20 Expert Tips On How To Travel Solo As A Woman

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Traveling and discovering exotic places can be quite adventurous. But when we talk about traveling solo as a woman it raises many eyebrows.

In reality, traveling alone as a woman is fun. You get to enjoy yourself. To break the myth of female solo travelers, many expert travel enthusiasts come forward to serve as a definitive guide on how to travel solo as a woman.

It is always better to get tips and advice from people who have themselves been in the same situation as you. Only then they can know what is crucial and what one should do in a specific situation.

As a woman, one faces many challenges when it comes to travel alone. These are just minor challenges that should not stop your path to some “Me Time”.

It is no doubt that as a woman traveling alone, there is a risk associated with it. But when the whole world is advancing in every area why a woman should still be afraid to discover their dream places.

Here we have expert tips and guide on how to travel solo as a woman. This comprehensive guide will help you to get through the challenges that you think you might face during your journey.


Solo woman travelers are a trend these days. Everyone has their itinerary and plans to discover the places they have been waiting for for years.

However, there is a problem that what are the best travel outfits for women.

Though it might seem that women don’t travel alone, surveys show that this is no longer the case. More and more women are coming forward and travel to their dream destinations.

The women of the 21st century are no less than their male counterparts to explore not only the popular tourist places but also take lesser-known roads. They are not afraid to travel on the less traveled trails to discover and feel the beauties of the world.

According to research by the George, Washington School of Business, approximately 2/3rd of the world’s travelers are women. Another market statistic backed by the reports of the Travel Industry Association shows that almost 32 million American women are solo travelers.

There has been a 45% increase in female travelers in the year 2015 – 2017. This data was released by HostelWorld.

Another striking thing to notice is why do women travel solo?

46% of women said they travel alone because of independence. They have the freedom to do what they wish and when they wish.

15% of women believe that traveling alone instills in them new self-confidence. When you travel alone you gain the confidence to face the world alone.

You will also learn to react and handle situations alone.
Here are some myths about how to travel solo as a woman which we intend to break today.

Traveling solo as a woman does not mean that you are lonely.

Solo travel is not for singles but even couples try this to have some personal space and time.

There is nothing to so fearful about traveling alone as a woman.
Traveling solo as a female does not mean that you will always get unwanted stares and attention.


How to travel solo as a woman

Solo female travelers around the globe have some of the other advice or tips for you. We have tried to compile all the important tips here. If you are planning to travel solo then stay with us till the end to get the ultimate guide on how to travel solo as a woman.


Choose your destination with full background research. You just cannot take off to a location without any prior research and intent. You visit a place because you like something in particular about it.

It may be the beaches, snow, historical monuments, food, adventurous sports, trekking, etc. You must be clear why you are visiting that place. This will help you to make a clear defined bucket list.


You should never go somewhere without any proper planning. An itinerary is a crucial part of your journey when you are traveling alone. You cannot keep wandering alone.

If you are hoping to cover all the attractions of your destination then you must have an itinerary detailing which places to visit and when.


Always make sure that you don’t carry extra luggage when traveling alone. Carrying loads of baggage and handling them alone can be quite a tedious task. Pack all the essentials first and make sure you don’t take anything unnecessary.


When you travel you believe that you can capture all your memories on your camera. But the reality is that camera cannot capture every minute detail of your trip.

Also, you cannot capture your emotions with the camera. Maintain a journal helps you to remember all the beautiful memories spent on the trip.


Being adventurous does not mean you will be careless too. It’s a good thing that you love adventure but one should always be prepared especially when you are a woman traveling alone. Pack first aid with you. Make a list of essential items like medicines, torches, safety kits, etc and pack them first.


The more you converse with people around you the more you will get to know the tourist attractions of the place. Talk with your fellow travelers and know their experiences. This will also help you to know which route they took, which is the safe travel passage and how to reach a specific place easily.

Though it is recommended that one should avoid talking to strangers but we are here to break this myth.


When we encourage you to talk to people we don’t mean to put your safety at risk. You should be aware of what type of information you are sharing with others.

Always create a well-defined boundary and do not cross that. Never share your personal information like where are you staying, your itinerary, and other info with strangers.


Women love shopping. Every place has its famous fabric, clothes, decorative pieces and many more things which you can buy. For exclusive shopping visit the local market where you will get the authentic things that are native to the place.

Shopping for clothes and collectibles also serves as a token of memories of that particular place.


Always book accommodation exclusively for yourself. Being a woman and traveling alone you cannot share your space living with a stranger. Experts always advise you to have the accommodation to yourself.


Everybody these days is glued to their smartphones 24 hours. When we talk about taking a break from technology we never encourage you to switch off your mobile phone.

Talking about how to travel solo as a woman expert suggests you must have your cellphone with you every time. But take a break from social media.


When you visit somewhere always keep your bucket list focused on exploring the local culture, food, market, craft, and places. Not only you will enjoy and save a lot but also understand the true essence of the place. This way you will be able to unravel the true beauty of the place.


When packaging clothes, you must pay attention to the place you are visiting. If you are traveling to a hot and humid place then pack light summer clothes.

If you are visiting a cold place, make sure you are tightly packed with thermals, boots, and sweaters. Also the activities you plan for your destination play a crucial role in deciding on clothes. If you are planning for the beach, fishing, boating or trekking then you must carry suitable clothes accordingly.


When you have taken up the courage to travel solo as a woman you must have self-confidence. If you are low on confidence you will end up making wrong decisions. Confidence makes you brave to handle and manage all the situations.


You should always have a bucket list ready when traveling alone as a woman. A bucket list helps you to check that you do not miss out on anything that you planned for the trip.

Anything could be on your bucket list like trying a local dish or buying a special craft. A green tick on your bucket list gives you the satisfaction that your trip was worth it.


As a solo woman traveler, the safest and cheapest way for you is to book hostels for a stay. You can also book other accommodation which seems suitable for you. But make sure it’s secured and safe for you. If you feel right about the place you should leave immediately.


When you are on a trip do not waste time by sleeping all day in your hotel room. Unless you are unwell, wake up early and go out to explore something new every day.

You will never remember how tired you were. All that will stay with you are the memories of what you did on the trip. When you start your day early you will have more time to explore more alluring locations. It is important when you planning how to travel solo as a woman.


It may seem funny or unusual to you. But many female travelers when consulted on how to travel solo as a woman gave this advice. It does not matter whether you are engaged, married, or not.

All you have to do is to put on a ring to show that you are committed. Women say this saves them from unwanted approaches and attention.


If you wish to mix up with the crowd then dress accordingly. Every place has its own culture. Before packing your dress it is recommended that you research the culture. This will help you to understand the people and prevalent traditions.


Traveling solo as a woman does not mean you are completely on your own. Many travel companies provide trusted local guides who will help you out. They will suggest to you the best places to visit, safer routes to take and probably accompany you there.


You can join or be a part of other solo female groups. There you will find like-minded women like you exploring the world alone on their terms. Also, you will feel safe to travel in a women’s group and have your personal space as well.

Being in a group also gives you the advantage to meet new people and learn things. You may end up meeting professional photography experts or authors, trekkers, and enjoy your trip more than ever.


How to travel solo as a woman

When you look out for how to travel solo as a woman you probably first should know how to entertain yourself.

As a solo traveler, you will be spending all the time with yourself. So you must trust your gut and come to terms with your inner self.

Before going out on a solo trip make sure you enjoy your own company. It should not be the case that you get bored and ultimately looking for a company there. Extensive research and proper planning is the most important thing.

Be confident, courageous, and believe in yourself. There is no risk or danger in traveling alone as a woman. All that you need is to remain cautious and alter. You cannot get swayed away easily.

Women are becoming more active when it comes to solo traveling compared to men. These expert tips on how to travel solo as a woman will certainly help you out to plan your next solo trip perfectly.

The tips are specially crafted to ensure that you don’t miss out on any essential point.

Find your dream destination and explore the wonders of the world with complete freedom. Do whatever you wish and whenever you desire. You have the power to roam across the globe independently with confidence.

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