The Ultimate Guide On How To Develop A Tourist Spot In The Village in 2021?

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Have you visited any tourist spots in the village and thought about what to do?

Or you are in a mess that how to develop a tourist spot in the village?

Well, people want to visit a tourist place near a village but don’t know how to develop a tourist spot in the village.

But this post will definitely help you to overcome this problem!

Rural tourism in India is evolving at a fast pace these days.

People are increasingly interested in visiting villages than exploring urban areas, and why shouldn’t they experience raw beauty with the option of sourcing organic food.

Complete guide on how to develop a tourist spot in the village?

If you’re going to develop a tourist spot in the village, there are three steps that you need to consider. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into to know how to develop a tourist spot in the village.

Step 1 – Research and development

how to develop a tourist spot in the village


Connectivity and accessibility is something that has become an essential need of anybody. It is vital to make sure that your village has a connection with urban areas.

Transportation facilities should be there so that tourists can visit the place easily.

Transportation plays an important role when it comes to making your village a tourist spot. It is imperative to provide a clean and sustainable transportation system for tourists. 

For that, a village might need clean roads, State transportation facilities, essential pick up and drop services, and a place to stay for tourists. Connectivity with urban areas is also a vital factor. 


A second most crucial factor is Facilities; tourists require basic facilities at any place, be it electricity, transportation, internet connectivity, etc.

These are the essential things when you plan how to develop a tourist spot in the Village.

To make your village a tourist spot, you should maintain all the basic facilities. First of all, it is essential to provide drinkable water to the tourists.

Apart from that, a village must have basic restroom facilities. 

To start anything you should know how to plan a vacation on a budget.

Above, we have mentioned the transportation factor that is one of the most important aspects of basic facilities.

The internet has become essential in everyone’s life, so there could be an issue if tourists could not find good internet connectivity. 


It would help if you found out what itineraries in a village can attract tourists to your town. It could be a famous festival, temple, mosque, waterfalls, etc.

Why would someone visit your town?

These are the essential things when you plan how to develop a tourist spot in the Village.

There should be a proper reason for them to visit your town. If not, then find an excuse. Most of the tourist spots in villages are either famous for temples or mosques.

Some of the villages are also famous for the festival events such as Holi, Diwali, Ram Janm, etc. 

It would help if you found the unique and ancient places in your village to make it recognizable.

For that, you can do some research and development in your town and find out what are the areas of your city that can be a perfect tourist spot. 


Now, it is time to introduce a Unique selling point. It becomes vital for you to find the USP of your village when you want to develop a tourist spot.

USP stands for Unique Selling Point; we know that we are not here to sell anything but to make our village a tourist spot.

However, the concept of USP is good if you look in a way. 

Apart from the itinerary, it is essential to find what is the USP of your place.

That could be anything related to your village’s culture, such as some special ritual or the natural beauty of your town.

People who live in the city life for their livelihood, are very touched by the village life, so to rejuvenate childhood memories, you can organize different things such as bullock cart rides, tractor tours, organization of different games.

Along with that, you can also organize bicycle tours at your location to add fun facts.

People nowadays fall in love with cycling to get in shape and explore each place in depth.

Since people are moving towards organic products at a rapid pace, you can make your village also a perfect destination where any fruit, vegetable, or cereal that you can grow for agritourism or sell all of these things to generate an additional source of income.

The tour to the local attractions like Gram Panchayat, museums, river, tube well, and ancient religious places can gather tourists to make their town a special destination.

The USP of your town can help you make your village more recognized. 

Activity center

how to develop a tourist spot in the village

The tourists who are about to come to your village will be requiring something to spend their time. For that, it is crucial to develop some activity centers. Suppose your town is famous because of its temple.

First of all, visitors will require a sound transportation system to reach the temple.

There could be many alternatives to transportation systems, such as bullock cart facilities for visitors to reach the temple. It is something unique and one kind of activity. 

Apart from this, you can create some special kind of activity center such as a garden for children, rope-way for devotees, meditation center, playground, etc.

All these activity centers will work as a cherry on a cake. 

The market of the Village

One of the most important things about a village is the market. We have seen a different kind of curiosity among the visitors regarding the demand of the town.

This is the essential thing when you plan how to develop a tourist spot in the Village.

They are very keen to know how a village looks. More than shopping, they will be in the market to understand the culture and trading of the market. 

Here, you can do a lot of things. The market of the village could be the best spot for the villagers to earn bread.

Here, you can show and sell the uniqueness of your town that people can take away with them.

There could be many unique options, such as special wood handicraft materials, clay pots, etc. So, the villagers can leverage the tourism industry of your village. 

Step 2 – Execution of the plan

how to develop a tourist spot in the village

Make your village hygienic.

Your village may or may not have an attractive place, but you can automatically make your town look attractive by just keeping it hygienic.

We have observed that cities and towns are getting famous just because they are best for hygiene. The government is also promoting the cities and villages which are doing well in cleanliness. 

Also, if your village has some ancient and historical places, it is necessary to keep the area neat and clean.

The main agenda is to attract tourists to your town and cleanliness will do most of the work. However, there are a lot of benefits of keeping your place hygiene.

It conveys how well villagers are educated and aware. 

Build Basic infrastructure

The best part about rural tourism is that when visitors come to your village, they come with fewer expectations, unlike urban tourism.

Here, if you overdo what they were expecting, it will help boost your village’s tourism. 

This is the essential thing when you plan how to develop a tourist spot in the Village.

First, when tourists come to your village, they don’t need to feel comfortable at your house. They may want to go out, explore other places, understand and know different aspects of the village.

So, it would be better for tourists if you can create basic infrastructures such as paying guests, hostels, or Dharamshala.

It will help them stay free. Also, make sure your village has basic restroom facilities at vital tourist spots. 

Ensure Safety Part

If you would like to know how to develop a tourist spot in the village then hygiene should be a priority for you. After hygiene and infrastructure, what most tourists look for is safety.

Believe it or not, some visitors feel skeptical about visiting the village because of safety concerns.

So, if you are a member of the administration or managing committee, it is imperative to ensure that visitors and villagers feel safe.

It is also essential to make sure that the people of the village are supportive and cooperative.

We also have some examples that prove the behavior or people play a vital role in rural tourism. 

Safety matters a lot when it comes to converting rural areas into tourism because people in the area have problems with modernism, especially for bachelors.

They think that the bachelors of the city will come and spoil our children.

However, it cannot be accurate every time. If you have this revolutionary thought of making your village a tourist spot, you might have to deal with that as well.

Also, make sure there are ample security professionals on standby at the tourist spot in the village. 

Come up with a local food joint.

This point of rural tourism requires no mention. There is no space to worry about food when you are visiting a village. However, the food joints in towns could be better.

Visitors love to taste the food of villages, so it would be great if some local food joints come up and take part in the development of a tourist spot in the town. 

The fact that is unknown is that urban millennials love village food. More than the food, they prefer a perfect environment and atmosphere.

It would be better if it is allowed for food joints to come and expand their business near the tourist spot in villages.

Tourists will also love getting delicious and tasty food near the tourist spot in the town.

Not just that, it will help boost the local economy. 

Step 3 – Promotion and Advertising 

how to develop a tourist spot in the village

The tourism industry has evolved, and it requires an equal effort in promotion and advertising, especially when you are developing a new tourist spot in a village.

There are many critical areas of promotion and advertising as far as the development of a tourist spot. 

You will be required to get in touch with travel agencies so that your tourists can come to your village and explore.

Also, no one can deny that it is equally important to leverage social media platforms in this world of social media. For tours and travels, several applications are present.

To attract tourists, you must hire an excellent visual team that can help you attract tourists by clicking beautiful photographs.

Furthermore, before visiting any place, tourists search about the site and try to find the videos, so make sure you shoot some fantastic videos of your village. 

Last but not least, one of the most important factors is the inauguration. It would be better if the tourist place gets inaugurated by some well-known personality.

We will cover every point of promotion and advertising in this article. 

Get in touch with travel agencies.

As discussed above, good roadways and transportation are vital to developing your village as a tourist spot. For that, you might need the support of both government and private transportation services.

First, you can request the government to provide enough road transportation facilities for your village, so that tourists can quickly enter the town without any inconveniences.

The government may help your village by increasing bus services from the district center of the city. 

Apart from that, you can also contact other private transportation agencies. You can draw their attention to your village tourist spot and collaborate with them.

They may help your tourists to reach your village with maximum convenience. 

Furthermore, you need to make sure how convenient it is for tourists to reach your village from the different stations such as the airport, bus station, railway station, etc.

Make sure you provide ample facilities to your tourists.

You can collaborate with taxi drivers, rickshaw drivers, and private transportation agencies to provide more convenience to your tourists. 

Leverage Social Media

The world is full of social media, and hence it becomes essential to leverage social media platforms.

There are plenty of social media platforms that you can use to spread awareness about a tourist spot in a village.

The best part of social media is that it is excellent in terms of reach compared to other conventional marketing methods. 

For example, you can use Instagram marketing for visuals of the tourist spots.

You can upload beautiful photographs and videos to promote a tourist place in a village.

Apart from that, you can also leverage YouTube as a marketing strategy.

It will help your tourists see how the tourist spot looks in the real world. 

Furthermore, you can use digital marketing for the development of a tourist spot.

Many examples around us tell us digital marketing has played an integral role in expanding a tourist place.

Digital marketing is nothing but the involvement of different social media sites to promote a particular product.

In your case, the product is a tourist spot. You can hand over your social media platforms to a digital marketing agency. 

The best of digital marketing is it is not costly as conventional marketing. Also, it is easy to track and analyze.

It helps you understand how your audience is reacting to the tourist place. Hence, you can take steps to improve your services. 

Good Photographs and Videos

It is important to use photographs if you want how to develop a tourist spot in the village.

Good photographs and videos are a must, whether you want to promote your village digitally or conventionally. Without that, it is not easy to get people to know the place.

Hence, it is imperative to hire an excellent visual advertising team or a photography team. Unique photographs and videos help your village get more tourist attention and more reach. 

With the help of photographs, visitors can easily interpret how the tourist place.

There are many benefits of videos and photos, such as you can use them for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Apart from that, you can cover some of the best tourist places in the village in a video so that people can easily understand what the places to visit are. 

Furthermore, you can make informational videos to guide the tourists. Also, it would be a lot better if you can collaborate with photographers and influencers.

This step would help you get a broad reach of the audience. It would also generate curiosity among the audience. 

It would be a good step if you can build a special photography place to attract an audience.

This step will help your village gain more organic reach as the visitors will be uploading those photographs and videos on different social media platforms.

In addition, for better rural tourism ideas, there are several rural tourism places in India where you can get insights to make your village a better tourist destination.


One of the most integral parts of promotion and advertising is inauguration as the place gets the most attention for the first time. It may require a considerable arrangement, but getting the site inaugurated by a well-known and respectable personality will help a lot in the promotion. There are a lot of benefits to it. 

As the chief guest is famous and respectable, it will generate attention automatically. With that, the media coverage will be there. Here you may have to pay extra attention as far as the media is concerned.

You will be required to invite media houses to the inauguration ceremony. It will spread the word about the place and create awareness about the area among the people. 

You can also take some exciting steps at the inauguration ceremony, such as free services. You can make your chargeable services free or low cost on the day of inauguration day to attract most of the crowd.

This step will also help spread the word among the people as some have already experienced the services. 

Besides that, you can also arrange philanthropist activity at the inauguration ceremony, such as a blood donation camp or some charity work. It would help to spread positive words.

However, that should not be the primary goal, but the action should be. 


how to develop a tourist spot in the village

These are the brief ideas about how to develop a tourist spot in the village.

Developing a tourist spot in a village is not a piece of cake. It takes a good amount of effort, patience, and determination.

Also, you may encounter some difficulties in developing a tourist spot, but the three steps that we have mentioned in the article will help you more significantly.

There are many advantages of a tourist spot, and it helps in the local economy immeasurably. Also, the unique and innovative services will keep the ball rolling.

So, make sure you take risks in a calculative manner and efficiently. After successfully developing a tourist spot in a village, you can list it on various travel websites to the maximum.

But, the output rate mainly matters on how well you maintain the place in terms of hygiene, safety, and other aspects. 

Hope these ideas of how to develop a tourist spot in the village will help you.

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