[Trending Summer and Winter] 20 Best Travel Outfits For Women: Complete Guidance From Experts

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Are you one of those who are in confusion about what to wear while traveling and looking for the best travel outfits for women?

If you are searching for such a travel outfit that is very comfortable in traveling, as well as being stylish and trendy then this article will help you a lot!

It’s a never-ending list of travel outfits for ladies. It comes in bright, colorful, comfortable, most prominently stylish, and easy to pull off on any occasion. 

Whether it’s for a destination trip, autumn or winter adventure, or a summer beach holiday, it is essential to list out the outfits that fulfill our expectations and go well along with the journey. 

Top 20 Best travel outfits for women

You can browse yourself and check out different fashion and travel bloggers to get a rough idea about the outfits. 

But saving your time, we have outlined some crucial yet chic outfits that will add extra flavors to your journeys.

We are going to classify the best travel outfits for women according to the season, mainly summer and winter.

So, without further ado, let’s get started and discover some of the best travel outfits for women.

Summer Travel Outfits For Women:

1. Gingham dress:

Gingham Dress - Best travel outfits for women

Summers can be less tedious if you pull it off Gingham outfit flawlessly while you wander along the sidewalk devouring ice cream. 

Otherwise, wear on a casual weekend, whether you stroll around brunching, hanging out with friends, or running errands. 

You can give a finishing touch with gold jewelry and wedge sandals, giving you a bomber-style appearance. 

And easy sneakers, your favorite carry-on bag, would make you look effortlessly stylish in your way and could be the best travel outfits for women.

Recommended Colour: Black, Pink, Yellow, Blue

Price Range: USA – 31$ to 1400$
India – 600 INR to 1.5 lac INR

Interesting Facts: This dress was originally developed in India and Indonesia first and then exported to Europe in the early 16th century.

2. Striped top and maxi skirt:

Travel destinations will look less stylish without a chic outfit, like pushing a black and white striped top into a maxi skirt comprising a beautiful floral design.

Black and white ornaments will be striking to add a filter of modern effect.

The great thing about maxi dress and striped tops are they are more flexible than you think. In addition to that, they go perfectly with a wide range of shoes and tops. 

You can wear it at any season as the fabric is suitably designed for every weather and occasion.

Recommended Colour: Blue, Red, Pink, Orange

Price Range: USA – 52$ to 2300$
India – 1100 INR to 80000 INR

3. Off the Shoulder Top and Ankle Jeans:

Off the Shoulder Top and Ankle Jeans - best travel outfits for women

How about if some dress looks modern and elegant and is easy to wear and comfortable when worn?

If you are in a mess of wearing what is the best travel outfit for women which is suitable in every situation and place, then Off the Shoulder Top and Ankle Jeans are the perfect ones to opt-out of.

It looks trendy and classic in strappy nude sandals.

So in the list of best travel outfits for women, Off the Shoulder Top and Ankle Jeans can be chosen without a second thought.

Recommended Colour: Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red, Green, White

Price Range: USA – 46$ to 1800$
India – 900 INR to 2.5 lacs INR

4. Red jumpsuit:

Red Jumpsuit - best travel outfit for women

Women wearing jumpsuits for a beach vacation is the best thing so far.

It gives a bright-colored stop and stares and among the best travel outfits for women.

You can make the dress more tempting with a gigantic summer hat and large necklace, making you look extraordinary and preeminent from the resort crowd. 

It is ready to wear an outfit that you can beautify with few accessories creating an altogether magical look.

Recommended Colour: Red

Price Range: USA – 44$ to 1900$
India – 1200 INR to 1.2 lacs INR

5. Buttoned-down and jean skirt:

Buttoned down and Jean skirt - best travel outfit for women

A buttoned-down white shirt is an excellent addition to your vacation wardrobe As it can be tailored in multiple unique ways offering a modern chic look to your outfit. 

Whether it is soft silk, crisp cotton, or fabulous linen attire, overall, it is a classic versatile. 

It is the perfect apparel for chilling down on weekends or hanging out in the evening and is even ideal for office purposes.

Wear this best travel outfits for women and show off. It’s worth sightseeing!

Recommended Colour: Blue, Red, Pink

Price Range: USA – 49$ to 3100$
India – 1100 INR to 1.8 lacs INR

6. White top – Jeans and Cardigan :

white top and Jeans - Best travel outfits for women

If you are looking forward to outfits that make optimal wear for the plane, during daytime touring, and for a mild attractive dinner look, all these you can acquire easily with three pieces.

That is an elegant white top, your all-time favorite jeans, and a long black ambiguous blazer or cardigan.

As simple as that, creating one chic outfit.

However, there are various types of tops like Asymmetrical tops, Bardot tops, Boxy tops and many more, but Bardot tops are among the best travel outfits for women.

Recommended Colour: White

Price Range: USA – 42$ to 2400$
India – 900 INR to 90000 INR

7. Peplum Top – Dhoti Pant:

Peplum Top and Dhoti Pant - best travel outfits for women

One of the most popular, stylish, and comfortable outfits is Dhoti Pants and Peplum Top.

Wearing Dhoti Pants is a little tricky but if you style it in the right way it is a game changer it looks so chic and stylish.

You can wear dhoti pants in cotton fabric which is very comfortable while traveling and looks very nice.

You can wear a super flowy top like Dhoti Pants, long Kurti with Printed Dhoti Pants look really amazing and give you a different look among the best travel outfits for women.

This is an easy travel outfit and light in weight.

Recommended Colour: Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow

Price Range: USA – 48$ to 2900$
India – 1100 INR to 1.4 lac INR

8. White maxi dress:

white maxi - best travel outfits for women

The best thing about this travel outfit is that you can exclusively pull it off a white maxi outfit anywhere. 

It is an excellent choice if you are heading out for dinner on your trip. 

You can also make it look amazingly fancy if you jazz up with a white blazer and heels. 

Otherwise, simple yet elegant white flat sandals with a touch of gold jewelry will also help.

Recommended Colour:  white

Price Range: USA – 39 $ to 1800$
India – 900 INR to 1.2 lac INR

9. Pink romper: 

Romper - best travel outfits for women

Romper, irrespective of color, is an excellent option to wear on vacation, but pink enhances beauty. It’s simply one-piece apparel, easy peasy to pull it off and go. 

A belted romper flaunts your figure, and no doubt it is a summer’s favorite wear to pull it off. 

You can further beautify it with light tone accessories that enhance your outfit’s majority. 

But neutral color accessories will go along rightfully well than the bright ones.

Recommended Colour: Pink

Price Range: USA – 44$ to 1900$
India – 900 INR to 1.3 lac INR

10. Stripes and jeans:

Stripes and Jeans - best travel outfits for women

From Paris to New York, women must opt for stripes and jeans to acquire a casual look in any city. 

The classic stripes dress offers an excellent look at the same time jeans too offer comfiness. 

Additionally, a sweater bound up around your waist will make it look extra voguish.

I am sure many of you, thinking about how to plan a vacation on a budget for those traveling girls, this could be a perfect choice.

Recommended Colour: Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, Green

Price Range: USA – 48$ to 2300$
India – 800 INR to 1.2 lac INR


Stylish winter travel outfits for women:

Now let’s dig out some winter essentials which will help you to choose when you travel in any cold place.

These are the things that you must have in your wardrobe and especially if you are adding a few new pieces before planning to travel anywhere. 

All the things we will be talking about are comfortable, super warm and they will keep you nice and fuzzy so you don’t have to worry about feeling cold but at the same time you will also look super fashionable.

1. Oversized sweater and skinny jeans: 

Oversixed sweater and skinny jeans - Best Travel Outfits For Women

If you are in a mess of what is the best travel wear for ladies in winters or what you should wear while traveling in cold places.

Then an oversized sweater and skinny black jeans could be a perfect travel dress for you!

If you plan to head in some chill area and starve for coziness, then an oversized sweater or sweatshirt in a neutral color, put over skinny black jeans will be the optimal choice. 

But to garnish your appearance, add an oversized scarf in a contrasting shade that will never fail to add some looks and warmth to your outfit.

Recommended Colour: Black and white, red and white, blue and white

Price Range: USA – 52$ to 3100$
India – 1300 INR to 2.2 lac INR

2. Turtlenecks and Trousers:

Turtlenecks - best travel outfits for women

You all might hate to wear or you would not be a very big fan of them but as we were growing up somewhere, we found our love for turtlenecks is back again.

The best thing about them is that you can pair them with anything, so whether you want to wear them with a skirt or trousers or with jeans these go with almost everything.

These are easy-care travel clothes and I would recommend having one black and one white at least.

Recommended Colour: Black, red, blue, green, yellow

Price Range: USA – 41$ to 3100$
India – 1200 INR to 1.8 lac INR

3. Down jacket and Tights:

Down Jacket and tights - best travel outfits for women

The down jacket is super dry and of great quality and is placed on top when looking for the best travel outfits for women for winters.

These super dry clothes are kind of an investment and if you like traveling solo as a woman, you should not think twice about taking them along with you.

These fashionable travel clothes are wrinkle-free, ultra-soft, and stylish.

Down jackets are really warm and light in weight so that you can carry them easily. It usually comes with a hood so that it covers your entire upper body. 

Black tights are the right combination with the down jacket because this bottom suit fits easily into the Boots.

Recommended Colour: Black, Blue, Purple

Price Range: USA – 58$ to 3100$
India – 2200 INR to 4.5 lac INR

4. Trench Coat or Duster Coat – Jeans or leggings:

Trench Coat or Duster coat - best travel outfits for women

The duster coat or the trench coat is a loosely fitted belted coat so both of the styles are very similar and it comes in various colors.

It is extremely light so it is very falls appropriate and the moment that the weather is changing slightly to chilly weather and even if it rains this is great because most of the duster or trench coat comes with waterproof material.

Even if we consider it a rain jacket for cold weather that will not be wrong.  

It is fantastic guys you just wear this over your jeans or your dress it just loosely drapes all over your body.

Additionally, it just gives you a very slim silhouette. You can wear it over your boots and the trainers and you are good to go.

Recommended Colour: Black, Purple, red

Price Range: USA – 54$ to 2900$
India – 1900 INR to 3.1 lac INR

5. Leather Jacket – Jeans:

leather jacket and jeans - best travel outfits for women

How is an outfit easily be put on or taken off?

Badass leather jackets preferably a fall leather jacket are one of the best women’s travel clothes.

Even better if it is a biker jacket something about these biker jackets just fits so well to your body giving you a structure but at the same time it curves the right places all right and I love the hardware on it.

It just elevates the outfit to another level so be it a mini skirt, jeans, trainer.

You can just pair it with anything with boots with trainers and it is absolutely amazing.

A leather jacket in black will be a great choice because it is just one of those staples that you require in the wardrobe.

This is the kind of jacket that doesn’t have to be only winter-ready at the moment.

When the weather shifts to a much more chilly cooler version, get those leather jackets out.

Recommended Colour: Black, Brown

Price Range: USA – 61$ to 3800$
India – 2400 INR to 4.8 lac INR

6. Waterfall drape coat – Jeans or Leggings:

Waterfall drape coat - best travel outfits for women

Do you tend to search for an outfit all the time in your closet without getting tired?

Or what if you wear just one cloth the entire ride?

It would be interesting to know what is the comfy travel outfit idea for women.

The Waterfall Drape coat is effortlessly chic and a great choice when you are going to choose the best winter travel clothes for women.

All occasion appropriate kind of a coat with its figure-flattering drape and a neckline that can be styled to your liking.

You will love this coat and style. 

The classic silhouette sculpting belter style is an outerwear essential you can take from day to night and if you can get a camel color in this it is even better.

Recommended Colour: Gray, red, blue, purple

Price Range: USA – 56$ to 2900$
India – 1900 INR to 3.6 lac INR

7. Double breasted coat – Trouser:

Double-breasted coat - best travel outfits for women

A double-breasted coat with its overlapping front flaps is so stylish and chic.

It is more formal wear and best for dresses or trousers.

It screens smartly sophisticated and buying one with a pop of color like red just brings everyone’s attention to the outfit.

If you want to go smart casual why not dare everyone by styling it with jeans and trainers and who says that fashion cannot be altered according to your standards.

Recommended Colour: Red, blue, purple, yellow

Price Range: USA – 58$ to 2900$
India – 2200 INR to 3.8 lac INR

8. Brown teddy bear coat and Trousers or Jeans:

Brown Teddy Bear Coat - best travel outfits for women

Throughout last winter everybody saw the attack of the brown teddy bear coat.

This is a winter essential and counted as a perfect travel outfit for females.

This is the kind of code that just drapes your body in the coziest and comfortable way and I would suggest you oversize a teddy bear coat because it just gives you that effortless chic style.

At the same time if you could just wear this with your trainers and Jeans you can see yourself sitting in some coffee shop drinking a hot cup of chocolate and being extremely comfortable.

We highly suggest you invest in this one because this is one of the best travel outfit ideas for ladies.

Recommended Colour: Brown

Price Range:   USA – 56$ to 3800$
India – 2200 INR to 3.8 lac INR

9. Pea coat – Jeans or Tracks:

Pea coat and jeans - best travel outfits for women

The pea coat is a short double-breasted wool coat that used to be worn by first-class sailors.

These women’s travel wear is informal and casual versions.

You should have a smart casual version of that and a shorter version of that when it comes to this style.

These are cozy and can be paired with any outfit.

Though it looks better with jeans or tracks and the wool is thick enough to keep you warm plus that high neck adds a sense of style.

If you consider it a traveling dress for ladies, these are the best travel outfits for planes.

People also love to wear it on long flights.

Recommended Colour: Pink, blue, red

Price Range: USA – 49$ to 2900$
India – 1600 INR to 3.1 lac INR

10.  Faux fur – Trouser or Jeans:

Faux fur - best travel outfits for women

A black faux fur just elevates an outfit and I think it complements a dress or a gown even better than your jeans or a trouser.

This chic extra layer makes you look effortlessly stylish and counted in the best travel outfits for women.

A faux fur coat with something much more expensive, even a Sari. It would look so beautiful with a Sari with a long gown it just adds that sexy mysterious old Hollywood Bollywood glam.

I think that if you can find a really good quality faux fur and not that cheap synthetic one you will just grow to absolutely love it and that is why I had to add this to the list.

If you were searching for how to dress for traveling for a long time this will surely solve your problem of traveling to cold-weather places.

Recommended Colour:  Purple, red, blue, pink

Price Range: USA – 59 $ to 3900$
India – 2400 INR to 3.8 lac INR

Final Words About Best Travel Outfits For Women:

You have shopped many times for various reasons whether it was a purpose of wedding, festivals, honeymoon, travel or anything.

You have shopped many times for various purposes, be it for weddings, festivals, honeymoons, travel, or whatever.

But you faced a lot of problems, from fashion to trends, from comfort to economy!

As fashion and comfort add meaning to life and if you are in doubt about what to wear while traveling on flights, hill stations, beaches, even at any time of year or anywhere else, I hope our article will surely help you.

Since fashion and comfort are an essential part of your journey and you cannot ignore it, we took care of all your priorities.

So what are you waiting for?

Choose from the best travel outfits for women, shop, and enjoy your trip!

If you like the article, don’t forget to share it with your loved ones!

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