things To Do:

  • You can have promising shopping & dining experiences in the districts of Prospect Street & Girard Avenue.
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego is in this region.
  • La Jolla Coves, La Jolla Shores, and Children’s Pool Beach are the primary beach attractions in this area.
  • You can also experience famous artists and their murals in La Jolla.

How To Reach:

  • You need a 20-minute drive from San Diego to La Jolla. The distance is 13.6 miles.
  • You can take a bus, taxi, or car via the main route. You can also opt for waterways travel.

What To Know:

  • The top eateries in La Jolla are Nine-Ten, Truluck’s Seafood Steak & Crab, The Marine Room, Whisknladle, A.R Valentien, Herringbone, and George’s at the Cove.
  • The best dishes to try are short ribs, chocolate cake, oysters, ceviche, cocktails, wine, artisanal cheese, meat platter, dry fruits, and fish tacos.

5. San Diego Beaches

San Diego Beaches - top tourist attractions in San Diego

With a staggering amount of 50+ beaches, the county is the dream paradise for beach lovers.

It is one of the enchanting tourist attractions in San Diego.

Interesting Facts:

  • The top beaches in San Diego where you can have a fun adventure are Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, Coronado Beach, Moonlight State Beach, Cardiff State Beach, Windansea Beach, and Grandview Beach.
  • Fletcher Cove Beach Park, La Jolla Shores, Beacon’s Beach, Mission Beach, Black’s Beach & South Ponto Beach are also amazing locations to visit.

Things To Do:

  • Enjoy tacos along the Pacific beach line.
  • Go swimming with sharks.
  • Relaxing at a sunrise/sunset is one of the best things to do in San Diego for free.
  • Explore the attractions in the sea on a cruise.

How To Reach:

  • The coastline of San Diego extends over 70 miles. You can opt to travel by own vehicle or rent or ride public transport.
  • San Diego Metropolitan Transit System’s “Bus to Beach’’ routes take you to any beach of your choice.

What To Know:

  • One of the beaches should be on the top of the list for things to do in San Diego for couples.
  • You can go for a drive or ride along the coast highway.

6. Old Town

Old Town - top tourist attractions in San Diego

Old Town is a San Diego neighborhood that extends over 230 acres. 

Old Town is one of the top tourist attractions in San Diego.

Interesting Facts:

  • It is the oldest settlement with landmarks like State Historic Park and Presidio Park.
  • The place offers some of the unique things to do in San Diego.

Things To Do:

  • You can attend an annual celebration called Cinco de mayo and Old Town Art Festival in October.
  • The Christmas celebrations and community celebrations are also popular that happen in December & November respectively.

How To Reach:

  • It is a 23-minute drive from downtown San Diego to the Old Town.
  • You can take all the road choices for transport. The best-preferred one is the public bus.

What To Know:

  • The place is brimming with Mexican heritage.
  • You can explore historical sites, restaurants, theaters, and vibrant shops.

7. Gaslamp Quarter

Gaslamp Quarter - top tourist attractions in San Diego

The Gaslamp Quarter is another historic neighborhood in San Diego. 

There are a lot of active shops, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Interesting Facts:

  • If your primary purpose of visiting San Diego is nightlife or entertainment, then this is the place to hang out.
  • It is the best place in San Diego to have a fantastic date.

Things To Do:

  • You can enjoy live music day & night.
  • You can get the best seafood in the county here.
  • It is also one of the fun things to do in San Diego visits.

How To Reach:

  • The location is very close to downtown and the airport. You can get all modes of road transport to reach here.
  • You can even walk from the main city if you don’t mind covering a few blocks on foot.

What To Know:

  • Gaslamp District is known for its fairs, festivals, and events.
  • Being a mix of entertainment and dining, the place offers a casual vibe throughout the year.

8. USS Midway Museum

USS Midway Museum - top tourist attractions in San Diego

The museum theme is that of a naval aircraft carrier museum and is located in downtown San Diego.

It is one of the top tourist attractions in San Diego.

Interesting Facts:

  • The museum hosts private & public events that include sports games and international film festivals.
  • A registered non-profit organization runs the show.

Things To Do:

  • You can explore an exclusive collection of aircraft in this museum.
  • You have the option to visit and explore many exhibits & activities.

How To Reach:

  • The museum is under one-mile travel from Broadway.
  • You can access the location from all sides of San Diego.

What To Know:

  • Since the total number of annual events in this museum is above 700, you can visit the site any time of the year and have a fun time.
  • Education and youth programs are on offer at this location. The site also conducts special days to honor the relevant occasions in American history.

9. Old Town State Historic Park

Old Town State Historic Park - tourist attractions in San Diego

Located in Old Town, the State Historic Park follows the model of other State Parks in the USA. 

Established in 1825, the park is built in a colonial architectural style.

Interesting Facts:

  • The park is a part of the California State Parks program.
  • The park is supported in part through a non-profit organization.

Things To Do:

  • You can visit their amazing gallery of museums, theatres, and visiting centers. 
  • The major attractions you cannot miss are Casa de Estudillo, Johnson House, Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurant, Colorado House, San Diego Union Museum, etc.

How To Reach:

  • A nearby Old Town station transports public buses to all parts of San Diego.
  • The distance from downtown San Diego to the park is only 3.6 miles.

What To Know:

  • The park is open to the public from 10 AM to 5 PM.
  • You can visit exhibits and museums in this location.
  • Retail stores and hotel establishments are present inside the site.

10. Seaport Village

Seaport Village - top tourist attractions in San Diego

With a beachfront complex of shops and restaurants, Seaport Village is one of San Diego’s impressive tourist attractions.

The Village contains several beautiful architectural styles, from Victorian to traditional Mexican.

Seaport Village has a dining and shopping hub. It houses numerous eateries, shops & galleries for your amusement. 

This top San Diego tourist attraction opens throughout the year.

Interesting Facts:

  • It is the best location in San Diego for you to have a casual day out with just food and walks.
  • Around 4 miles is a car-free zone, and the San Diego convention center is nearby Seaport Village.

Things To Do:

  • You can enjoy shopping activities.
  • You can explore food and drinks at the location.
  • You can become a part of themed events that showcase the culture of the place.

How To Reach:

  • The village is just a 5-minute drive from the airport and the cruise ship terminal.
  • It is located under a mile from Broadway. The location is 120+ miles from Los Angeles.

What To Know:

  • The area is to undergo renovation in 2025, and they could have more features and attractions when it happens.
  • The opening hours are from 11 AM to 7 PM.

Tips to Enjoy San Diego:

The top tips for you to have a memorable experience of tourist attractions in San Diego are as follows:

  • Get cards to explore the city. The San Diego Go Card is an excellent choice.
  • Relish Mexican food at every opportunity you get. San Diego offers the best Mexican cuisine range in the USA.
  • Be mindful of the budget & taxes.
  • Pick the best hotel that suits your budget and trip plans.
  • If possible, plan your stay for the festival season.
  • Ride the trolley to explore the city.
  • Enjoy sports activities for fun & leisure.
  • Get offers and discounts before reaching the destination.


This is the complete in-depth post about top tourist attractions in San Diego which will delight you and make your visit meaningful.

In this post, I have shared a total of 10 tourist attractions in San Diego that will help you, numbers 2, 3, 5, and 7 are the most popular among the people.

San Diego is a lovely place to visit. You can live here too for the short-term or long-term if you feel like it. 

The culture and lifestyle are pretty laid back, offering a casual touch & flamboyant nature. 

The area is splendid for its activities and provides a heritage rooted in pride and confidence. 

The best thing about San Diego is that you could be an enthusiast in any domain. Irrespective of your interest in indoor or outdoor activities, you can have a good time.

Which part of this article do you like most? Let me know in the comment section with your suggestions!

If you like this post and find our hard work, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Thank you very much for your visit!

FAQs about top tourist attractions in San Diego:

Q1. What is the best time to visit San Diego?

Ans. The best time to visit San Diego is March-May. September through November is also equally feasible. If you are looking for budget cuts, try & avoid the peak times.

Q2. What are some of the best places to stay in San Diego?

Ans. You have all types of accommodation options available in San Diego during your stay. The top luxury option is Pendry San Diego which offers sightseeing facilities too. The Pearl Hotel is an excellent mid-range choice & the best budget option is Hotel Circle. If you are looking to stay near the beach, Tower23 Hotel fits your needs. The top family-friendly option is Catamaran Resort Hotel & Spa. Hotel Marisol Coronado is the best choice preferred by couples.

Q3. Where can you get the best shopping experience in San Diego?

Ans. The best shopping experience is offered in Fashion Valley, Cedros Avenue Design District, Carlsbad Premium Outlets, La Jolla & Gaslamp Quarter. Seaport Village, Little Italy, and Horton Plaza are all options too. Shopping is one of the best things to do in San Diego at night.

Q4. What are the best resources to know more about San Diego and its tourism?

Ans. There are various beautiful tourist attractions in San Diego. You can get all sorts of information about San Diego online & offline. Ensure the authenticity of the information sources before proceeding with the decisions. Make strategic plans according to these resources only.

Q5. Who does the San Diego lifestyle suit the best?

Ans. San Diego offers a place for all categories of people. You can visit or stay in the area irrespective of any factors. It cheers retired veterans the most.

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