Best Tourist places in Ahmedabad Gujarat you might be missing in 2021

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If you are planning to visit Gujarat, Ahmedabad is the city you can’t miss out on. Tourist places in Ahmedabad Gujarat, are absolute roller coaster rides.

Ahmedabad is also known as the ‘Manchester of India,’ and it is said that this cotton center city has some similarities with the city of Great Britain, Manchester.

Ahmedabad, which is also known as ‘Amdabad,’ has lots of places to get explored. There are tons of tourist places in Gujarat, that you can visit during your Gujarat trip.

The great Sabarmati riverfront is also one of the major attractions of Ahmedabad.

Apart from that, Ahmedabad is also famous for its street food and diamond cutting. The street food dishes such as Panipuri, dal vada, khakhra, dhokla, and many delicious dishes are waiting for you.

Top 20 tourist places in Ahmedabad Gujarat

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In this article, we will be presenting some of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. From the shopping places in Ahmedabad to its streets, we will try to make your Ahmedabad visit as memorable as possible.

The entire city of Ahmedabad is added to world heritage sites by UNESCO. This article will help you explore the 20 best tourist places in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. So, let’s explore Ahmedabad.

1. Sabarmati Ashram

We all can’t forget the lessons of our history. Ahmedabad is the city of the person who fought a lot with Britishers and contributed the maximum in India’s independence journey.

The name is Mahatma Gandhi. Ahmedabad was once home to Gandhiji. Sabarmati Ashram is located near the banks of Sabarmati ashram. The place is also well known as ‘Gandhi Ashram.’ Your visit to the ashram will let you understand the struggle for independence.

Also, you will get to see lots of personal items of Bapu, such as his unique artifacts, glasses, books, and slippers. There is a library, which contains more than five thousand books regarding great personalities. Also, you will get to explore thoughtful literature in Hindi, English, and Gujarati.

The Sabarmati river continuously flows to witness the history of this remarkable place. It is a must-visit the site if you are in Ahmedabad.

Things to do at Sabarmati Ashram

  • Visiting Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, Audio Gallery, Museum Shop, Library,
  • observing 3D models of artifacts.

How to reach Sabarmati Ashram?

It is located near Old Vadaj, and it is a maximum of 15 minutes away from SardarVallabhai Patel international airport. You can also use the Ahmedabad Municipal Transportation service to reach Sabarmati Ashram.

Best food near Sabarmati Ashram

  • Astray the restaurant
  • Riverfront park (Amul Store

Best time to visit Sabarmati Ashram

You can visit Sabarmati Ashram anytime between 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM. There are no charges of entering the ashram.

2. Kankaria Zoo

If you with your little kids find the perfect picnic spot for a day, there could be hardly a better option than the Kankaria zoo. The place is full of fun and excellent amenities. Kankaria Zoo is also known as Kamala Nehru Zoological Garden, which is widely arrayed by flora and fauna. It is a heaven-like place for someone who loves wildlife as one will get to see some of the endangered and rare species of birds, reptiles, and mammals.

It is the only zoo in Gujarat that is a nocturnal zoological garden, which houses animals like jackals, leopards, hyenas, etc. these are the kind of animals that are primarily active at night.

The large variety of animals keeps your children entertained and makes it one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Things to do at Kankaria Zoo

You can bring your kids here—a perfect picnic spot in Ahmedabad.

How to reach Kankaria Zoo

It is located in Himmatnagar village in the Maninagar area. The place is well-connected with the city, and it is easy to reach there by any mode of transportation such as AMTS Bus, Taxi, and rickshaws.

Best food near Kankaria Zoo

  • Lake BhajiPav
  • Ikat Café

Best time to visit Kankaria Zoo

The best time to visit the Kankaria zoo is from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM. the entry fees are 25 INR for adults and 10 INR for kids.

3. Jama Masjid

If you are visiting Ahmedabad, you must know who was the founder of this beautiful city. Sultan Ahmed Shah has not only found the architectural wonder but created some of the best places to decorate the town. Jama Masjid is one of the architectural wonders of Ahmedabad. Ahmed Shah made it in the year 1423 by the Sultan. He wanted the Muslims of Ahmedabad to have a place to pray. Jama Masjid is located near the Bhadra fort.

Sultan has used yellow sandstone to create this beautiful place. It is a combination of Hindu and Islamic architectural styles. It is believed that yellow stones used in mosques were part of Hindu and Jain temples.

Things to do at Jama Masjid

  • Try butter tikka chicken at Aslam Chicken shop
  • Do shopping and have eateries at Meena Bazaar.

How to reach Jama Masjid

You can hire a taxi or auto-rickshaw from Kalupur railway station to reach Jama Masjid.

Famous food near Jama Masjid

  • Anmol Chicken corner
  • Haji. Mohd. Hussain

Best time to visit Jama Masjid

The holy month of Ramzan is the best time to visit the Jama masjid.

4. Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

Here is one more place that has spread its beauty with the help of yellow sandstones. SidiSaiyyed mosque has been one of the top spots in the best tourist places in Ahmedabad Gujarat. It was built in the year 1572-72 AD. It is one of the most famous mosques of Ahmedabad, a city in the state of Gujarat, India.

Also, it is one of the most clicked monuments in the entire Ahmedabad. The place’s craftsmanship forces the tourists to wonder about the techniques the craftsmen had used in that era. The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, the top management institute in India, has a Sidi Sayyed mosque as its logo.

Things to do at SidiSaiyyed Mosque

  • Observe the craftsmanship
  • Click pictures
  • Beautiful latticework windows

How to reach SidiSaiyyed Mosque

It is located in the old city near the Gheekanta area. It is easily reachable by taxi or auto-rickshaw.

Best food near SidiSaiyyed Mosque

  • ManekChowk Food market
  • The hungry house

Best time to visit SidiSaiyyed Mosque

Any day and Anytime between 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM is an excellent time to visit Sidi Sayyed mosque.

5. Auto world vintage car museum

If you are fascinated with cars, this could be the perfect spot for you to spend time. Auto world vintage car museum has a wide range of collections of vintage cars. Not only cars, but this museum also contains vintage bikes and cars manufactured by famous automobile companies. The auto-world vintage car museum’s main focus is to attract automobile enthusiasts from all over the country to learn about classic and vintage cars.

Auto world vintage car museum is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, if you are really into vintage cars and bikes. You will find cars such as Minerva 1906, Ford 1954, and many more to mention. More than a hundred bikes are manufactured by hopper, gurney nutting, barker, Fleetwood, etc.

Things to do at Auto world vintage car museum

  • Get to know about various vintage cars and bikes
  • Click pictures
  • Old car models of vintage companies

How to reach Auto world vintage car museum

The place is in the outskirts of Ahmedabad, and it is located near the Sardar Patel ring road, Kathwada region. Lots of Ahmedabad municipal corporation buses run between the city area and Kathwada.

Best food near Auto world vintage car museum

  • Dhadoom
  • Kathiyawadi Dhaba
  • Mysore house

Best time to visit Auto world vintage car museum

You can visit the place any time of the day between 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM. The fees are 100 INR for a person.

6. Jhulta Minar

When we are talking about the heritage city Ahmedabad, we can’t forget JhultaMinar. It is also famous for shaking minarets. They are amazing in look but full of mystery. These minarets have left many world-class architects and scientists in unresolvable wonder. They could not find when one minaret is shaken why the other minaret starts shaking itself. What is the reason behind vibration is still a mystery? The amazing part is there in just one pair of Minar; there is a total of two teams of Minars in Ahmedabad. One pair of Minars is located near Kalupur railway station of Ahmedabad and the second pair is near SarangpurDarwaja.

Sidi Bashir builds the one pair which is near SarangpurDarwaja in 1452 AD. However, the sad part is both of these pair is good condition. It is said that Britishers have dismantled it to know the reason behind vibration. Some years ago, visitors were allowed to climb the Minars. They are allowed to shake the Minars, as they are not in good condition now, visitors have to see this beautiful piece of art without experiencing vibrations.

Things to do at JhultaMinar

  • Visit the heritage place
  • Read the history
  • Click pictures

How to reach JhultaMinar

The shaking minarets are at walking distance from Kalupur Railway station Ahmedabad.

Best food near JhultaMinar

  • The Hungry House
  • A one Food Zone
  • Ahmedabad Fast food, sandwich pizza

Best time to visit JhultaMinar

It is open all days a year. However, the best time to visit this place is between October to march. There is zero entry fee. The time to visit is between 7 AM TO 7 PM.

7. City Shopping

If someone is interested in shopping, then they should not stick with just one place. Ahmedabad is one of the best cities to shop for items.

A wide range of various clothes is available in different markets.

Some of the best places such as Lal Darwaja, Rani no Hajiro, Dhalgarwad, Sindhi Market, ManekChowk, Raipur Darwaza, and many more to name are included in city shopping.

Different areas are famous for additional items. For example, dal Darwaza is renowned for sarees, fabrics, books, and skirts, Manekchowk is renowned for jewelry items.

Things to do at City Shopping

  • Buy Cloths
  • Perfect places are Lal Darwaja, Ratan Pol, CG Road, and Law garden

Best food near City Shopping

  • ManekChowk
  • Happy Street

8. Vaishno Devi Temple in Ahmedabad Gujarat

You must know that Vaishno Devi Temple in Katra in Jammu and Kashmir is India’s most significant temple. Devotees need to complete the trek of 12 km to reach the temple and take blessings. It is considered one of India’s most sacred temples.

But, here we are talking about Vaishno Devi Temple in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is the same replica of the Katra Vaishno Devi temple. It has been built on mock heels to provide the real environmental feel of the holy place.

It is a complete man sore heel that has excellent carvings and sculptures of god and goddess.

Also, it is built by an individual trust on Vaishnodevi Circle, which is on SG (Sarkhej – Gandhinagar) highway.

One must visit this sacred place as it is a replica of an original temple at Katra, and it is quite difficult for old age persons to go there.

Things to do near Vaishno Devi Temple in Ahmedabad Gujarat

  • Visit GobindDhamGurudwara
  • Sabarmati Ashram
  • Dada Bhagwan Temple
  • Nirma University
  • Adalaj Stepwell

How to reach Vaishno Devi Temple in Ahmedabad Gujarat

It is near Nirma University Ahmedabad, which is one SG highway. Very convenient to get by any mode of transport.

Best food near Vaishno Devi Temple in Ahmedabad Gujarat

  • 365 The Festival
  • The Vada House
  • Mangalmurti Restaurant

Best time to visit Vaishno Devi Temple in Ahmedabad Gujarat

Anytime from 5 AM to 10 PM.

9. Law Garden Night Market

When you are in Ahemdabad, there is no way to escape shopping. It is a must for everyone, right? Also, it is a favorite pastime of many. In a city like Ahmedabad, you will mostly see funky and vibrant colors famous for these colors. Trust us, and the bargaining process is really fun shopping here.

One of the best places to go shopping in Ahmedabad is Law Garden. The night market of the law garden is very popular among the millennials. It is located near the Law Garden Maharaja Society. The reason behind the name of the park is its proximity to the Law College. You will get to see tons of beautiful handicraft products to buy. Also, clothes and accessories will be in a wide range of variety.

Things to do at Law Garden Night Market

  • Buy Chaniya Choli
  • Kurta Pajama
  • Perfect shopping spot

How to reach Law Garden Night Market

Law Garden Night Market is near CG road, which is in the middle of Ahmedabad city. Very easy to reach by any mode of transport.

Best food near Law Garden Night Market

  • Manekchowk
  • Yo Frankie
  • The Esplendido Cafe

Best time to visit Law Garden Night Market

Between 8 PM to 9 PM.

10. ManekChowk Street Food

We are sure that you must have heard this name before coming to Ahmedabad. It is one of the best street food markets in Ahmedabad. The best part about the market is that it only opens at night. There are many jewelry shops in this area; after 8 PM, the food market opens when all these shops shut down.

An interesting fact regarding the ManekChowkJewellery market is that it is the second-largest jewelry market in India. You can buy Gold and Silver items from here. After 8 or 9 PM, the place turns into a food paradise.

If you love pav bhaji, a visit to mahalaxmi pavbhaji is must. Also, you should be trying Chocolate Sandwich. Some of the most popular items here are PavBhaaji, Sandwich, Dosas, Pizza, Jamun Shots, and many more to mention.

Things to do at ManekChowk Street Food

  • Enjoy various dishes
  • Must try pizza
  • Don’t forget the chocolate sandwich
  • Jamun shots
  • Kulfi

How to reach ManekChowk Street Food

ManekChowk is in the city area. You can get there by your private vehicle or taxi in the evening time.

Best food near ManekChowk Street Food

  • MahalaxmiPavBhaji
  • Manek Pizza Sandwich
  • BalanDosa

Best time to visit ManekChowk Street Food

From 9 PM TO 2 AM.

11. Lal Darwaja Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is full of gates. You will see different types of gates everywhere, such as DilliDarwaja, Lal Darvaja, etc. Lal Daravajais considered one of the busiest and famous place for shopping. If you are someone who loves to fill his/her bag, this place is perfect for you. Also, sharpen your bargaining skills before visiting this place. You can buy anything from here at cheap rates. The items here include sarees, garments, glasses, belts, shoes, wallets, purses, accessories, makeup items, and many more to mention.

All the products here are of good quality at cheap rates. If you are new to Ahmedabad, you should be buying Chaniya choli and Kurta-pajama for the Navratri season. This place is famous for these traditional clothes. Also, this is the market of old books, and you can buy books at a per Kilogram rate.

Things to do at Lal Darwaja Ahmedabad

Perfect shopping place

Buy Clothes, Wallet, shoes, accessories

Best place to buy books

How to reach Lal DarwajaAhmedabad

Lal Darwaza is located in Old Ahmedabad city. You can easily reach there by AMTS or Auto rickshaw.

Best food near Lal Darwaja Ahmedabad

  • Lucky Restaurant
  • Paramount Restaurant
  • Dawat Fry Center

Best time to visit Lal Darwaja Ahmedabad

The best time to visit the place is between 2 PM to 8 PM.

12. ISKCON Temple

No one can deny the fact that Ahmedabad has lots of temples in the city area. You will find temples at every corner of the city. There are many Krishna temples; however, ISKCON Temple Ahmedabad should be on your list of best tourist places in Ahmedabad Gujarat. It is located near Gujarat Samachar Press, and usually, it is filled with Krishna Devotees.

As it is a landmark place, the temple reflects three places – Gujarati, Rajasthani, and Sompura.

The temple works as a nonprofit organization. ISKCON temple is commonly known as the International Society of Krishna Consciousness. The major purpose of the organization is to spread the Vedic teaching of Krishna across the world. This Vedic teaching will motivate the common public to live a satisfying and peaceful life.

Things to near at ISKCON Temple

  • Visit Sardar Patel Mall
  • Ahmedabad One Mall
  • Qia

How to reach ISKCON Temple

It is on the SG highway. Any mode of transport is perfect for reaching the spot.

Best food near ISKCON Temple

  • Krishna Fast Food and Restaurant
  • Sreenath Restaurant
  • Krishna PaniPuri

Best time to visit ISKCON Temple

It is open from 5 AM to 12 PM and then 4 PM to 9 PM.

13. Adalaj Stepwell

If you want to visit one of the finest step wells in Gujarat, Adalaj Stepwell should be your first preference. It is a five-story stepwell located in Gandhinagar or Outskirts of Ahmedabad. It was built in 1555 and is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad Gujarat. The main reason you visit this place should be the series of platforms and galleries created on the stepwell side.

Rani Roopba, the queen of Rana Veersingh, has commissioned the creation of stepwell of Adalaj.

There is an interesting story behind this beautiful creation—Rana Veer Singh, who was the local chief of the place killed by Mohammed Begda. Begda was impressed by the beauty of Rani Roopba and proposed marriage. Queen first accepted the offer to play safe but with the condition that Begda should complete the remaining work of stepwell before the wedding.

So, Begda took the challenging task can achieve it. Later on, he proposed to the queen again for marriage. But, the queen jumped in the well on the next day of the proposal. It is said that the spirit of Rani still resides there, and every visitor of stepwell prays for her.

Things to do at Adalaj Stepwell

  • Click pictures
  • Observe the perfect architecture
  • Pray for Rani Roopba

How to reach Adalaj Stepwell

The best tourist places in Ahmedabad Gujarat are located in the outskirts of Ahmedabad, which is near Gandhinagar. You can reach there by state transport system, which runs of SG highway. They will drop you at Adalaj bus station. From there, you can book a rickshaw.

Best food near Adalaj Stepwell

  • JogiKaTadka
  • The Capital Night
  • The Burger House

Best time to visit Adalaj Stepwell

The best time to visit Adalaj stepwell is between October to march.

14. Akshardham Swaminarayan Temple, Gandhinagar

What if I tell you that there is not a bit of steel used while making the Akshardham Swaminarayan Temple. It is built in 6000 tonnes of sandstone and spread in a 23-acre plot in Sector 20 of Gandhinagar district. The height of the temple is 108 feet with 240 feet length and 131 feet width.

If you visit Ahmedabad Gujarat, this place should be on your visiting list though it is not properly in Ahmedabad. However, the distance between Ahmedabad and this place is not more than 30 Kilometers, 45-60 minutes by road.

The campus not only contains a Temple, but there is also a museum, merchandise shop, and lots of adventure rides. All these things make the place a perfect visit.

Things to do at Swaminarayan Temple, Gandhinagar

  • Enjoy Fun rides
  • Visit Museum
  • You can buy temple merchandise

How to reach Swaminarayan temple, Gandhinagar?

It is in Gandhinagar. So it is advised to reach Gandhinagar bus stand first by State transport if you prefer public transportation. From the Gandhinagar bus stand, you can easily book an auto-rickshaw to reach the temple.

Best food near Swaminarayan Temple, Gandhinagar

There is a Premwati restaurant inside the temple premise. You can enjoy every kind of vegetarian food.

Best time to visit Swaminarayan temple, Gandhinagar

Any Day except Monday is preferred to visit Akshardham Temple.

15. Gujarat Science City

There is one perfect place in Ahmedabad for science enthusiasts, popularly known as Gujarat Science City. It is one of the government’s bold steps to boost science in the state and promote Gujarat’s population’s scientific temperament.

The science city came into existence in 2009 when the government felt a need for basic knowledge of science.

The architecture of science city is excellent as it is well built and designed with every segment. You will find many good and amazing things such as a science park, arena, IMAX 3D, musical fountains, and many more.

Things to do at Gujarat Science City

  • Watching Science movies
  • Science park
  • IMAX 3D experience
  • Musical fountains

How to reach Gujarat Science City

It is located near the Bhopal Area, near SP ring road. You can reach there by AMTS, auto-rickshaw, or private vehicle.

Best food near Gujarat Science City

  • Subway
  • Tiffany
  • Cilantro Restaurant

Best time to visit Gujarat Science City

You can visit the place any day between 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

16. Parimal Garden

If you are a morning person and loves to get an early morning walk, the Ahmedabad Parimal garden could be the perfect choice for you and the best tourist places in Ahmedabad Gujarat. You will find a circular covered walkway. It is the best place to take an early morning jog or walk and keep in mind to take some of the beautiful candid pictures.

You will also get to see the beautiful, glorious pond in the middle of the garden, fully covered with lotus flowers. The garden authority has also taken care of your relaxation by putting wooden benches in the perfect places. You may also get in touch with amateur photographers trying to capture the lake’s glory and flowers.

Things to do at Parimal Garden

  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Clicking Pictures
  • Have a perfect breakfast

How to reach Parimal Garden

Parimal Garden is located near the Ambawadi area of Ahmedabad. There is public transport available, and you can also book a taxi or auto-rickshaw.

Best food near Parimal Garden

  • Alinea Restaurant
  • MahalaxmiBhajiPaav
  • Honest

Best time to visit Parimal Garden

The preferred time is 2 PM to 6 PM. however, there are no fees, and you can visit whenever you want.

17. SarkhejRoza

SarkehjRoza is one of the most prominent landmarks of the amazing city Ahmedabad and is the best tourist place in Ahmedabad Gujarat. The place is popular for its rich history. There are lots of Rozas in the state. However, it is considered the biggest Roza out of all. The SarkhejRoza represents Islamic spirituality as it is the most sacred place of worship.

The place is located 7 kilometers South West of Ahmedabad. As a part of the heretics of Ahmedabad, you can come here and take a look at this beautiful place. It could be the perfect place to capture the memorable moments of your Ahmedabad visit.

Things to do at SarkhejRoza

  • Observe the place
  • Click pictures
  • Explore nearby places

How to reach SarkhejRoza

This best tourist place in Ahmedabad Gujarat is nearby Makarba. It is located, post-Jivraj Park. If you are taking SG highway, there will be no problem reaching the place.

Best food near SarkhejRoza

  • Food on Time
  • Rio Pizza and Sandwich
  • Sufra Restaurant

Best time to visit SarkhejRoza

You can visit the place any time of the day of the year. There are no fees to visit the site. We suggest you go in the afternoon time to avoid the crowd.

18. Sabarmati Riverfront

One of the most soul-soothing places of Ahmedabad. Sabarmati riverfront is considered as one of the perfect moves of the government. The Sabarmati river has been a lifeline for Ahmedabad city for centuries. It was very important to store the water of the Sabarmati river, and hence, the architecture of the Sabarmati riverfront was the best step of the government.

After all, it has become an integral part of the city. Millennials love to be here with their loved ones. Kids love to enjoy the gardens and adventure rides here. Adults can also rent a cycle and roam in the riverfront corridors.

Things to do at Sabarmati Riverfront

  • Boating
  • Fun rides
  • Cyclings
  • Walking
  • Relaxing
  • Lunch or dinner

How to reach Sabarmati Riverfront

You can reach Sabarmati Riverfront via Usmanpura. It is near Rabarivas. However, the riverfront is long, and you can also join it near the RTO circle.

Best food near Sabarmati Riverfront

  • FS Food
  • Udipi Jaya restaurant
  • Bhava kiTapri
  • Neelkanthpatang restaurant

Best time to visit Sabarmati Riverfront

You can visit Sabarmati Riverfront any time of the day between 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM. There are no entry fees. You can see the place free of cost.

19. Ahmedabad One Mall

Ahmedabad One Mall (Previously known as Alpha One) could be a perfect choice for a shopaholic person. The mall is located near Vastrapur lake. The place is perfect to shop or enjoy. There are lots of food outlets and restaurants. You might also enjoy the gaming activity and some of the major events happening there. 

Things to do at Ahmedabad One Mall

  • Watch movies
  • Do shopping
  • Have a Lunch or dinner
  • Play games

How to reach Ahmedabad One Mall

It is in the middle of the city. So, there would be no problem reaching the place whether you prefer public transport or private vehicle.

Best food near Ahmedabad One Mall

  • HL Frankie
  • McDonald’s
  • Paratha Ee Kingdom

Best time to visit Ahmedabad One Mall

It is open all days a year.

20. Shanku’s Water park

What could be a better place than a water park to chill and enjoy the summer season. Shanku’s water park in Ahmedabad has lots of adventure water rides. The rides are safe and secure as a U.K.-based company creates them. The water park is spread over 75 acres of lush green land.

Things to do at Shanku’s Water park

  • Swimming
  • Fun Island
  • Lake boating
  • Space Shot
  • Wave pool

How to reach Shanku’s Water park

Shanku’s water park is located in Amipura village, which is on Ahmedabad-Mehsana Highway. It would be better to hire a taxi to get there. You will also get local shuttles.

Best food near Shanku’s Water park

  • New Sahjanand Restaurant
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Cascade Restaurant

Best time to visit Shanku’s Water park

It is open all days of the year. However, the real fun you will get in the summer season from March to June.


Ahmedabad is a hub of aesthetic places in India. It consists of hundreds of tourist places in Ahmedabad Gujaratattracting millions of people every year. If you are also planning to visit Ahmedabad, don’t miss visiting the above-shared tourist places in Ahmedabad Gujarat. They will offer you a lifelong memory and make you and your family happy.

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