How To Travel Solo: The Ultimate Guide To Solo Travel With 34 Tips

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Legend has it that there are two only types of people in the world: those who travel and those who travel solo. 

Solo travelers often say, “traveling is my cup of tea.” If you’re a first-time solo traveler, though, you might be frightened about going off on your own and fear getting overwhelmed and facing problems.

You might be asking yourself as a newbie, “how to travel solo?” countless times.

But worry not!

There are tips you can follow to ensure your journey goes smoothly and safely.

There are things you need to know(which you learn with experience) before traveling alone.

Do you want to unlock this best-kept advice?

Do you like to learn how to travel solo and still have fun?

Well, many travelers have that problem that how to travel solo.

Here we have listed out those tricks so that you can make the most out of them. Keep reading to find out.

But first, why do people love solo travel?

how to travel solo

It is a lovely experience to travel alone. It gives you independence, courage, and a whole lot of self-confidence. But if it is something new for you, the fear of security and being alone could be more intimidating.

Here you get great tips on how to travel solo as a woman or man.

Travelers who go solo almost every month know what it takes to have fun without losing safety. Not just because they love the thrill and adventure and freedom, but also because the best people they meet in life are through solo travel.

The lessons learned (the most valuable ones) are usually from solo travels – and it has enhanced the lives of countless people on planet earth. Not to mention, it polishes the personality of a person and makes them responsible for their safety.

They do not have to depend on someone else. And hence, you get out of that comfort zone of being overprotected by a companion.

1. Travelling alone is liberating

2. You organize your itineraries

3. Solo travelers get to know the locals better

4. It’s all about you

5. You will not miss the travel partner

6. You skip wasting time while waiting for someone else to join you on your journey.

7. Solo Travellers always have their schedule and mood to follow

8. There is no ability to drag other people’s moods and comfort zone down

9. No risk of getting into arguments when you travel by yourself

10. You have more time to know more about your strengths and weaknesses while traveling alone.

Why should you travel solo?

how to travel solo

Even though there are a ton of reasons why you should be planning for a trip solo, we will make it simple for you.

You see, ours is a shrinking world. Gone are the days when you need to save up for months to go on vacation so that you can pour all your savings into buying a souvenir.

Today, people are traveling solo more and more. There is a rapid growth in the number of people booking their holiday packages.

If you want to travel alone, then you must do so. Just follow these travel tips and see how easy it is for you to travel solo.

Did you know that there is also an excellent season to travel solo?

Firstly, the perfect time of the year to travel solo if you are planning a trip during the fall or springtime, you can enjoy the incredible foliage and witness the awe-inspiring changing colors of the leaves.

These colors are so jolly that they will indeed fill your mind with excitement.

But if you are traveling during the cold winter, you must ensure that the stunning views surround you.

When does solo travel become overwhelming, and how can you avoid it?

Solo traveling can be overwhelming for many reasons. From the prospect of interacting with a group of strangers to trying to make all your plans work out for you, it’s no small matter. That is why the best trick they have picked up over the years is just going with the flow.

There’s no point fretting about things like whether or not you are going to meet other people on your tour or how you will find a partner for that activity of yours.

Solo travel can be fascinating but equally scary for first-time travelers. Especially when you are traveling across continents, there is much to think and worry about. It’s easy to lose courage and the motivation to continue with your plans.

However, if you stay calm and have a road map for dealing with each situation as it arises, you can put all your fears at bay. It would be best if you did not let that stop you from experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in your life.

Planning your solo trip

Planning is the most crucial part of any solo trip. You should plan as much as you can from the date of your trip, and it would take you about 3-5 months to prepare. You can even sign up for trips that would take you to three locations within the country and plan accordingly.

Start your trip with an overnight trip or a day trip. You can plan around both to see your favorite place. While planning your next trip, see how many consecutive days you can spend in each location and plan what to pack.

Whether you are going alone or with your friends, take enough luggage. There are some weight restrictions in some countries. You can check their website or make a reservation to see the weight restriction.

“Why are you traveling alone?”- strangers or authorities will often ask you during the trip if you’re going abroad.

Take some time, and then think about the reason for your trip. Why do you want to travel alone? Is it to travel the world, get to know yourself, explore your gender identity, or want to have fun?

What items should you bring?

how to travel solo

First, grab your passport and keep it in your bag. Yes, you read that right. Like, keep it in your bag! Nothing ruins a trip faster than forgetting your passport.

Leave it out because you might need it to apply for a visa, transit through the country, or even stay in the hostel. There would be a point in time when you will be seen as an expert, and aspiring solo travelers will ask you, “Hey! How To Travel Solo? You got tips for me?”.

Here is a list of what you should pack and remember in your carry-on luggage:

1. Travel documents

First of all, you need to carry all the necessary documents, and you know where they are. You need to double-check before you leave the house.

2. Passport and visa

You don’t want to lose your passport, do you?

3. Spare clothing for rainy days!

Raincheck guys is an undeniable and essential thing to do.

As this is a generic overwise and bare essentials, you can’t afford to miss it! It will help you with how to travel solo. Stick around till the end to get the entire list we made for you with 34 useful tips on how to travel solo!

What should you do when you’re planning to travel solo?

how to travel solo

1. Learn the customs and etiquette of the destination

Some countries or even states are not very receptive to tourists or a traveler who is alone. Don’t expect a lot from such places and adapt to the local culture and act accordingly.

The trick is to not speak to everyone. If you do, you might be offending and annoying your fellow tourists.

2. Planning ahead and early is important

A few months ahead of time, compile a list of things you want to do on your travel. For flights, choose a few to compare prices as some can be cheaper and some can be more expensive.

Price is not always the factor, but if you want to travel in March, it’s better to do that than in November or August.

3. Actually, have fun!

Traveling solo isn’t all about harsh rules and being vary of safety measures. Don’t forget why you wanted to go in the first place, and live a little!

What should you avoid?

1. Avoid hotels that are located in the wrong locations.

Don’t be scared to try out various hotels before you book a place. You have options to check out for hotels. Visit a lot of websites to check out the reviews. Some hotels may have fewer reviews, but you should still check them out.

2. Make friends when you are there.

When traveling solo, it’s easy to feel isolated. Engage with as many people as you can on the road- they have the best stories. At least one friendly person or a prominent tourist guide will help you enjoy the experience.

3. Don’t be afraid to get lost.

Staying in your hotel room is never a safe option. Even if you are in a touristy city, keep an eye out for street signs and a map in your room. Walking around the town at night is also a good idea. Don’t feel afraid of being caught by someone.

Tips on safe travel when you want to know how to travel solo

how to travel solo

1. Research a destination

2. Pack a light bag with essential things

3. Carry photocopies of your documents

4. Choose a digital thing over a notebook

5. Try to arrive at any destination before night

6. Always start early to travel

7. Always have a way to stay in contact with people you trust

8. Make some friends and connections

9. Consider a tourist agency

10. Read the rules carefully in destination countries

11. Create a budget plan for your trip and stick to it

12. Learn to have a meal alone

13. Plan your trip correctly

14. Always upload your whereabouts

15. Do not take cash

16. Avoid friendship with strangers

17. Be extra careful in crowded areas

18. Book your transportation early

19. Keep to yourself and avoid oversharing with strangers

20. Take care of your belongings

21. Mind your surroundings and don’t appear to look like a tourist

22. Try to learn the local language to avoid the communication gap

23. Walk tall and confident; it makes you look less vulnerable

24. Carry some available medication to avoid weather-change impact on health

25. Carry a book along with you

26. Only carry the money you need and opt for digital payments to avoid bringing out your wallet time and again

27. Ask questions where you are unclear or have doubt

28. Learn new things

29. Be active and alert

30. Don’t delay buying travel insurance

31. Stay in touch with your close and dear ones

32. Prefers public transportation in strange places

33. Try to use the technology as much as you can

34. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun!

How to travel solo: A conclusion

how to travel solo

If you want to travel alone and you are afraid, then go ahead and do so. If you follow all of the suggested tricks on how to travel solo, then it will also empower you to travel alone.

And to all those who are currently out there planning their vacation, pay attention. All you need to know is that you are doing the right thing!

Be open! When traveling alone, you are less concerned with what others think. You can do and act the way you want without worrying about offending anyone.

Traveling alone gives you the freedom to express your thoughts and ideas freely. You are free to be whatever you want or go wherever you like without having to compromise.

Let us know in the comments if you found this helpful. Or, what you would like to request us to write on next! Happy and safe travel!

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