Beginner’s Travel Guide Of Top 10 Tourist Places In Himachal Pradesh In 2021 With Interesting Facts

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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have a romantic date with your partner, to have mountains around and birds chirping in the back with the wonderful landscape?

Or go for a ride with friends on a mountain bike or a solo trip?

Then our list of the top 10 tourist places in Himachal Pradesh will end your searches!

Comprised of rolling hills, lush valleys, and a series of gorgeous lakes, with its scenic beauty, Himachal Pradesh always casts its charm on worldwide travelers.

Top 10 tourist Places in Himachal Pradesh

India is a land of diverse cultures and landscapes, which is why it has harbored a characteristic that is specific to it.

The northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh is not only famous for its magnificent scenery, distinctive Pahari culture, and welcoming people, it is also a shopper’s paradise.

With soaring mountains of skyscrapers, fresh air, culture, and adventure activities, the settings of Himachal Pradesh blow your mind!

When you are in a city of colors, tastes, people, sounds, and smells, it is a journey that you will never skip.     

So let’s dive into the details about the top 10 tourist places in Himachal Pradesh!


  • Ideal visit time: strive to visit Shimla around October-January. Snow there makes higher landscapes.
  • Best Experiences: Snow, Mountains, Temples, skating.
  • Elevation : 2276 m
  • Temperature: 10 – 14°C


  • Mall road
  • Christ Church
  • Chadwick Falls
  • Green depression

Have you ever been to a place where you get a mix of waterfalls, majestic peaks, beautiful shopping malls, and sloping trekking trails?

If not, Shimla is the perfect place for you, where you can find all of this in one kind of place.

Being a hill station, it is not only a tourist destination but also a shopper’s paradise.

The Ridge of Shimla is known for hosting various government functions and fairs. It is the key venue for all the great events and celebrations that take place here in Shimla.

The rich biodiversity of the Manjathal Sanctuary is a paradise for all nature and wildlife enthusiasts.

Shimla is a premier hill station in Himachal Pradesh. It opens up a variety of tourist attractions, as well as lush valleys, impressive design, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities.

With its spectacular design and charming views, Christ Church in Shimla is that an excellent place to urge married.

It offers guests a novel combination of refreshing natural beauty and an indulgent field of study style.

It’s an area of transition and transformation. A destination that will challenge you to unveil new avenues in your relationship.

How to reach :

By air: the closest flying field is Jubarhati, which is twenty-three kilometers from the city. There also are different airlines that fly into Chandigarh and Delhi.

By Road: Dizdilip coach station is connected to numerous cities in north India, as well as the city, Chandigarh, and Manali. The journey will be created by road in ten hours.

By railways: the closest railhead, Kalka, is connected by train to the city and Chandigarh.

Tips: For summer, cotton garments area unit the simplest to pack for Shimla, whereas woolen garments area unit a requirement in winter.

Interesting Facts

  • Seven kilometers of the Kalka-Shimla rail tunnel area unit same to be haunted.
  • The second oldest church in North India is in Shimla.
  • Shimla is settled on the highest of seven hills with a celebrated Lord Hanuman Temple.


  • Ideal Visit Time: October-January most fitted, snow makes views higher, skating is most popular too.
  • Best Experiences: Kasol still, Sunset purpose, Monkey purpose, Temples.
  • Elevation : 1580 m
  • Temperature: 9 – 15° C


  • Kasol Temple
  • Nature Park
  • Parvati stream
  • Tirthan depression
  • Moon Dance restaurant

Kasol is a hill station and important tourist spot in Himachal Pradesh, which is among the top 10 tourist places in Himachal Pradesh.

It has a nice climate and remains cool throughout summers and heat throughout winters.

It is snuggled amid deodar cedar forests and set against the background of the chain of mountains, is additionally a celebrated getaway for its colonial heritage.

Its quaintly engineered type of architecture has been preserved because it was by a people.

The beautiful region of Kasol is blessed with pleasant weather throughout the year.

Solan, the headquarters of the district, is legendary for its Shulini Hindu deity temple. It conjointly attracts heaps of tourists.

How To Reach :

By air: Kullu Manali flying field is that the nearest flying field to Kasol and is simply forty-eight km off from Kasol. a large variety of airlines offers you daily flights from major cities to the current stunning town.

By Road: NH3 is that the road to Kasol, that is that the main and solely cart road of this whole region.

By railways: Aiming to Kasol is straightforward via the closest railroad station that’s Joginder Nagar, regarding a hundred and forty-four kilometers from the village of Kasol.

Tips: once visiting Kasol, decide on comfy shoes for straightforward walking over steep inclines.

Interesting facts

  • Earlier, Kasol was simply a bus stop. Later it evolved into a town.
  • There are few ATMs that is getting ready to stop so please bring enough cash along with you. Try to use card or payment gateway where possible.
  • Even a little city encompasses a sensible web property.


The land of Cricket features next on our list of Top 10 Tourist places of Himachal Pradesh.

  • Ideal Visit Time: May- June, offers paragliding as well as trekking, weather likely on your side. Winters don’t offer much.
  • Best Experiences: Namgyal Monastery, Tibet Museum, Dal Lake, Dalai Lama Temple.
  • Elevation : 1,457 m
  • Temperature: 17-21°C


  • Namgyal Monastery
  • Triund Hill
  • Dharamshala Cricket Stadium
  • The War Memorial
  • Dal Lake

The city of Dharamshala is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, in India.

The major attractions are the picturesque walking trails set deep in the forest and the area’s lush mountainous backdrop.

This town creates a perfect balance between nature and culture.

Also known as ‘Little Lhasa’, this place is famous for housing the Dalai Lama.

Dharamshala is a paradise for nature lovers and those seeking solitude.

The city lies in the foothills of the Dhauladhar mountain range, which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

How To Reach :

By air: Fly into Gaggal airport, a 13-kilometer drive from Dharamshala. Fly to Delhi on Air India and Spice Jet.

By railways: For the ultimate comfort, choose to travel from New Delhi to Dharamshala by luxury train.

By road: This option is the most affordable and comfortable way to travel to McLeod Ganj. Booking in advance is recommended.

Tips: Don’t go by taxi, walk as much as you can, amazing views on the way. Visit temples with utmost peace.

Interesting Facts :

  • Cricket stadium was established in 2003, but the first match was played in 2013
  • Ryegrass is used in the local area.
  • Valleys and hill skills still have Buddhist influence.


Dalhousie Features on 4th on our Top 10 Tourist places in Himachal Pradesh.

  • Ideal Visit Time: March-October, provides better temperature and weather for trekking, boating, and hiking. Better landscapes and views.
  • Best Experiences: Mountains, architecture, Boating, Cuisines, Trekking, Churches, Hiking.
  • Elevation : 1,970 m
  • Temperature: 15-19°C


  • Panchpula
  • Chamera Lake
  • Satdhara falls
  • Mall Road

Situated in the Eastern Himalayas ranges, Dalhousie is a small town and a district headquarter of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

 It has become a popular travel destination amongst the locals. It is famous for its pristine snow-capped mountains and beautiful farmlands.

Created by the beauty of nature and combined with the harmony of culture and enthusiasm, Dalhousie is the life experience you never want to miss.

It is dominated by pine and deodar forests, which cover the flanks of the steep mountains that surround it.

Dalhousie is a hill station in Himachal. It’s famous for its natural beauty, snow-capped mountains, pine trees.

Dalhousie is situated in the Dhauladhar Ranges of the Himalayas.

How to Reach :

By air: A luxurious airport experience is provided at the Pathankot airport which is just 4 hours from Delhi and 9 hours from the city of Chandigarh.

By railways: The nearest railway station from Pathankot is Chakki Bank. It is just a taxi ride away from Dalhousie. Travel in style, enjoy the luxury and comfort of our premium buses.

By Road: Through Pathankot and Chamba one can drive through roads, but the condition is not good. Avoid them.

Tips: Wear woolens even in summers during early mornings and late nights. Eat light food due to trekking.

Interesting Facts :

  • It is termed Mini Switzerland for its views and landscapes.
  • Lakes and Rivers are so clean; you can see clean water there.
  • It is a rich repository of Hindu Temples.


Surprise! Surprise!

Kufri takes the 5th spot outplaying Manali in the Top 10 Tourist places in Himachal Pradesh.

  • Ideal visit time: April-June, less snow, and clear weather, roads also open, much more activities.
  • Best Experiences: Skiing, Horse riding, Yak Rides, Tobogganing.
  • Elevation : 2,720m
  • Temperature: 11-15°C


  • Kufri Fun World
  • Kufri valley
  • Mahasu Park
  • Fagu
  • Green Valley

It’s no wonder why Kufri is one of the most popular spots in Himachal Pradesh.

 It boasts a picturesque landscape, fascinating architecture, and pristine slopes that offer panoramic views of the Himalayas.

Bordered by the Himalayas, Kufri is a summer retreat located in Himachal Pradesh.

The stunning views and fresh mountain air complete this picture-perfect backdrop.

Kufri, with its wide range of sports and adventure activities, offers an enchantment that promises a truly rewarding experience and wildlife.

How to reach :

By air: Shimla airport is only 20 km away, which makes it the nearest airport to Kufri. Shimla flights connect to Delhi and Kulu.

By railways: Toy trains run there and are an idyllic ride, beautifully etched along the steep mountain edge.

By road: Elegant roads connect Kufri to nearby cities, allowing for easy access in luxury. You can ride in a private car or take a luxury bus from Shimla to reach Kufri.

Tips: Don’t forget to take your boots due to snow, no use of cotton clothes due to the cool climate.

Interesting Facts :

  • A large amount of snowfall makes it covered with white color.
  • Yak is used instead of the taxi as snow makes it difficult for taxis to move.
  • Chini Bungalow is famous for architecture.


  • Ideal visit time: October-June, offers a variety of adventures, snowy areas, amazing landscapes.
  • Best experiences: Skiing, Trekking, Yak Rides, River Rafting.
  • Elevation : 2050m
  • Temperature: 8-13°C


  • Arjun Gufa
  • Beas River
  • Solang Valley
  • Jogini Waterfalls

Would you like to be a victim of the scenic landscapes that surround the city, in addition to the lush vegetation and the misty roads?

Then manali is the perfect place for you!

The mountains of Manali have been enchanting visitors for thousands of years. Known for their majestic beauty, the mountains will never cease to fascinate you.

The hilltop city has been a spiritual center that is home to some of the best nature retreats in India.

A word of caution – there square measure voluminous budget hotels in Manali thanks to the large inflow of individuals from all elements of the planet needing to style its serenity.

Be sure to scrutinize your choices before booking.

How to reach :

By air: the closest field is found in Bhuntar, a city settled fifty minutes from Manali. Flights square measure out there between Bhuntar and urban center.

By bus: The journey from the urban center to Manali is 550 kilometers. Roads square measure smart however dangerous too.

By railways: Ambala Cantt the closest train station, 200km off from Manali. higher to not keep it as an associate degree possibility.

Tips: Keep Woolen garments further as Umbrella, rain will begin anyplace. don’t visit snow early.

Interesting Facts :

  • This is an area wherever Hanuman’s terrorist organization mother meditated.
  • A mini Israel exists; same food, clothing, lifestyle.
  • It has India’s highest sky bicycle track.


Another stunning entry within the Top 10 tourist places in Himachal Pradesh, however, manages to take care of its seventh spot.

  • Ideal visit time – October-March, significant snow, alpine and undisturbed inexperienced land.
  • Best experiences – Trekking, Jungle campaign, Skiing.
  • Elevation: one.920m
  • Temperature: 11-16°C


  • Jhajjar Lake
  • Kalatop life Sanctuary
  • Khajji Nag temple
  • Dainkund Peak

Enchantingly assault acres of lush inexperienced grass, the summer house is encircled by the tranquil however soothing Indian rivers.

The sparkling natural covering Khajjar and also the lush forests besprent with little wildflowers.

The tall cedar trees and also the lavish inexperienced grass produce a scene like none different. The individuals tend to be hospitable, useful, and heat.

How to reach :

By air: the closest field is Dharamsala’s Gaggal field, 122 kilometers away. personal Flights to Chandigarh and the urban center operate from here.

By railways: Pathankot is that the nearest railhead at a distance of 118 kilometers. it’s connected daily by an instantaneous train to the urban center.

By road: The road property is sweet and comes from all the elements of Himachal Pradesh.

Tips: native transport is dear, attempt to walk the maximum amount as attainable, no got to carry umbrellas.

Interesting Facts:

  • You won’t notice houses of bricks, deodar cedar tree wood homes square measure found here.
  • The name Khajjar was derived from an ancient sculpture named Khajji Naag.
  • It has geography likeness with Swiss Confederation.


A worth entry on the list of top 10 tourist places in Himachal Pradesh, one in all the foremost peaceful places.

  • Ideal visit time: October-February, tea season, voluminous leafage, wonderful views.
  • Best experiences: Hiking, Boating, Paragliding, selecting tea leaves.
  • Elevation : 1472m
  • Temperature: 7-12°C


  • Saurabh Van vihar
  • Palampur Tea Gardens
  • Kangra natural depression
  • Neugal Park

A picturesque location on one of all the best peaks in Himachal Pradesh, Palampur is taken into account to be one of the foremost stunning cities to go to.

close among the cool slopes of the Shivalik vary|range of mountains|chain|mountain chain|chain of mountains} range, Palampur contains a distinctive charm that sets it aside from different destinations within the region

A place where luxury meets journey, proximity to Himachal Pradesh has invariably been envied by its residents and tourists alike.

How to reach :

By air: the closest field is that the Kangra field. it’s settled in Dharamshala, Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, roughly one hour’s drive from Palampur.

By railways: Pathankot is that the nearest railhead at a distance of a hundred and twenty kilometers. Trains from Ahmedabad, Bhatinda, Delhi, Hatia.

By road: Palampur has well-connected roads, resulting in Dharamshala. it’s property towards all states.

Tips: Hotels square measure high-ticket, pre-book them to lower down the confusion. Take heat garments and eat lightweight food.

Interesting Facts :

  • Pullum suggests that “lots of water” And tea gardens here embrace the abundance of water.
  • It provides tree leaves to any or all over the planet generating immense revenue.
  • It is referred to as the tea capital of the North Asian nation.


No one would have expected Bir to ask on the list of top 10 tourist places in Himachal Pradesh however its inexperienced fields brought it here.

  • Ideal visit time: April-June, weather is pleasant, excellent for paragliding.
  • Best experiences: Paragliding, Rafting, Trekking.
  • Elevation : 1,525m
  • Temperature – 11-25°C


  • Deer Park Institute
  • Badrinath Temple
  • Bir Tea manufacturing plant
  • Bir Bazar

Pampering yourself with the best of luxuries. Bir asking is one of every of the most effective journey in the Republic of India.

Paragliding here is a bicycle within which a person will fly with the knowledgeable pilot.

The soaring flight begins within the lush inexperienced valleys of Himachal Pradesh and ends high within the sky, dominating gorgeous chain peaks.

The bird’s-eye views from up there square measure proof that the planet below is packed with treasures

Visit Bir to find incomparable serenity that may leave you mesmerized.

How to reach :

By air: the closest international landing field is the Gaggal landing field, a 10.5 klick drive from Bir asking, and it collocates with several native amenities.

By railways: the town includes a railroad terminal, connecting it to major cities like Old Delhi, Chandigarh, Ambala, and Shimla.

By road: Not a lot of removed from different cities, the roads square measure smart however from time to time makes journey powerful because of weather.

Tips: Don’t visit in monsoon, slippery roads are also accident-prone. Summers square measure best suited.

Interesting Facts :

  • It is referred to as the land of paragliding.
  • Most space is roofed with thick trees and bushes.
  • It is believed that several trees square measure nearly 50-60 years recent.


  • Ideal visit time: March-June, the best time as summer prevails, stream rafting and paragliding, top activities.
  • Best experiences: Paragliding, stream Rafting, journey sports.
  • Elevation- 2050m
  • Temperature – 14-17°C


  • Raghunath Temple
  • Kullu natural depression
  • Rupi Palace
  • Pandoh Dam

Sitting on the banks of Beas stream, Kullu may be a far-famed vacation destination celebrated throughout the Republic of India for its charming hotels and luxury vacation spots.

It’s home to the foremost stunning landscapes and resorts just like the far-famed Rohtang Pass, Beas Kund, and Chandrataal Lake.

With the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas gleaming within the background and flanked by lush inexperienced forests and vivacious colored hills, Kullu is one in every of the foremost stunning valleys in the Republic of India.

How to reach :

By air: Bhuntur Airport is that the nearest to Kullu

Flights square measure obtainable from Old Delhi, Chandigarh.

By railways: Jogindernagar is that the nearest railroad terminal, 125 km. Direct trains square measure obtainable from Old Delhi.

By road: Bus facilities square measure obtainable, tho’ not a lot of use because of unfitness of roads.

Tips: Carry woolen garments because of cold climate, nights and early mornings square measure cold. Avoid stepping into a monsoon.

Interesting facts :

  • One of the cleanest Hill stations because of less population.
  • It was known as “Kulanth Peeth” as all dharmic traditions square measure followed here.
  • It is known as Kultura Desh that is understood as “Gandharvo ki Bhoomi”.

After a protracted and exhausting day within the town, there’s no higher possibility than to take in the natural great thing about Himachal Pradesh. Plan your trip as presently as attainable and do not forget to share the videos and images of your visit.

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